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Text to ASCII Art Generator (TAAG)

Text to ASCII Art Generator (TAAG)

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ASCII Art Generator ** The Windows application port is provided by David Luu, and is not maintained by me. Original image ASCII Art image (colored and monochrome) [click for enlarged view] ASCII Art image (pure color-HTML and unformatted text-only) [click for enlarged view] Introduction

DIY USB password generator » Code and Life Having done half a dozen V-USB tutorials I decided it’s time to whip up something cool. As USB keyboards were an area untouched, I decided to make a small USB HID keyboard device that types a password stored in EEPROM every time it’s attached. A new password can be generated just by tabbing CAPS LOCK a few times (4 times to start password regeneration and one tab for each password character generated, 10 is the default password length). Below you can see the device in action: ❺❺ Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool, Google Snippet Generator & SERP SEO Tool, Meta Description & Breadcrumbs CTR How to make a Title & Description for Google SERP: Google SERP snippets are formed to be relevant to user's search query. In some cases, Google takes a text for the snippet from the meta name="description".

How to Repair Split Boxes One of the most annoying problems I run into when purchasing games in thrift stores is the frequency with which the boxes have split corners—very aggravating. There are a couple of ways to fix this; the most common method is simply to tape it up. Hardly an attractive solution and it tends not to be very solid in any case. What I learned from Yii Blog Tutorial so far I have developed some apps based on Yii but I still found that I haven't used all the strong feature from Yii. I re-worked with Yii Blog Tutorial and just want to make a quick summary with Yii features. What I learned from the Yii Blog Tutorial so far 1/ We can scaffold the Model, Controller , not only to main controller , model folders but also to Modules folder 2/

Ascii Text / Signature Generator ASCII Text Signature Generator / Figlet Frontend Use "Copy&Paste" to grab your signature Check out the Ascii Stereogram Image Generator and the Ascii Stereogram Movie Generator, too! Subpixel layout - Lagom LCD test For this test your monitor must be in its native resolution. Each pixel on an LCD screen consists of three subpixels: red, green, and blue (RGB), that are sitting next to each other. Most operating systems since about 2003 can improve the quality of on-screen text by using these subpixels. CSS transitions, CSS transforms and CSS animation Part of the design for the Southampton Hackney Association included a grid of sponsors. The design was such that on hover or click, they would flip over revealing a contact number, email address or URL. We wanted this site to work on browsers that didn't support 3D transforms, as at the time, only webkit had support. Code path for browsers with 3D transforms The code used is exactly as above. The markup consists of a div, containing two divs for the back and front faces.

The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures OkTrends Hello, old friends. I am back from dark months of data mining, here now to present my ores. To write this piece, we cataloged over 7,000 photographs on, analyzing three primary things: The directory structure of the Yii project site In this article, we describe the directory structure used by - the official Yii framework website. While this structure may look overly complicated for small projects or may not be optimal in some sense, we believe it is appropriate for medium or large projects in a team development environment. In fact, we have successfully used the similar structure in some other big projects. Overall Structure ¶ Below is the directory structure we are using: / backend/ common/ components/ config/ params.php params-local.php * lib/ Pear/ yii/ Zend/ migrations/ models/ Comment.php Extension.php ... console/ commands/ SitemapCommand.php ... config/ main.php main-local.php * params.php params-local.php * runtime/ yiic.php * frontend/ components/ config/ main.php main-local.php * params.php params-local.php * controllers/ SiteController.php ... lib/ models/ ContactForm.php SearchForm.php runtime/ views/ layouts/ site/ www/ assets/ css/ js/ index.php * yiic yiic.bat

Pragmatic Unicode Hi, I’m Ned Batchelder. I’ve been writing in Python for over ten years, which means at least a half-dozen times, I’ve made the same Unicode mistakes that everyone else has. Wrote a nice program Card Flip · Intro to CSS 3D transforms › Docs We now have all the tools to start making 3D objects. Let’s get started with the basics, flipping a card. Here’s the basic markup we’ll need: <section class="container"><div id="card"><figure class="front">1</figure><figure class="back">2</figure></div></section> Hiding Your IP Address, Anonymous Internet Surfing HOWTO Hiding Your IP Address Using HTTP, CONNECT, CGI/PHP/WEB, SOCKS proxies Anonymous Internet Surfing HOWTO You could try reading about wingates, socks and proxies (oh before i forget, turn off java, javascript, cookies, what's related, and smart update ... if you are using IE you're not very smart). Also try installing a firewall, or DHCP or you can learn from me! There are situations in which you may want to visit a site without leaving a trace of the visit. For instance you want to check what's going on at your competitor's site.

Special Topics: URL Management Complete URL management for a Web application involves two aspects: When a user request comes in terms of a URL, the application needs to parse it into understandable parameters.The application needs to provide a way of creating URLs so that the created URLs can be understood by the application. For a Yii application, these are accomplished with the help of CUrlManager. Note: You can specify URLs without using Yii but it is not recommended since you will not be able to easily change URLs via configuration without touching application code or to achieve application portability. 1. Creating URLs ¶

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