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60 Free Handwritten & Script Fonts

60 Free Handwritten & Script Fonts
People mostly use either serif or sans-serif fonts and often miss out the handwritten fonts. They are as important as the main font classifications. I particularly like to use handwritten fonts to highlight significant items in screen captures. They add the personal touch in my design and also provide great typographic contrast. akaDora Alako Ampersand Angelina Avant que Bee Marker Ink BethHand Bradley Hand ITC (update: not free) Brankovic Brook 23 CAC Pinafore Carefree Chalkdust Cheryl CoertSchrift Dik Complete in Him CoolHandLuke Creampuff Deathrattle Desyrel Dwerneck Eraser Fafers Handwriting FFF Tusj Freehand 575 Freestyle Script (update: not free) Graph Hand of Sean HarabaraHand Honey Script HZHandwrite It Ain't Rocket Science Japanese Brush J.D. Jenelson Koala (update: not free) Lauren C. Learning Curve Marketing Script Mighty to Save Mural Script Never Let Go Neville Script One Stroke Script OneMiguel Shaded PP Handwriting Prelude FLF Serena Shelter Me SimpleLife Sketch Rockwell

25 New Free High-Quality Fonts - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Every now and then we look around, select fresh free high-quality fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. The choice is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually time you should be investing in your projects. We search for them and find them so that you don’t have to. In this selection, we’re pleased to present Pompadour Numeral Set, Lato, Crimson Text, Espinosa Nova, Musa Ornata, Spatha Sans, ColorLines, Roke1984, Neuton, Avro, Baurete and other fonts. New High-Quality Free Fonts Pompadour Numeral Set1 (.eps, released under Creative Commons) A beautiful numeral font released by Andy Mangold under a Creative Commons license. Lato2 (open-source sans serif) Lato is a san-serif typeface family. Crimson Text3 “Crimson Text is a font family for book production in the tradition of beautiful old-style typefaces. Color Lines5 This decorative font can be used for a variety of products, such as posters, packaging and label design. Further Resources Last Click

30+ Free and Delightful Doodle Fonts Words are powerful tools in making an impression, and in graphic designing, words added with style is a wow. Different kinds of font styles are now available today and the styles can very help on how your design will turn out to be, depending on how you would use it. These font styles play a significant role it making a design impressive, unique and extraordinary. To add up to our freebies, we have collected 30+ Free and Delightful Doodle Fonts. Do Doodle By Galdino Otten. Crown Doodle By Denise Bentulan. Riscada Doodle By Galdino Otten. A Morris Line font By JOEBOB graphics. Doodle Pen Limited By Letters & Numbers. Skinny Jeans Doodles By Agam. Pijamas font By Billy Argel. MTF Cupcake font By Miss Tiina. MTF Dear Santa font By Miss Tiina. Diamondgirl font By Des. Rock Show Whiplash font By Last Soundtrack. Prophecy Script font By Tension Type. BistroSketch font By 21stbistro. Elastic Wrath font By Fontomen. Business As Usual font By David Kerkhoff. Mayonaise font By David Kerkhoff. Key Tab Metal font

Φήμες ότι η Google ετοιμάζει τη δική της υπηρεσία κοινωνικής δικτύωσης, με το Google Me (από DownloadSquad) If you follow the rumor mill, you probably heard about Google Me a few days ago. Digg's founder Kevin Rose tweeted about it a couple of days ago. It's not that people didn't believe him, but it just seemed a bit random to come from someone like him. It's just a series of bullet points, which Adam D'Angelo says he's 'pieced together from reliable sources'. This is not a rumor. Does anyone else think that Google looks more and more like a lumbering giant that simply throws fistfuls of resources and money at its problems? (And what on earth happened to the Google-owned Orkut...?!)

Free Fonts to Download + Premium Typefaces Fonts! Chank’s Free Font Graveyard (formerly known as "Chank's Free Font Archive") is a gallery of historic experimental and fun fonts that were once offered freely on the world wide web and now have been retired from distribution. These designs were created by designers from all over the world as a celebration of the joy of playful typography and the spirit of getting fun new fonts into the world to push the boundaries of modern font design. Some were stunning and some just stumbled, but all of these fonts were created with love, enhanced with real human spirit, and distributed freely on this website for many years. But now they have been retired and pulled from circulation. If you downloaded any of these fonts for your own personal recreational or small business use, feel free to keep using them and installing them on your new computers. If you enjoy these fonts, please join our mailing list to be notified about future font releases. Like free fonts?

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45+ Exceptionally Useful Free Handwritten Fonts Should Handwritten Fonts be used in web design? For quite some time companies and governments have been working hard to make daily life things available as digital services in whatever way possible to speed processes up and cut costs. At the same time most communication takes place on digital channels by sending emails, chatting, electronic orders, paying online, doing banking online…well almost anything goes on the line today. Sending a good old snail mail letter is still possible but not that popular really. Even on vacations we are not offline and stick to digital channels, keep the blog updated with “near real time images and stories. Advertisement This article is an update of 45+ Exceptionally Useful Free Handwritten Fonts. First some inspiration on how Handwritten Fonts can be used Have you seen good use of handwritten fonts in logos, web designs, posters etc? One use of Handwritten Fonts that we see used quite often is a vision or mission statement below a company logo. Kraboudja !

New High-Quality Free Fonts Advertisement Meet the new Sketch Handbook, our brand new Smashing book that will help you master all the tricky, advanced facets of Sketch. Filled with practical examples and tutorials in 12 chapters, the book will help you become more proficient in your work. Get the book now → Every now and then, we look around, select fresh free high-quality fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. The choice out there is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually time you should be investing in your projects. In this selection, we’re pleased to present Signika, Plastic Type, Bariol, Alegreya, Metropolis, Typometry and other quality fonts. Free Quality Fonts Link Signika2 A remarkable sans-serif typeface with a gentle character, Signika was developed for wayfinding, signage and other media in which clarity of information is required. Sullivan8 Sullivan is a bold display face that comes in three variations. Sánchez44 Sánchez is a display serif type family. Last Clicks Link (al)

Update για την δωρεάν έκδοση του Foxit Reader (v. 4), αλλά προσοχή στα adware κατά την εγκατάσταση (από DownloadSquad) I got a heads-up email today that Foxit Reader -- one of the most widely-used Adobe Reader alternatives -- had released a new version. Curious, I headed over to the site to download and install the new version. After all, Foxit's popularity means our readers might be interested in reading about a major version update. During the installer's first couple of screens, the Ask toolbar was offered -- not a bit deal, really. It's included in plenty of apps nowadays. After seeing the Ask toolbar offered, I chose to do a custom install -- just in case Foxit defaulted to including anything else I didn't want. As you can see, I don't have any boxes checked on this page...A few clicks later, however: update: as Matt points out below, it's all in the wording. ... and the installer tells me it's going to install the Foxit Search Bar. Whether this is a mistake or not makes no difference to me -- and if it is a mistake, it's one that should have been detected during the testing process.

40 Free Headline Typefaces Using strong typography will increase the quality and visual appearance of your work, after all strong typographic skills are one of the many keys to great design! This round-up presents 40 beautiful fonts suitable for typographic illustrations, headlines and sub-headers. Don't get me wrong, typography isn't easy. You also need good typefaces, and unfortunately these can set you back thousands of bucks. All of these fonts have been released to the public for free. Glidesketch Glidesketch is an elegant font with rounded corners, and is great for logos, posters, motion graphics and t-shirts. Kaine Block Kaine Block is a part of the Kaine font family, and is a free bold slab-serif typeface influenced by Spaghetti Western posters of the 1960's. Museo Slab 500 The Museo Slab font family is a robust slab-serif font with Museo's friendliness. Museo 700 Museo is the mother font of Museo Slab (mentioned above). Arcus Regular Arcus Regular is part of the Arcus typeface, featuring a whopping 12 fonts.

20 Dingbat Fonts That Are Actually Useful 921 shares 10 Best New Free Fonts We’ve been on the prowl for some new free fonts to share with you. Read More 1138 shares 9 Free & Useful Fonts for your Designs Whether it’s PSD’s or icons, we love finding high quality free files and sharing them with our readers. Περισσότεροι από 25 δωρεάν παγκόσμιοι χάρτες σε μορφή Vector (.ai, .eps και .svg) - (από Speckyboy Design Magazine) Generally, finding World map templates is not an easy task. Unlike patterns and textures, high-quality world maps are not the easiest to come across. We realized this problem some time back, and here we are today, with a solution to it — an assortment of 20 world maps in various formats (PSD, SVG, and PNG). Browse through the collection, and do share your thoughts with us in the comments below. If you’re looking for Vector World Map Templates, check out this post: 20 Free Vector World Map Templates. Artistic Map-Making Template (PSD) Folded World Map (PSD) World Atlas – Dotted Mercator (PSD) Folded Maps (PSD) World Map (PSD) Webcam World Map (PSD) World Map (AI) World Map 45° Lines Vector (EPS) World Map (AI & EPS) Detailed World Map (EPS) Map of European Countries (AI, EPS & SVG) World Map Vector (AI) World Countries Map Vector (AI) World Map Silhouette (EPS) Vector Maps of the World (AI) Accurate Vector World Map (EPS and AI) EPS Vector Maps for Designers (EPS) Vectorial World Map (AI)