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Business Benefits of Fleet Management System

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Fleet Management Systems – A Viable BI Tool for Taxicab Companies? Vehicle Fleet Management Anyone who has ever walked through the streets of New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles knows how important taxis are to get around town.

Fleet Management Systems – A Viable BI Tool for Taxicab Companies?

In some of the busiest cities in the US, Taxis are an essential part of the transportation system. With more than 13,000 cabs operating daily in New York City and thousands of passengers who use them to travel, managing the fleet would be a nightmare without the help of software that specializes in tracking and effective management of taxi transport and control. When so many people rely on cabs, fleet management efficiency should be the top priority of every taxicab company. With the ever-increasing cost of fuel and at times a driver shortage, it has become very important to manage your cab fleet. How Innovation in Technology Helps Fleet Service Providers? A Small Guide on Fleet Management for Businesses. Is Fleet Management Worth the Cost for Small Businesses? Fleet management may seem like it’s only for huge shipping companies, but it provides amazing benefits for small businesses.

Is Fleet Management Worth the Cost for Small Businesses?

In fact, any company with more than two cars or trucks will see lowered fuel costs and improved efficiency with a good fleet management program. The backbone of fleet management is GPS tracking. This allows the company to know where its vehicles are at all times. In turn, that knowledge is used to find traffic bottlenecks, locate the most efficient routes and ensure that vehicles aren’t being used for unauthorized trips. Finding the most efficient route often isn’t just a matter of looking at the map. Unauthorized trips are another issue that can plague delivery and service companies of all sizes.

Recommended for YouWebcast: Successful Customer Experiences Are Identity-Centric Frequently, the extra destination is actually a few blocks away and customers will be impatiently waiting for the delivery they thought would happen half an hour ago. Author: Danielle Rhodes. Fleet management systems opportunities for the IT channel. Anyone who owns a vehicle can attest to the expense of keeping a car or truck on the road.

Fleet management systems opportunities for the IT channel

That burden becomes all the greater for an organization running a fleet of vehicles. Fleet management systems aim to help companies and government entities keep tabs on maintenance, track fuel economy, and record mileage and trip times. Solution providers specializing in this field say the market is set for expansion. A real time vehicle monitoring software for travel industry. Posted in - General,Software Development Date - 15 Jul. 2015 Fleet Management Software is primarily utilized by organizations offering services in travel, logistics and supply chain.

A real time vehicle monitoring software for travel industry

GPS Fleet Tracking Services: A Buyer's Guide. Credit: Oleksiy Mark/Shutterstock Maintaining and keeping track of your business equipment is no easy task, and it's even harder when your equipment's on wheels.

GPS Fleet Tracking Services: A Buyer's Guide

Whether your business has two cars or a fleet of 200 vehicles, a GPS fleet tracking solution could make things easier for you. While you may not be familiar with these systems, you probably know about personal GPS navigation systems; you may even have a Garmin or a TomTom plugged into your car for use on long drives or trips to unfamiliar destinations. GPS fleet tracking services use the same technology to track company vehicles and transmit information.

This gives you real-time updates to monitor things like where your drivers go, how many times they stop, how fast they drive and more. Four must-have tools for contractor fleet management. Like most forms of technology, fleet management apps, software and gadgets seem to evolve by the day.

Four must-have tools for contractor fleet management

To show how quickly it’s growing, Rickard Andersson, a senior analyst with Berg Insight AB, told TechTarget that North American market penetration of fleet technology will grow to nearly 22 percent by 2017 from 11.7 percent in 2012. Fleet management technology is growing; how is your company utilizing it? (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) For contractors who are used to working off of sheets of paper, it may be hard to tell what is useful and what may be useless as far as technology goes. With the right tools in place, Fleetmatics’ FleetBeat report from earlier this year found that there could be some big benefits, including: A 20 percent reduction on hours on the clock per day for every vehicle Approximately $76 in savings per vehicle for heavy contractors One additional stop per day Just under $75,000 saved per year for a small business with just five trucks.

Three Key Considerations in Selecting a Fleet Management Solution. Companies with large vehicle fleets and mobile workforces face serious demands to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs while still managing to keep customers happy.

Three Key Considerations in Selecting a Fleet Management Solution

It’s a tough challenge but it’s the only way to stay competitive in today’s market. That’s why companies need a GPS fleet management solution to improve fleet performance and mobile worker productivity, and boost customer satisfaction while reducing labor, fuel and other expenses. Some telematics providers supply individual components, while others offer end-to-end integrated platforms. Customers have no shortage of options when considering telematics and fleet management providers, but it’s important to understand the differences between the various solutions, lest you end up with a system that falls short of meeting your needs.