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Creating eBooks Give student writing purpose and meaning through the creation of eBooks. eBooks make it easy to share student writing projects with a broad audience, helping to engage students and inspire them to produce their best work. It's easy to export ePubs from Wixie. Students can use Wixie to write, illustrate, and record stories and nonfiction. Once students are finished writing, they can export work as ePub files and upload to GoogleDrive and Dropbox for easy sharing.

Posterettekanded A0 Scientific Posters Menu close Scientific Poster PowerPoint Templates Thank You For Contacting Us - The Migration Translators berhanh I am so satisfied with the excellent service delivery by The Migration Translators. I received fast, cheap and quality... kenr795 Awesome service, so helpful, got back to me almost straight away, I highly recommend these guys. beatac531 10 PowerPoint Games – tekhnologic There are several benefits to using PowerPoint games in the classroom. They provide an opportunity to model an activity or a game (especially with large classes), they can be fun to play, they are easy to create or edit and they don’t require an internet connection. Since tekhnologic started over two years ago, I have shared several PowerPoint games that I have created. Now, as 2016 draws to a close, I wanted to put together a bumper pack of PowerPoint games to thank everyone who has been following this blog. You’ll find a few some new games as well as some old favorites.

20 Free Swimming Pool Templates for Your Pool Design Software I started consulting with pool companies in 2001. At the beginning, helping pool companies create 3D pool templates was all we did at Structure Studios. That gave us a lot of insight into what pool builders needed: a better way to design the unique, custom pools that customers want most. Building on what we learned working with pool companies, we developed Pool Studio, 3D Pool Design Software.

Can AI really be ethical and unbiased? The Obama administration's report on the future of artificial intelligence mentions the word "ethics" 11 times and "bias" 23 times. special feature AI, Automation, and Tech Jobs There are some things that machines are simply better at doing than humans, but humans still have plenty going for them. Here's a look at how the two are going to work in concert to deliver a more powerful future for IT, and the human race. Read More 6 of The Best Web Tools for Organizing and Managing Citations, References and Bibliographies April 1, 2015 One of the onerous parts in essay and academic writing is the bibliography section. Managing, organizing and citing references can sometimes be a real challenge especially if you don't keep track of what and who you cite. The last thing you would want after a strenuous writing task is a messy bibliography with one reference missing page numbers the other needs publication date or, worse of all, having to go back to your sources to check for the source of that quotation you included in your conclusion. If you find yourself constantly grappling with problems such as these, the web tools below are absolutely something you might need to consider.

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9 Free Tools For Digital Storytelling Stories are important. Whether one tells a story to evoke emotion or to gain a new client, there’s a certain simplicity in it that speaks to a lot of people, as everyone has a story to tell. Now with technology, there’s digital strorytelling too. Digital storytelling is accomplished by combining narration with digital content such as animation, stills, audio, etc. It is very popular these days in schools and educational institutions around the globe. In this post, we discuss 10 free tools for creating digital stories for your own purpose in the classroom.

How to Retire at 40 Three early retirees tell their story of living on 4 percent or less. By Ben Steverman | September 29, 2016 From The “4 percent rule” is a bedrock of retirement planning. But does it apply to those who quit working before 65? 10 Useful Math Practice Apps for Elementary Students April 4, 2015 Looking for some good iPad apps to help elementary students with their Math? The list below features some of the most popular iPad apps in this category. These apps have been endorsed by a larger base of teachers and educators and are ideal for classroom inclusion. Using these apps, kids will get to practice and develop different mathematical skills through a variety of games, activities, and interactive lessons. Some of these apps also integrate speech functionalities to help students with sight problems. 1- Math Puppy