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World's Best Way to Make & Share Comics

World's Best Way to Make & Share Comics
Hi, I'm Clive and this is Daina. We're the creators of Pixton! Pixton earns top prize in BCIC New Ventures Competition: Regional for innovative technology. Pixton named an Official Honoree in the 2011 Webby Awards, the leading international award honoring excellence on the internet. Judges name Pixton Comics "Best in Show" at Victoria Launch Party Pixton honoured as Best Website in Technology category by the Association of Educational Publishers

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Drawing the Human Eye & OnlyPencil Drawing Tutorials We can all probably draw the human eye, we draw the oval shape with the iris and pupil. I consider that to be a basic sketch of the eye. Before you draw a realistic eye you must first study what it really is. I will post a closeup picture of an eye so you can see what it looks up close. Transmedia vs Repurposing When considering a transmedia extension for musicians, it is important to understand the difference between extension and repurposing. Of all the artistic expressions, music is the easiest to toss onto another platform without much thought or intent, often as the background score to unrelated content. While this may garner hefty profits, it does nothing to expand on the music itself. Transmedia allows for musicians to take their music and bring it to life in new forms. They can do this by capitalizing on the benefits of individual platforms, such as the long-form storytelling of television or the immersive quality of video games, that are not available on traditional audio formats.

The Campaign For Drawing The 2014 Big Draw will run from 1 October to 2 November across the UK and in twenty other countries, with 280,000 people expected to join in over 1000+ events. The Big Draw offers thousands of enjoyable, and mainly free, drawing activities which connect people of all ages with museums, outdoor spaces, artists, designers, illustrators - and each other. These events are for those who love to draw, as well as for those who say they can't! 2014 will see The Big Draw working in partnership with the Family Arts Festival for a second year to create the largest family arts festival in the UK which will span the autumn half term from 17 October - 2 November. This year's Big Draw theme, It's Our World, is a celebration of our environment - of urban and rural landscapes. This makes Faber-Castell, an especially appropriate sponsor of the 2014 Big Draw.

The Transmedia Approach Integration is chaos. With so many agency / channel specialists – clients waste a ton of money paying for redundancies in their big agency fees. Furthermore, when Kellogg wrote the textbook on marketing integration years ago, I know that what they describe in their scenario planning was not what marketers are attempting to pass off as an integrated marketing plan. Today, 'Integrated Marketing' is defined as a multi-channel plan using the same message across all channels.

How To Draw A Wave This art tutorial, kindly donated by surfing comic strip illustrator and surf artist Bob Penuelas covers how to draw a wave the Wilbur Kookmeyer way! If you're like me, then you've probably spent a lot of time in high school class daydreaming and doodling a thousand perfect cartoon waves in your notebook. It's safe to say that ninety percent of us surfers have a habit of scribbling perfect waves whenever a pencil is in our hands. Hopefully the following pointers will help you change your throw-away wave doodles into actual compelling artwork that you want to keep forever. Remember, there are millions of ways to draw a wave and hopefully with these simple pointers you'll find a million more. So, have fun.

Steve Peters » Blog Archive » How to Design an ARG in 20 Easy Steps So, since I continue to be an open-source kinda guy where Alternate Reality Games are concerned, here are (apparently) the simple steps to building an ARG, to save everyone the trouble of re-inventing the wheel every time: Take all of the above, bundle it up in a Light Narrative Wrapper™, and voila! You’re now an ARG Designer! Nate Williams Lettering, Illustration, Art Licensing The career path of an illustrator isn’t very clear and that is probably why people often ask me how I got started as an illustrator and if there is any advice I can give them in regards to becoming a professional illustrator. I think having a successful illustration career comes down to the following: Unique Consistent Style, Technical Skills, Marketing, Tracking Work and Attitude. Hopefully, you will find something useful in this article. Unique Consistent Style

Hierarchy of Consumer Social Needs In a shameless gaming of social media I’m going to start with my key graphic. If you read nothing else, this is what you need to know: Figure 1: Hierarchy of Consumer Social Needs Figure 1 presents my Hierarchy of Consumer Social Needs. Global Social Media Users Pass 2 Billion The latest figures from Facebook suggest that the number of people actively using social media each month has now passed the 2 billion mark. More than half of these use Facebook each month, while Tencent’s QZone platform is home to almost one-third of all global users. These aren’t the only platforms posting good numbers though – Twitter in particular has shown impressive active user growth in the past few months: There will inevitably be overlap between users of these platforms though, so we’ve been careful to only include the numbers for the largest network in each country in our total global figure. Given that, it’s worth noting that another big contributor to the global active user number is VKontakte, which accounts for 75 million of the total global figure. That’s not enough to place it in the Global Top 10 rankings above, but VK is still a dominant force in Russia and a number of its neighbours.

Drawing the Human Body in Perspective: Video Series Figure drawing techniques can help you create realistic images of people in your art work. Learn how to draw different parts of the human face and body with help from a professional artist and art instructor in this free video series on figure drawing techniques. Figure Drawing in Perspective When drawing the human form in perspective, it's helpful to use a mannequin. Determine the top and the bottom of your figure relative to what you are drawing with help from a professional artist and art instructor in this free video on figure drawing techniques.

December 2011 Rather than trying to include a bibliography of citations in the individual posts on this blog, I've decided to list the entire bibliography here. In addition to referencing individual aspects of the blog posts, this bibliography can provide a useful guide to literature relevant to transmedia narratives. Aarseth, E. (2004). Still Life Drawing tutorial - How to draw a Zippo lighter index>drawing tutorials >still life tutorial I made this tutorial to show the different steps that I take in drawing a realistic still life drawing. There are many different methods though, so don't rely purely on this one. :) I buy all of my supplies from Blick Art Materials . Buying your stuff from that link helps me keep adding to this site.

- Transmedia Digest Social Media Marketing & Communications Note: This course was developed and is currently being taught by Peter von Stackelberg at Alfred State College (SUNY). Course Overview Upon completion of this course, the student will understand the key concepts of social media and their application in today’s business environment. This course is designed specifically to address business needs related to the design, development, and implementation of social media projects in areas such as customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and public relations, and internal organizational communication.

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