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Open Source Alternative to Commercial Software

Open Source Alternative to Commercial Software
Graphic Applications ACDSee Imgv is a unique and feature rich Image Viewer. Cornice is a cross-platform image viewer written in Python + wxPython + PIL. Adobe After Effects Jahshaka is an editing and effects system. Adobe FrameMaker and QuarkXPress Scribus is an open-source program that brings award-winning professional page layout to Linux/Unix, MacOS X, OS/2 and Windows desktops with a combination of “press-ready” output and new approaches to page layout. KWord is a frame-based word-processing and desktop publishing application. Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw Xara Xtreme for Linuxis a powerful, general purpose graphics program for Unix platforms including Linux, FreeBSD and (in development) OS-X. Inkscape is an Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. Skencil is an interactive vector drawing appliction. Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro Autodesk 3ds Max mIRC

10 Greatest Open Source Software Of 2009 These are full-featured cross-platform softwares, free as in beer and speech. Vivek Gite picks his best open source software of 2009. #1: Inkscape ( Vector Graphics Editor ) Fig.01: Inkscape is used by artist/illustrator/designer as vector graphics editor Inkscape is a vector graphics editor. It is similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, and Xara X. Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features (markers, clones, alpha blending, etc.) and great care is taken in designing a streamlined interface. Download Inkscape #2: 7-Zip ( Archiver ) Fig.02: 7-Zip is used as archiver 7-Zip is a file archiver and open source software. Note: For Linux / UNIX desktop I prefer to use native tools such as zip/unzip, tar etc. #3: VLC ( Media Player ) Fig.03: VLC is similar to QuickTime / Windows Media Player Great media player which supports almost all formats (audio, video formats DVDs / VCDs, and various streaming protocols) and is stripped down to its most fundamental features (i.e. portable media player). Rest...

Best Linux Software You’ve made the switch from Windows or Mac OS X, and now you’re looking for applications to install. Or maybe you’re a long-time Linux user who’s keeping an eye out for what’s new. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve already picked a Linux distro and have settled on a desktop environment. Those are the big choices that determine what software you start with and what will run best on your machine. But now it’s time to delve through your distro’s app repositories to see what’s worth installing. Most of the software below is free and open source. A few require you to download an installer from a website. Browsers Firefox With the new Quantum update, Mozilla has given people reason to check out Firefox again. 9 Reasons to Switch From Chrome to Firefox 9 Reasons to Switch From Chrome to Firefox The days when Chrome was the best browser are long gone. Chrome/Chromium By some measures, Chrome is now the king of the hill. Opera Opera isn’t open source, but it is free. QupZilla Email

HTG Explains: The Linux Directory Structure Explained If you’re coming from Windows, the Linux file system structure can seem particularly alien. The C:\ drive and drive letters are gone, replaced by a / and cryptic-sounding directories, most of which have three letter names. The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) defines the structure of file systems on Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems. However, Linux file systems also contain some directories that aren’t yet defined by the standard. / – The Root Directory Everything on your Linux system is located under the / directory, known as the root directory. /bin – Essential User Binaries The /bin directory contains the essential user binaries (programs) that must be present when the system is mounted in single-user mode. /boot – Static Boot Files The /boot directory contains the files needed to boot the system – for example, the GRUB boot loader’s files and your Linux kernels are stored here. /cdrom – Historical Mount Point for CD-ROMs /dev – Device Files /etc – Configuration Files

Top 10 Apps that Boosts Ubuntu’s User Experience 1) Ubuntu Tweak Ubuntu Tweak allows changing all the itsy-bitsy pieces of Ubuntu desktop OS. It is the equivalent of TweakUI for Windows. 2) Screenlets The Screenlets application provides access to hundreds of Google Gadgets and other open source widgets, like Remember the Milk or Google Calendar. This is what they say: Screenlets are small owner-drawn applications (written in Python) that can be described as "the virtual representation of things lying/standing around on your desk". 3) Handbrake Handbrake works with the VLC media player to rip a DVD into a video format file. HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder 4) Yakuake Yakuake is a terminal application with tabbing features that is fast with custom coloring and shading and offers an integrated experience. UPDATE: They are updating their website which currently says: The website is under heavy construction. 5) UNetbootin 6) Songbird 7) Conky 8 ) VirtualBox 9) DropBox 10) GNOME Do

Best of VIM Tips, gVIM's Key Features zzapper Tips Home Vim Tips Blog (NEW) Cygwin VimTools Buy Vim Book Support VIM Submit to Social Websites 7 Tasks You Shouldn’t Use a GUI For Sometimes the GUI is just too slow. Learn how to resize images, add drop shadows, splice mp3s, clone hard drives and more with the command line. Here are a few tasks that you might want to consider using the command line for. 1. Resizing images Unless you are doing some sort of cropping there is no reason to load up Photoshop or the Gimp. convert -resize 300 image.jpg image-small.jpg If you finding yourself doing lots of image resizing during the day, this command could potentially save you a LOT of time. 2. I found myself spending a ton of time adding drop shadows to images. convert screenshot.jpg \( +clone -background black -shadow 60×5+0+5 \) +swap -background white -layers merge +repage shadow.jpg Note: You must have Imagemagick installed for this command to work. Obviously, I don’t expect you to memorize this command. 3. If you want simple MP3 splicing this command has your back: cat 1.mp3 2.mp3 > combined.mp3 4. DD is one the most simplistic and powerful image applications out there. 5.

for Android 2.0 | Linphone, an open-source video sip phone Description : The new version V2.0 includes significant enhancements in the new ergonomic shape with a curved face interface, the integration of the address book and an account creation assistant. Two major new core features have been added : a text messaging feature (chat) with delivery status notification and ICE support (RFC5246) to allow peer to peer audio & video connections without media relay server. Also, Linphone integrates the new following features : Built in SIP account creation assistant coupled with our free SIP service on call history-Integrated (in-app) settings for iOSUse of push notification (requires compatible SIP server) for more reliable incoming call or chat notificationDisplay of advanced call statisticsLow bandwidth mode: make audio calls over EDGE Click the download button from your android mobile phone to get it installed through the market. For source code, please checkout the linphone-android git tree.

Linux Applications and Tools for Smart Messaging System - SMS SMS-Clients SMs Under Web - SMuW SMuW is a command line tool (there's also a lite and intuitive graphical interface) to automatically send SMS from web sites. Pysmssend Pysmssend project is a program for sending SMS messages over the Internet using your ADSL/VOIP provider account. PyCosmos PyCosmos is a script that allows the user to send SMS using the MyCosmos portal of COSMOTE in Greece. MoioSMS MoioSMS (in Italian is a Python script to automatically send SMS from Internet sites. autismS (in Italian is a user-friendly GUI to send SMS through existing SMS Web sites. TimSMS TimSMS (in Italian) is a Perl script that lets you use TIM's (Telecom Italia Mobile) free SMS services directly from your computer, without using the Web interface. UltraSMS UltraSMS is a utility for sending and receiving mobile phone SMS messages to and from a MySQL database. Cell Messenger Cell Messenger is a program that sends, receives, and archives SMS messages from your mobile phone. pyWebSMS pyWebSMS mercurysms mercurysms zSMS .

Blog Archive » 7 Cool Things to Do With Linux So you’ve taken the plunge and installed Linux. You’ve followed all the HOWTOs all over the net. You’ve got your wireless card working flawlessly. You’ve got your video card working (and you’ve begun to loathe that spinning cube). You’ve installed all the “restricted” software like Adobe Flash, Sun Java and Google Earth. Use Your computer as a Home Theater PC. 58 Cool Hacks - LXF Wiki From LXF Wiki (Originally written for Linux Format issue 58, October 2004) Increase your guru points and apply these cunning hacks to boost performance, secure your system and increase productivity - or fun! One of the great things about Linux is that there's usually more than one way to do something. DISCLAIMER: Obviously, anything you do to your computer is your responsibility, and while we have made every effort to test these hacks, your mileage may vary. Fix a wonky terminal Difficulty: Easy Application: bash We've all done it - accidentally used less or cat to list a file, and ended up viewing binary instead. reset and all will be well again. Creating Mozilla keywords Difficulty: Easy Application: Firefox/Mozilla A useful feature in Konqueror is the ability to type gg onion to do a Google search based on the word onion. Now select the entry in the bookmark editor and click the Properties button. Running multiple X sessions Difficulty: Easy Application: X #! #! .