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Support - Skanect 3D Scanning Software By Occipital. Contact You can email us at or get help from the Skanect community, in the skanect google group.

Support - Skanect 3D Scanning Software By Occipital

Tutorials What sensor drivers should I install? How can I use Structure Sensor and Skanect? Do you support the Kinect for Xbox One (Kinect V2)? Unfortunately, we have chosen not to support the Kinect for Xbox One (Kinect V2), as during our tests, the resulting 3D scans did not meet our standards for quality. You can find a complete list of supported devices on our download page: Bad License Key Error – Why doesn’t my license key work? Please ensure there are no “blank spaces” before or after the email and key when you enter them. If you still receive an error message let us know by emailing us What sensor should I buy?

Each sensor has its pro and cons. My Kinect for XBox sensor cannot be detected! Since Skanect 1.5, you need to install the full Microsoft Kinect SDK, the latest link is provided in our download page. What graphics cards are supported? $20 CNC Machine - 12. Autolevel for the A8 Anet 3D Printer [3DPrint.Wiki] With autolevel your printer will scan the surface of your heatbed and ajust the Z-axis offset according to the position.

Autolevel for the A8 Anet 3D Printer [3DPrint.Wiki]

Play: How To Set Up The Anet A8 3d Printer Auto Bed Leveling Sensor With Skynet Firmware. Enable Auto Leveling for your 3D Printer with an inductive sensor (Marlin Firmware) - All. The auto-leveling sensor will be replacing your 3D printers z-end stop on your control board.

Enable Auto Leveling for your 3D Printer with an inductive sensor (Marlin Firmware) - All

You won't need the old z-stop because your sensor will be probing the bed for it's z-position. Make sure your sensor has a detecting distance of at least 4mm. In reality, this might be lower depending on the sensing material. Your sensor should be mounted close to the nozzle and able to reach near the corners of your print bed when mounted. There's a quick video by Tom's guide that includes set-up and modifying your sensor if you have the LJ12A3-4-Z/BX (blue tip) or find out yours requires voltage modification. The sensor mentioned in this indestructible has an LED that turns on when triggered. For the mount, 123D design is perfect designing simple objects like this and of course,

Anet A8 Inductive Sensor & Skynet V2 Overview. Installer OctoPrint sur une Orange PI One pour piloter son imprimante 3D. Pour mettre en place une solution à moindre coup pour piloter mon imprimante 3D DAGOMA Discovery 200, je me suis procuré une Orange PI One.

Installer OctoPrint sur une Orange PI One pour piloter son imprimante 3D

Cout de la carte 12,50 € port compris. Pour faciliter la mise en place, je pensais mettre la solution (image) toute prête d’OctoPrint pour Raspberry directement su l’Orange PI. Que_neni, Orange PI n’est pas 100% compatible avec le Raspberry. Sur le site, divers OS sont proposés pour cette carte. Après les essais à partir de Raspbian, Lubuntu,Debian et fedora qui n’ont pas aboutis, j’ai opté pour l’ubuntu 15.04. voici la démarche pour mettre en place Octoprint.

I] la carte Orange PI lien: ici la carte Orange PI est une carte de développe (comme le RaspBerry) dont voici les caractéristiques. II] Installation Octoprint sur un ORANGE PI One (ou PC) Anet A8 3D Printer Auto Bed Level Sensor. Anet A8 - BEST DIY 3D Printer Kit (2016) - Full Review! Manual Control - Repetier-Host Mac Documentation. When you turn your printer on, you will often come to this tab.

Manual Control - Repetier-Host Mac Documentation

The above picture shows the tab after connecting with the printer. In the first row you can set debug options for the printer. Echo repeats the received lines, so you normally want it turned off. Info and error show messages at that debug level. These are interesting, so leave them on. The next row allows it to send any g-code command you like. The next block controls the positioning of the extruder. Below the arrows you have the following buttons: Home all: Homes all axis at once. Set home: Marks current position as home. Stop motor: Will disable the stepper motors. Go dump area: Moves the extruder head into parking position defined in printer settings.

The last button “Fake ok” fakes a receiving ok from the printer. The “Speed multiply” slider allows it to change the printing/move speed in relation to the send feed rate. The extruder and print bed blocks allow it to change the temperature. Prusa_i3_Rework_rev1.0 - Notice utilisation. Anet 3D Printer A8 Automatically Adjust Levle of Hotbed. 3D Printer Prusa i3 A8. Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide. Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide This guide is a great place to start if you are trying to improve the quality of your 3D printed parts.

Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide

We have compiled an extensive list of the most common 3D printing issues along with the software settings that you can use to solve them. Best of all, the guide uses a large collection of real-world images to make each issue easy to identify when examining your own 3D printed parts. So let’s get started! Thumbnail Overview Use the thumbnails below to identify the picture that most closely represents the quality issue that you are seeing in your own 3D printed parts. List View Each issue will now be listed one-by-one with details about what causes the problem and instructions for troubleshooting it. Not Extruding at Start of Print This issue is a very common one for new 3D printer owners, but thankfully, it is also very easy to resolve! Extruder was not primed before beginning the print Nozzle starts too close to the bed. Dagoma - Forum pour les imprimantes 3D et l'impression 3D. Les upgrades de DuDum - Mise à jour et/ou amélioration - Forum pour les imprimantes 3D et l'impression 3D.

[TUTO] Améliorer la précision de la Discovery - Dagoma - Forum pour les imprimantes 3D et l'impression 3D. Filament Esun PETG 1.75 mm Magenta 1kg. 3D Slash - a 3D piece of cake.