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Daily Men's Fashion, Footwear, Lifestyle, and Design Culture Magazine

Daily Men's Fashion, Footwear, Lifestyle, and Design Culture Magazine
About Titel Media Titelmedia is a wholly independent publisher of online fashion and lifestyle news websites with offices in Berlin and New York City. Our sites - Highsnobiety, Selectism, Highsnobette, RadCollector, and LilSnob - cover the latest in new and emerging trends and products in the world of fashion, accessories, art, design, automotive, and much more. Share: Selectism • Online News Source for Fashion, Footwear, Design, and Lifestyle Culture

A Continuous Lean. ITS Tactical Namer armored personnel carrier of the Israel Defense Force. via militaryarmament Remember, Remember the Fifth of November - Today is November the Fifth and marks a day of celebrating Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Treason in Britain. The history surrounding the plot, which created a day of infamy, is an interesting one with many lessons learned. D&D Home Ask Submit April 08th 2014 kipperclothiers: Co-Founder Kyle Moshrefi wearing one of Kipper Clothiers' custom slim fit suits. We offer several different silhouettes to create the perfect fit for all body types.

Push The Movement ™ Instagram : Takenwith_ my shit lyrical: (Source: baseballnonsense) (Source: atlusshrugged) POPEYE Fashion magazine for young urban men First published in 1976, POPEYE is kind of a fashion catalogue for young urban men, especially high-school and university students. About a fourth of its readers are 16-17 years old. Inventory Updates Words After seven years, we’ve decided to stop publishing Inventory. We’re extremely grateful to everyone that has supported the magazine by advertising with us or selling it in their stores; to those of you that have purchased a copy; and to the people and brands that have helped to bring our pages to life over the course of thirteen issues. Making this magazine has been such a valuable experience. The lessons learned, knowledge gained, and relationships cemented could never be replaced, and it’s a journey that I’ll remember forever. Due to the content and the people involved, it’s been a very personal project from the start, and I have to say the biggest thank you to my colleagues along the way.

ENTER THE NINJA “ If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us. ” by Daisaku Ikeda (via psych-facts) (Source: onlinecounsellingcollege, via explicitlydope) Let’s make the Armin Arlert the most reblogged picture on Tumblr. mymompickedthisurl: thewinchesterswagger: (Source: mspandrew, via superspacedandy) Available 3/14 exclusively at our Diamond LA store, Diamond Online Shop, and these selected retailers: Rule of Next for availability WISH ATL 447 Moreland Ave Atlanta, GA 30307 KITH NYC 644 Broadway New York, NY 10012 Bait 2753 S Diamond Bar Blvd Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Afterlife-Inspired Fashion - The Dead Castle Project 2012 Spring/Summer Lookbook is Eerily Stylish The Dead Castle Project Spring/Summer 2012 collection for men and women is showcased in a rather eerie lookbook shot in an oceanside cemetery. The lookbook is complete with headstones and feelings of death as the models are dressed in gloomy clothing, including graphic tee-shirts bones, skulls and crosses. Dead Castle Project -- a Sydney-based label -- is well-known for combining a variety of styles in their collections from surf to skate to grunge and its 2012 Spring/Summer collection is no exception. Featuring plenty of black, the models in the graveyards appear disinterested and unperturbed by the fact that they are surrounded by dead bodies inches beneath the surface. This collection by Dead Castle Project is also infused with a slight dose of badass and authority as showcased in the tee-shirt that reads 'Cool Kids Can't Die." Check out the label's website for more graveyard-inspired styles.

Sports Fashion New Jack City Jackets For Men April 25th, 2012 Posted in Brands, Color, Jackets, Men, New Jack City The Selvedge Yard The Selvedge Yard is proud to offer Silver Piston jewelry in our online shop here. “As a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s, I was always intrigued by old buffalo nickels. I used to get them from my grandfather and would eventually spend them on candy. As a jewelry maker, they’re a cornerstone to a lot of my jewelry. It all started a couple of years ago when I bought a bag of them off eBay to see what could be done with them. One day I was in the studio working on a half inch wedding band for a friend.

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