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Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records

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The World Factbook The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). We read every letter, fax, or e-mail we receive, and we will convey your comments to CIA officials outside OPA as appropriate. However, with limited staff and resources, we simply cannot respond to all who write to us. Dwight Schrute Knows Best Oh Dwight, you are the best thing to happen to the US version of The Office. The wry second-in-command at the Scranton office of Dunder Mifflin is famous for his obscure knowledge and comically literal interpretation of… well… everything. And so the Dwight Schrute Knows Best meme or simply, the Dwight Schrute meme was born: Enjoy the Dwight Schrute meme?

Web Lens - Academic & scholarly research Custom Search Narrow your Google search to US colleges & universites by adding site:edu to your query term. For Canadian results, try adding site:ca intitle:university instead. "9 Things Us 90's Kids Realize Now (Part II)" by Christopher Hudspeth on CollegeHumor It beats Adam West's portrayal back in 1000 B.C. It tops George Clooney's hard nipple bat suit and it damn sure beats Christian Bale's "on the toilet after eating Chipotle" Batman voice.The morning after pill, whiteout, tape, glue, Ctrl+Z — these are some of the great quick fixes in the world. BUT, none of them compare to blowing. That’s right, all it took was a huff, a puff and a blow into the cartridge and BOOM, it magically worked. Try blowing on your Call of Duty disc when it’s scratched, see if it works any better… (heads up, it won’t)If there was ever a good time to watch grown men lather up in baby oil and fake fight, it was the 90’s. At least we had The People’s Eyebrow, Hulkamania and Stone Cold, what’s the excuse for watching muscley, lubricated men rasslin’ now?

Peek of the week 10 - great videos and channels on YouTube Peek of the week 10 focuses on channels and inspirational videos on YouTube. What they have in common? They are informative, often funny and graphically appealing and, not to forget, they are in English. Here are some of my favorites.. Apart from English, I also teach History and I really like Epic Rap Battles .

80 moments that shaped the world Originally called the ‘British Committee for Relations with Other Countries’, the British Council was founded in 1934. Our first overseas offices opened in 1938. To mark 80 years of cultural relations, we have taken the opportunity to look back and consider significant changes that have taken place during the period of our organisation’s existence. We asked a panel of 25 eminent scientists, technologists, academics, artists, writers, broadcasters and world leaders to choose their most significant moments of the past 80 years. We then asked 10,000 people around the world to vote to rank the final list. The result?

Papers from Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Papers from Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, fro Type: Other > Other Files: Size: 6 Life-Changing Uses for Binder Clips (That You Could've Easily Thought Of) from Look What I Found Yes, it may seem like an ordinary binder clip. And it is. Make no mistake -- it will keep your papers organized with the best of them. Maps Have Been Lying To You Your Entire Life The truth is that every map tells a lie, but they don’t all lie about the same thing. For example, Mercator projection maps—one of the most common in use today—exaggerate regions far from the equator. The Goode homolosine projection (pictured below) shows continents that are sized appropriately to one another, but with many interruptions and distortions of distance. Image Credit: Strebe / Wikimedia Commons This give-and-take of benefits has been a perennial problem in cartography.

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