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27 Twitter Tools To Help You Find And Manage Followers

27 Twitter Tools To Help You Find And Manage Followers
This is my first Twitter related article, I am using Twitter a lot lately so it is really unforgivable not even have one article related to Twitter. Now I am starting to correct this mistake and here comes list with 27 Twitter tools, which will help You find more followers, manage them, find who doesn’t follow You back, who stops following, statistics and much, much more. As Your first added follower on this list You should follow @1stwebdesigner, if You want design related tweet links. Besides the tools you definitely could use guide how to tweet and build your followers as well, right? Check out our only Twitter tweeting guide 2012 you will need for your success on Twitter! Follow these tips and reach the stars – it’s plain science not an art! 1.FriendOrFollow Who are you following that’s not following you back? 2. Find new followers based on Your inputted keyword. 3. 4. 5. Do not exist anymore because of Twitter own recommended follower engine. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.Twimailer 11.Your Twiter Karma

Put Powerpoint and Pdf Files in Blog. ~ The Blog Doctor. Put Powerpoint and Pdf Files in Blog. New Visitor? Like what you read? Then please subscribe to my Blog Feed or sign up for Free Email Updates. How to Time Your Facebook Posts to Reach the Most Fans Jeff Widman co-founded PageLever to provide better Facebook analytics for marketers. PageLever measures more than 650 million Facebook fans across customers like YouTube and MTV. Jeff has been cited as an expert in Facebook analytics by Mashable, AdAge, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, InsideFacebook, AllFacebook, etc. I get asked all the time, "How frequently should I post on my Facebook page? When is the best time to post?"

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How Badoo built a billion-pound social network... on sex This article was taken from the May 2011 issue of Wired magazine. Be the first to read Wired's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. It's a 120-million-member social network that's adding over 300,000 users a day, with more than 4.3 million daily photo and video uploads, and seven billion monthly page views. It has Facebook's fastest-growing app, with 570,000 new daily users, making it the third-biggest app of all after FarmVille and CityVille. Hugely profitable, it's forecast to generate hundreds of millions of dollars this year, and is being aggressively courted by venture-capital firms valuing it in the billions.

Learn How to Load Videos onto an iPhone or iPod Touch written by: Jimmy Rogers•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 6/27/2010 Learn how to load videos of almost any format onto an iPhone or iPod Touch. This tutorial will help you download the right helper programs and convert videos for use on Apple's most recent portable video players. Make Almost Any Video Format iPhone & iPod Touch FriendlyOne of the best attributes of an iPhone or iPod Touch is its ability to play back videos on an extremely high quality screen. I love watching video podcasts and other video from the iTunes Store when I'm on the go. 5 Things You Need to Know About Facebook's Edgerank Algorithm Reaching your Facebook fans is no easy feat, but you can increase the odds of being seen and connecting by strategically playing to the social network's "Edgerank" algorithm, which decides what content appears in News Feeds. Consider these statistics: The average Facebook user has 262 friends whose content populates the user's news stream, and only half of all users check their Facebook account more than once a day, according to the latest social media usage data from Somerville, N.J.-based Edison Research's The Social Habit. Chances are slim, therefore, that most fans ever look at content from most companies they follow. Even Facebook itself says most fans aren't seeing companies' content. In March, Facebook reported at it's own marketing conference that, on average, only 16 percent of company brand page posts are actually seen by its fans.

How to Prepare For & What to Expect at BlogHer Have questions? Leave a comment or visit our BlogHer ’12 Community Forum. Also, feel free to bookmark this post or our forum for future reference. The Business Marketers Guide to Instagram [Infographic] Instagram is on the bullet train for total photo-marketing domination, and with its user base expanding faster than the universe, it provides a cornucopia of opportunity for B2B marketing. Its simplicity allows for a wide variety of applications and it is quickly becoming an essential element to any successful visual content marketing strategy. In this infographic we explore the budding social photo-sharing site turned marketing platform and how it can give your company an edge in generating leads and promoting your brand.

JJ's List - Bridge Builder Directory A Disability-Aware Business is one that makes disability awareness part of service and workplace. Category: Employer, Transport/Car Care, Disability-Aware Business I went to this Duxler location this afternoon. Glenn, the owner, is very friendly and... Read more > Write a Review > 6 Tips For Building a High Quality Blog Following We liked this post at Mashable with consumer oriented blog tips and feel we could update it for B2B sellers. Notice the (Editor’s note) on each item. Shane Snow is a New York-based tech journalist and co-founder of, a marketplace for brand publishers and journalists. In 2010, New York City startup, Birchbox launched a blog about beauty products before it had any customers.

Why Pinterest is about to explode again Pinterest opens the flood gates Visual bookmarking social site, has been a phenomenal success story, expanding exponentially every month. Now, the company has announced open registration, after years of an invitation-only environment wherein users had to wait to gain access to the site. As the world rejoices that they new users can get started immediately, most are missing the point that some people have been shy to join as they did not understand or did not want to wait on an invitation. Open registration literally opens the network to everyone, and could mean rapid growth immediately, making it an even more valuable, and often overlooked social network for brands.

McCormick Foundation New Media Women Entrepreneurs : J-Lab Annou June 29, 2010 For more information, contact: Jan Schaffer or Andrew Pergam 202-885-8100 Washington, D.C. - Four diverse news ideas - including an augmented reality mobile application, a New Orleans cultural affairs reporting partnership, an investigative blogging initiative, and a resource site for parents dealing with drug-addicted children - each won a $12,000 award to launch their projects in the coming year. The award winners were selected from a whopping 576 proposals received in the third year of the McCormick New Media Women Entrepreneurs initiative. Applications increased 32 percent over last year’s 435, signaling the degree of imagination and market opportunities surfacing among women media entrepreneurs, said Jan Schaffer, director of J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism, which administers the program.

How to effectively moderate forums As regular readers will be aware, I have often written about the importance of moderation. Articles I have already written on this subject include ‘The importance of speedy moderation‘, ‘Responding to a community revolt‘ and ‘Personal advice – abusive members‘. In this article I want to be a little more specific and write about the most effective way of moderating your forum.

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