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Galerie de NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Galerie de NASA Goddard Photo and Video
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Lights in the Dark 123 Inspiration The National Archives UK Who are we? We are The National Archives, the UK government's official archive, containing over 1,000 years of history with records ranging from parchment and paper scrolls through to digital files and archived websites. We are also at the heart of government information policy, to ensure the survival of today´s information for the future. What are these images? We've selected these images to give a flavour of our massive holdings. Where are you?

Galaxy Zoo Astronomie - MESSENGER arrive aux abords de Mercure - AstroSurf Envoyé 03-01-2008 19:42 j'ai relevé ces precisions sur le site, où il s'avère que c'est bien pour diminuer la vitesse de la sonde afin qu'elle soit capturée par Mercure...Mais ça ne répond pas tout à fait à la question : pourquoi peut-on envoyer directement une sonde en orbite de Mars et pas de Mercure ? Rôle joué par le Soleil, faible masse de Mercure ?? "5. Why take such a long and complex route to Mercury? Although it is not that difficult to fly a spacecraft by Mercury, the task of placing a spacecraft into orbit around the planet is a significant challenge. 6. A gravity assist changes a spacecraft's orbit around the Sun by having it fly by a planet. Because the effect of the added/reduced linear momentum depends on the mass of the object, this process has a negligible effect on the planet's orbital velocity around the Sun.

art Posts tagged as "art" Abstract models Tags: art , humor , painting By Flora Borsi Such art, much concept Tags: art , dogs , humor , painting Source. Creation of Adam Tags: art , brain , God , religion By Paluzzi et al. ( Source ) Ball-point pen girl Tags: art , drawing , sexy Ball-point pen drawing by artist Juan Francisco Casas The God That Failed Tags: art , demons , God , heavy metal , metal , Metallica , monsters , music , religion , rock , thrash From the Obey Your Master art show. The Outlaw Torn Tags: art , cowboys , heavy metal , metal , Metallica , music , rock , thrash Real-life painting Tags: art , painting By Alexa Meade Art Tags: art , drawing , humor Ready or not tot Tags: art , creepy , humor , Marilyn Manson , painting , WTF By Marilyn Manson Alien the Terrible Tags: Alien , art , humor , movies , painting , xenomorph By Hillary White Humming bird Tags: art , birds Art students Tags: art , dos equis guy , humor , school Starry Night Tags: art , painting , van gogh Coffee owl Tags: art , coffee , owls

releases photos under a Creative Commons licence Licences specify the terms and conditions under which things can be used. All too frequently in everyday life we come across restrictive licences that actually seem to discourage usage, disallowing copying or sharing. But a whole other family of free licences aim to encourage use and sharing, asking simply for proper recognition and reciprocal behaviour in return. Since its inception, CERN has used the web to share multimedia material openly. As the web grew, multimedia material proliferated around the globe, and so did licences. So, encouraged and supported by our experiment outreach teams, we have made our first collection available under a Creative Commons licence. Already the change has allowed photos of our recent Director-Generals to be used consistently in Wikipedia pages for the first time, and for the Higgs discovery plots from ATLAS and CMS to actually be included on the Higgs boson page!

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