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Fabriques ta presse ... - Blandine Sauloup - Bijoux - Artiste. Aujourd'hui je vous propose de construire vous même votre presse.

Fabriques ta presse ... - Blandine Sauloup - Bijoux - Artiste

Cette presse est multi-fonction, quelques exemples: Impression de lino-gravure, xylogravure, impression de gravure sur zinc ou cuivre (mais pour cela prévoir des accessoires en plus, comme de la feutrine,...), essorage de papier fraichement moulé, presser des fleurs ou feuilles pour un herbier, ... Pour réaliser cette presse "hydraulique" il vous faut : -des planches de tailles différentes (pour répartir la pression qu'exerce le cric et pour avoir un choix de format), -un gros tasseau coupé en 5, -4 tiges filetées, -14 boulons et rondelles, - une plaque de métal épaisse -et un cric hydraulique ou pas. Je vous conseille de récupérer au maximum le matériel nécessaire (pas besoins d'entretenir les grands magasins). Je ne vous donne pas de mesure car vous pouvez vous même décider de la taille qu'il vous faut suivant vos travaux. Voici quelques détails en gros plan: Protocole d'impression: Mettre la planche au dessus. Polykromos: Monoprinting With Watercolor.

Fern Monoprint Like many artists, the nature around me and my relation to it, is a source of inspiration.

Polykromos: Monoprinting With Watercolor

I live in a forest in the middle of Sweden and spend alot of time wandering around with my dog and just being. Ferns grow in abundance here, a reminder of our primeval, prehistoric past. The technique of monoprinting is a very exciting one because one cannot predict the final result. Here´s how I do it: I select plants and leaves - sometimes small twigs when I meander in the forest. Now it´s time for a cup of tea and a long wait. You can see in this painting, by pressing the the leaf on the paper, wet paint is pushed away under the fronds leaving an almost ghostly photographic image.

I love to experiment with this technique, it makes me feel like an alchemist looking for the definitive combination of paper, pigment, water and objects. Sometimes the results are not how I expected. I picked these leaves from the forest floor at the end of autumn. Alisaburke: i ♥ cardboard rolls! If there is one thing I have learned by spending a good part of my life creating on a limited budget- it's that you can always use something- ANYTHING to make art and you don't need lots of money or fancy supplies.

alisaburke: i ♥ cardboard rolls!

My favorite place to go "shopping" is in the trash or the recycling bin and I have a bit of an obsession with cardboard rolls. There a so many different ways to use them when working with painted surfaces- here are a few of my favorites. I ALWAYS have a paper towel towel roll on hand when I am painting lots of layers. I love dipping it in paint and using it as a stamp- it is a really quick and easy way to add circles to your surface. You can even bend or manipulate the cardboard into simple shapes. I tend to work fast so I enjoy applying a layer of texture or pattern in my mixed media surfaces quickly. Wrapping string, twine, yarn or just about any fiber is another great way to roll texture onto your surface. 25 So Cool Printmaking Ideas. Art scrap & more: a sketch & a Card - Painting with Bubble Wrap. Hello Dear Friends!

art scrap & more: a sketch & a Card - Painting with Bubble Wrap

I've been experimenting with acrylic paint and bubble wrap lately and thought I'd share some of the results for this week-end's "sketch&card"edition. Bonjour chères Scropines! J'ai fait des essais de peinture, acrylique, cette fois avec du papier bulle et j'ai pensé partager quelques uns de résultats pour la rubrique "un croquis une carte" du week-end. the sketch/le croquis: This is how I went about: I took a piece of bubble wrap and spread various shades of blue and green acrylic paints directly on it.

Voilà comment j'ai procédé: J'ai utilisé le papier bulle qui se trouvait à l'intérieur d'une enveloppe matelassée et j'ai étalé différentes teintes de peinture acrylique. After cutting and matting a square of the printed paper I punched a heart at the bottom of it. If you were to use the sketch or play with bubble wrap and paint please link me up, I'd love to see what you come up with!