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20 Free Tools for Entrepreneurs by Johnny Webber 1. – Create insanely simple invoices. 2. – Transfer up to 2 GB of data. 3. – Get insights for any website or app. knotted jersey headband tutorial hey there LOVE STITCHED PEEPS!! it’s LESLIE from LITTLE MOOKIE back again with another fun tutorial, and while i’m a sewing contributor here, sometimes the best sewing tutes are the ones that involve ZERO SEWING! am i right? (tell me i’m right, mkay?) 5 Web font services not to miss THE DADDY OF the web font industry, and much favoured by the design community at large, Typekit is run by Small Batch, a Silicon Valley-based team well used to being on the cutting edge of web technology. The group cut its teeth in web analytics, and made such an impression on Google, the search behemoth bought them out and employed them to overhaul its Google Analytics package. With Typekit, they’ve struck out on their own again. In certain circles, you can’t move on the web without stumbling across recommendations for the Typekit service, and it’s easy to see why. The service acts as a kind of conduit between type foundry fonts and webpages, allowing designers to circumvent any legalities over hosting or distribution of fonts. For range of fonts (it has partnerships with most major foundries), site usability and samples of application, Typekit is leading the pack.

The Golden Rules of High-Quality Instructional Design The quality of instructional design is often gauged on three things: effectiveness, efficiency, and cost. Effectiveness has to do with how well the instruction enables learners to achieve stated goals or expected outcomes. Efficiency deals with the energy and time invested to complete the instruction while cost covers all expense incurred for its design and delivery. These are good points to begin with. 15 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life Feel like getting inspired, motivated or just looking for a feel-good cry? Then look no further. There's no better way to start your day than with a fresh cup of coffee and a nice TED talk to make you feel ready to take on your day. TED — which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design — features "ideas worth spreading." The speaker series launched in 1984, and there are now more than 1,400 TED talks available online.

FontAwesomePS - Font Awesome icons right inside Photoshop. Search for an icon and click to create a new layer shape which you can easily edit. That's all you need to do in order to have access to the amazing selection of free Font Awesome icons. … it ain’t rocket science. You buy organic, ride public transit and recycle. It’s time to achieve the truly ultimate green lifestyle. Create your own reusable canvas shopping tote bag to replace your plastic and paper bags. Top Visual Search Engines: The Most Interesting Ways To Visually Explore Search Engine Results 1. Grokker Grokker is a web-based search engine that allows you to explore your results in a visual fashion. Your results are displayed both in a standard outline and in a dynamic map you can interact with. Grokker takes advantage of Yahoo!

How to Build Course Objectives that Matter The key to success is having clear goals and then mapping out a way to meet those goals. Without the map, you’ll never know if you got where you intended to go. In a previous post we looked at how to build learning objectives. Today we’ll take it a step farther and look at a simple process that will help structure the objectives around measurable actions.

30 Books to Rev Up Your Career As cooler weather sets in, it’s the perfect time of year to put together a reading list for your moments of downtime this fall and winter. But if you’re like me, putting together a list of must-reads can be challenging. With new advice for your career and business being posted and published online every day, we often forget the benefits of in-depth reading—that’s right, actual books. When you’re a busy professional or a business leader, putting “reading” on your to-do list can seem like a stretch.

20+ Tools to Create Your Own Infographics A picture is worth a thousand words – based on this, infographics would carry hundreds of thousands of words, yet if you let a reader choose between a full-length 1000-word article and an infographic that needs a few scroll-downs, they’d probably prefer absorbing information straight from the infographic. What’s not to like? Colored charts and illustrations deliver connections better than tables and figures and as users spend time looking back and forth the full infographic, they stay on the site longer.

20 Creative DIY Project Ideas We all have many old and unused items lying around in our homes or garages waiting to be thrown away. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a great feeling of liberation that comes after shedding old stuff. However, before you start cleaning your home, we want to show you 20 incredibly creative Do It Yourself projects that may change your mind. You’ll learn that a lot of useless items can be transformed into wonderful creations. You can turn an old glove into a cute chipmunk toy, toilet paper rolls into a beautiful floral wall art, plastic bottle into a broom and many more.

mplex Photo Restoration 1 This is an example of a complex restoration. The photograph was severely discoloured, badly damaged with stains, scratches, dust spots and dirt. This extensive restoration involved removing the stains, scratches and dust spots.