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Your Paintings

Your Paintings

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Met - Titles with full-text online American Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Vol. 2, A Catalogue of Works by Artists Born between 1816 and 1845 Spassky, Natalie, with Linda Bantel, Doreen Bolger Burke, Meg Perlman, and Amy L. Walsh (1985) American Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Closer to Van Eyck The panels of the Ghent Altarpiece are coated with layers of varnish. Varnish serves as a protective coating for paint layers and has important optical functions, since it saturates a painting's colors and creates a more even surface. However, most varnishes gradually degrade over time, getting brittle and opaque, and becoming a darkened and yellowed layer that can dramatically impact the perception of a painting's colors and tonal values.

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Practical Pages Welcome! These pages are free! You may download them for your own personal use, but if you would like to share the files, I humbly ask that you please link back to my blog. Enjoy!Blessings, Nadene Shrinking the accelerator The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has awarded $13.5 million to Stanford University for an international effort, including key contributions from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, to build a working particle accelerator the size of a shoebox. It’s based on an innovative technology known as “accelerator on a chip.” This novel technique, which uses laser light to propel electrons through a series of artfully crafted glass chips, has the potential to revolutionize science, medicine and other fields by dramatically shrinking the size and cost of particle accelerators. “Can we do for particle accelerators what the microchip industry did for computers?”

Iconic Artists at Work: Watch Rare Videos of Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky, Renoir, Monet and More Claude Monet, 1915: We’ve all seen their works in fixed form, enshrined in museums and printed in books. But there’s something special about watching a great artist at work. Crazy Illustrations By Chow Hon Lam Chow Hon Lam is a t-shirt designer and a humorous illustrator from Malaysia. He has been completed this crazy project called Flying Mouse 365, which is create 1 design per day. I hope his illustrations can bring some smile and entertainment to the world. About the author

Digital do-gooders: Why do we help strangers online? 25 September 2013Last updated at 20:23 ET All around the world, more and more people are donating their time to take part in online volunteering projects. What motivates them to help strangers without expectation of money or even thanks? Radha Taralekar helped teach Imelda how to protect herself from HIV, though the two have never met, and neither knows the other's name.

Sculpture Techniques Bronze casting Patinated bronze plaque, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Giuseppe Piamontini, about 1700-10. Museum no.

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