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Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite!

Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite!

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Cops Threaten Dancers With Felony Arrest – for Dancing Town’s heavy-handed crack down sets party organizer back $15k Adan Salazar Prison Planet October 29, 2014 An event organizer in Utah was flabbergasted when police stormed his Halloween party over the weekend and proceeded to monitor partygoers for signs of dancing, even though a permit had been secured with the city in advance. Cops terminated the Heart of Dixie’s third annual Monster Mash in St. George, Utah, this past Friday, and issued threats of felony arrest to the event’s organizers for violating a city ordinance which prohibits “public dancing” without the approval of the city council. Calling the city’s seemingly arbitrary rule “not OK,” Jared Keddington, the event’s organizer, told Fox 13 Now that he had followed the city’s rules and secured a permit.

Jewish Occupied Governments - USSR - Jews and Communism More Proven Connections Between Jews and Communism in Russia and the USA Including the Banking Connections Between New York Jews Financing the Red Revolution " The Jewish Communal Register" of 1917 - 1918, published by the Kehillah (Jewish communal government) states that Russian immigrant Jews brought "socialism'' (meaning "Communism") to America. It is important to note that the most violent organization involved in the overthrow of the Czar of Russia was The Jewish Bund, headed by Abramovitch and Lieber. The three other revolutionary parties included the all-Jewish Mensheviks (headed by Martov and Dan), the Social Democrats, a front for Gentiles but headed by the Jew Danishevsky and The Bolsheviks headed by Lenin who has only recently been revealed to be of Jewish descent.

» U.S. Cities Embrace Software To Automatically Detect “Suspicious” Behavior Alex Jones Ryan June 13, 2012 San Francisco is set to become the latest U.S. city to invest in software, created by Texas-based BRS Labs, that monitors and memorizes movements as they are captured on security cameras. The software, AISight, watches footage in real-time and—like a human would—learns to understand, detect, and report “suspicious or abnormal behavior.” Video: Cop Goes Nuts When Told “God Bless You” Are Crisis Actors Being Used In Ebola Scare? Special Report CDC Confirms Ebola Can Spread Like The Flu George Noory Goes Off On Obama's Ebola Response How To Prime Your Natural Defenses To Fight Ebola

1780: David Dawson and Ralph Morden, Quaker “traitors” 1780: David Dawson and Ralph Morden, Quaker “traitors” November 25th, 2008 Headsman On this date in 1780, two unconnected Quakers were hanged for two unconnected treason convictions in two different cities in Pennsylvania. The public executions of Ralph Morden in Easton, Pa., and David Dawson in Philadelphia (in a double hanging along with counterfeiter Richard Chamberlain) had the unusual distinction of being treason convictions against the state of Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War, rather than against any sort of federal entity. According to the Espy File of American executions, there were only 15 people put to death for treason* during the Revolutionary War. It’s a remarkably low figure under the circumstances — separatist colonial conflict that often pitted revolutionary neighbor against loyalist neighbor.

Paul Krugman: We Could End This Depression Right Now May 22, 2012 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. The central message of Paul Krugman's new book, End This Depression Now! Sucker: How Cable Companies Make You Pay For Channels You'll Never Watch January 13, 2012 | Like this article? Join our email list: Ray McGovern, CIA Analyst for 27 Years, is Arrested and Roughed Up in NYC for Trying to Protest Retired General Petraeus The following post should serve as a serious red flag to all of you who currently mindlessly serve the state in some capacity. First off, here’s a little background on Ray MacGovern. His bio on Wikipedia starts off with: Raymond McGovern (born August 25, 1939) is a retired CIA officer turned political activist.