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Aprender Idiomas Gratis con Música, Letras y Karaoke!

Aprender Idiomas Gratis con Música, Letras y Karaoke!

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Guess The Accent – ELT Buzz We now have VIDEO! Also check out our huge Lesson Library. Guess The Accent 6 votes, 5 avg Irregular Verb: Definition, Examples And List Of Irregular Verbs In English Irregular Verbs List! What are irregular past tense verbs? In English grammar there are many rules, and this applies when it comes to verbs. Loopy Makes It Easy to Create Animated Simulations Loopy is a free tool for creating your own animated simulations or illustrations of a concept. This free animation tool is designed to showing relationships between two or more parts of a system. It's perfect for showing cause and effect or for showing a workflow system. To create an animation on Loopy you simply have to click on the blank canvas to place a circle that represents the start of a system. Then click on the canvas again to add another element to your system animation. To connect the two (or more) pieces you use a drawing tool to connect them.

English for Kids Is there anything wrong with this page? Let us know ↗️ Is there anything wrong with this page? Let us know ↗️ High School Debate Topics Source Whether joining the high school debate team or talking about topical discussions in class, debating current topics is a wonderful way to shore up speaking skills and build confidence. Debating helps you learn about yourself, think on your feet, and how to take a stand on issues. To prepare, consider some of these interesting debate topics, issues, and questions to help formulate a solid argument. Social Debate Topics Whether it is the welfare system, abortion or even gay marriage, you can find different debate topics to show your social conciousness.

The 17 Best Podcasts to Learn English OK. It’s quarantine! Lockdown! Self-isolation! Travel Through Deep Time With This Interactive Earth Earth is a planet defined by change, swinging through periods of intense heat and deep freeze even as oceans and continents are reshaped by the actions of plate tectonics. This constant reconfiguration has been a huge driver in the development of life on Earth. But scientists agree that human activity has now begun to influence the planet, changing the climate and drastically altering surface conditions. Understanding how humans are affecting Earth’s system requires a better grasp on the natural cycles and events that have shaped our planet through deep time. Slide through the timeline above to explore how the globe has changed over seven major “snapshots” in our climate history, and to see how it might look in the far future. Alex Tait is Vice President of International Mapping in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Keezy Share: Description: Two child-friendly music Apple apps. A sound sampler which record sounds and play them back to make interesting ‘music’, the other is drum machine. Supply your own earplugs!Website: keezy.coSound Sampler Apple App: Photo Editor : Pixlr E - free image editing tool There are no images in your history. Please "Open Image" or "Load Url" to start editing or try editing one of the examples to the right. Open image TIP! If you want to keep a document then click the heart icon to pin it.

Spelling Exercises & Games Click here for some worksheets to print off Click here for what other people have said about the help I've given them. Click here to see the books I recommend about spelling, history of spelling/English, dictionaries and books on creative writing Some recent comments Congratulations on the site, Joanne, it is terrific. I work in a free literacy scheme in Ireland and it helps my learners a tremendous amount.

ELLLO Archives Lesson Archive Views Listen as speakers from around the world discuss various topics. Kahoot! - Apps on Google Play Play engaging quiz-based games (kahoots) at school, at home and at work, create your own kahoots and learn something new! Kahoot! brings the magic of learning for students, teachers, office superheroes, trivia fans and lifelong learners. Google Forms Can Now Automatically Grade Quizzes Without an Add-on For a long time Flubaroo has been one of my go-to recommendations for easy scoring of quizzes created in Google Forms. Today, Google made it easier than ever to have quizzes scored for you and to show students their scores. Now when you create a Google Form you can go into the Form settings and choose the quiz option.

Zoom Meeting Activities For Distance Learning in Kindergarten Finding Zoom Meeting Activities That Work When a parent shared that their child didn’t want to join the Zoom meetings, I was crushed. I took it very personally and immediately reached out to a friend for help, hoping she might have some Zoom meeting activities that would prove to be more engaging. Her response was, “Holding a kindergarten Zoom meeting is like herding kittens in a catnip factory.”

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