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42 High Quality Free Fonts For Graphic Designers Resources July 26, 2011 Typefaces are like clothes. They either make us look good or bad. Create a realistic folded paper text in Photoshop - StumbleUpon Today we will learn how to realize a folded paper text effect from scratch in Photoshop. We will firstly create the background using a couple of patterns, then we will work on the type treatment with the help of the pen tool, layer masks and other useful techniques related to dodge,burn and the transform tool. This tutorial is very simple to follow, so I suggest to everyone to give a try. Preview: Click to enlarge

Sketchbook Secrets: 50 Beautiful Sketchbook Scans - StumbleUpon The sketchbook is—to borrow a term from the new millenniums’ popular discourse—an artist’s BFF. It’s a diary for the visually inclined—a place where artists can most comfortably explore their personal thoughts, work out their visual needs, practice, maintain a visual history, and hopefully create the unpolished work that will eventually lead to amazing work for the world to see. But, sometimes, when we’re lucky, we get to see the process. Below are 50 beautiful sketchbook scans from 35 talented artists. Allen Sutton

Matchbook Typefaces Matchbook is a simple and functional set of two typefaces we designed in a serif and sans-serif version. Each set includes all accented characters and works beautifully in larger scales. Both are available for download in true type format: MatchbookMatchbook Serif Vector Illustration: 60 Illustrator Tutorials, Tips and Best Practices - Noupe Design Blog Jul 14 2008 Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool for illustrating various elements one can use for web pages and print design. However, it’s important to know what to do in order to powerfully use its tools and achieve certain effects. So, step-by-step tutorials can provide a lot of help, thats why we spent a lot of time searching for the best tutorials out there and the result was 60 remarkable illustrator tutorials, tips, best practices from some of the best illustrators and artists; besides you’ll also find references to brilliant illustrator portfolios out there.

8 New Free Fonts for Your Designs One thing we really like to do here at WDL is to keep you supplied with all the latest and greatest freebies. Whether it’s icons, textures, or e-books, were always on the look out for things that will make you’re life easier. This week we’ve come up with a collection of brand new free fonts that you’re sure to find very useful in your upcoming designs. Morning Glory

30 Best Typography Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials Photoshop Text Effects have gained popularity within a couple of years now. The credit goes to Adobe which is adding new tools to Photoshop with every new release. You have gotten the freedom of using complex typography instead of using dull and boring headlines. Have a look at the gathering of variety of text effect tutorials below which may inspire you to create your own artwork. Create A Scrapbook Alphabet In this Photoshop Text Effect you’ll learn to create a simple Scrapbook style text effect that can be used as a stand alone word treatment or converted to individual reusable .png files with a transparent background.

Remarkable Contemporary Home by Mizuishi Architect Atelier & Luxury... Remarkable and contemporary home by Mizuishi Architect Atelier Mizuishi Architect Atelier have designed the River Side House in Horinouchi, an incredible, comfortable and contemporary house which stretches the imagination in terms of perception, space and aesthetics. The exterior of the house is purposely underwhelming, which merely adds to the magic of the residence. Built on a tiny, triangle site, the River Side House combines efficiency with luxury living in a way never seen before.

To Type Away Cubic Sans is a new display font based on the original Comic Sans, created by modifing it’s strokes using a cube as a brush. It looks really geometric and may seem like a 3D typeface. Cubic Sans (15906) Altered Bits: Free Vintage Photos, Free Medical and Anatomy Photos, Free Background Images, Free Paper Textures, Free Images, Free Backgrounds, Free Altered Art Templates (Artist Trading Card Envelope, Altars) Free images of the moment: Free Vintage Tintype #1 Free Vintage Lady Photo Free 1812 Fashion Photo Free Vintage Child Photo

Lost Type: i fonts che paghi quanto vuoi! by nadar85 Dec 15

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