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Success in a MOOC

Success in a MOOC

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MOOC – A solution to Higher Education and Future Learning Is MOOC the solution to future learning, especially online education and learning in Higher Education? Our past experience with MOOC has interesting results. There are huge potential in its use, though there are still lots of challenges as I would like to share “our views” and experiences below: There has been a few rounds of MOOC conversation and lots of unanswered questions, relating especially to Stephen’s response to David Wiley’s response on knowledge transfer.

About Most of the world's high aptitude students are not privileged with the resources and opportunities necessary to reach their full potential. Brilliant provides a challenging intellectual environment to anyone with internet access and a passion for mathematics, science, or engineering. Brilliant aims to become a hub of the world's most promising minds, where motivated thinkers can connect to each other and to opportunities to apply their talents. Brilliant is creating a community where exceptional students can learn together with others who share their deep interests and abilities, and go beyond the limits of a standard curriculum. We believe these students, if they reach their full potential, can and will achieve breakthroughs that help the world move forward. We welcome thinkers and problem solvers of all types and ages to create an account and join our intellectual community.

» Napster, Udacity, and the Academy Clay Shirky Fifteen years ago, a research group called The Fraunhofer Institute announced a new digital format for compressing movie files. This wasn’t a terribly momentous invention, but it did have one interesting side effect: Fraunhofer also had to figure out how to compress the soundtrack. The result was the Motion Picture Experts Group Format 1, Audio Layer III, a format you know and love, though only by its acronym, MP3. Mind Maps® about Mind Mapping This is the Mind Maps about Mind Mapping area of our Mind Mapping Examples Library. You'll find a number of maps all about Mind Mapping. Including 'The Uses of Mind Maps' and 'Principles of Mind Mapping'. Tips for new MOOCers (retours expé pour débutant) Back in April, I attended my first ever MOOC. What is a MOOC you ask? A Massively Open Online Course, for a great introduction check out this video. I found the course to be useful, but also frustrating. It lacked a little in design – or at least that was my thought at the time, now that I know a little more about MOOCs, I'm starting to "get it". I'm planning to take another MOOC – eduMOOC.

Massive Open Online Courses, aka MOOCs, Transform Higher Education and Science When campus president Wallace Loh walked into Juan Uriagereka's office last August, he got right to the point. “We need courses for this thing — yesterday!” Uriagereka, associate provost for faculty affairs at the University of Maryland in College Park, knew exactly what his boss meant.

What You Need to Know About MOOCs - Technology We'll be updating this page regularly.Please check back for updates. Call it the year of the mega-class. Colleges and professors have rushed to try a new form of online teaching known as MOOCs—short for "massive open online courses." The courses raise questions about the future of teaching, the value of a degree, and the effect technology will have on how colleges operate. Struggling to make sense of it all?

Essay on what MOOCs are missing to truly transform higher education Here’s a question I’m asked more and more every day: When is Georgia Tech going to offer an undergraduate engineering degree online? It’s no surprise that this question is being posed. Universities around the country are having intense discussions about massive open online courses, or MOOCs, as they’ve come to be known.

A very interesting and systematic approach to a subject that escapes many older people who have simply given up trying to learn new things on the internet. Your five step process is a reciepe to success. Something that all of us should be striving for. You have done a service to the learning public and my hat is off to you. Oh oh better put that hat back on as I am prone to skin cancer. by gjipstra Apr 19

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