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People - January, 2009

People - January, 2009

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46 of the most amazing photographs of 2012 2012 has been a great year in it's own way. It may have been full of ups and downs, victories and losses, successes and disappointment (as with pretty much any year). But how ever you've found it. 12 of the Best Animal Photobombs This was one of many photos off the coast of Koh Tao in Thailand, near Koh Phangan, where Nick Kelly - the photographer - trained. A fish just happened to steal the shot. Ever seen a whale photobomb a juvenile gull? You have now. Photo via @raubrey Photo-Realistic Pencil Drawings by Self-Taught Artist Randy Hann It takes a great artist to show the true power of a pencil, and Newfoundland-based Randy Hann is one such artist. His breathtaking attention to detail translates into drawings that look more like shot with a professional camera than with a simple pencil.Randy Hann is definitely one of the most talented Canadian artists of our time. The Newfoundland native takes inspiration from the people, wildlife and scenery that surrounds him every day to create spectacular works of art. Born in 1961, Randy says he can always remember being able to draw, even as a young child, but it wasn’t until years later that he started taking his innate abilities seriously. He didn’t attend an art school, but dedicated years to developing and refining his drawing technique.

The Top 50 'Pictures of the Day' for 2011 Every day at 5pm the Sifter posts the Picture of the Day. Below you will find a collection of the Sifter’s Top 50 from 2011. It’s hard to imagine the year is almost over, time seems to fly faster each successive year so it’s fun to take a moment and look back at the year that was. Weather Underground: World View Welcome to Weather Underground's World View! A weekly pictorial review of weather around the globe submitted by the WunderPhoto community. If you'd like to participate, upload your photos! Tip: Use your j/k keys to navigate. 1. Mountain Pinks Top 100 Photos of the Year 2012 *Please note the photographs themselves were not necessarily taken in 2012, they just happened to be featured as a POTD this year. The pictures are also listed in reverse chronological order. There is no ranking amongst the photos Enjoy!

Public Affairs Officials Seek To Reduce Incidents Of Combat Photobombing FORT LEE, VA – The deputy commander of the Army’s Public Affairs Office is seeking assistance from leaders of major Army commands in reducing instances of “photobombing,” which renders combat photographs unusable, and often makes the public relations war unwinnable. “Our job is to get out there and capture real-world moments in combat, so that we can really tell the story of the Army to the public,” said Col. James Hutton, U.S. 40+ Mind-blowing Photorealistic Paintings Have you ever seen paintings that are so real and precise that you thought they were photographs or think twice before you decide it is a painting? Photorealism has strive its way through many obstacles to justify its existence however critics sternly suggest that, there is no valid reason why photorealistic should be appreciated because it has no difference to the original photograph. While the critics only recognize the technique and skills of photorealism painters, photorealism painters has got different point of view. For the painters, this genre of drawing display much more than photograph because they insert and touch up the subject with full discretion, creating a whole new piece of work with different impact compare to the original photographs. As per Bert Monroy "To me, it is not the destination that is important‚ it is the journey." Today we have collected more than 40+ photorealistic paintings with more under Reference section.

Collection of Beautiful Lakes A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. Who doesn’t believe that God has created images of Paradise here in this world? I believe, if one wishes to get the glimpse of the heavenly glory, then they better start discovering the world and they shall see for themselves. There exist such charismatic views, so blissfully divine a look they give.