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Fashion Ideas for Women

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Collection of fashion tips for women over 40

Dresses for Women

Elegant, Offbeat Style From The Sequinist. How do you strike a balance between looking elegant but not boring?

Elegant, Offbeat Style From The Sequinist

Lisa Welden Lennkh from The Sequinist has some good ideas. Lisa is a 46-year old blogger from London who spent 20 years in finance before switching to fashion. She married late, had a baby at 43, and found herself suddenly out of touch with her personal style. Determined to make a change, Lisa started a blog, fell back in love with fashion and has been having fun with it all ever since. I recently got a chance to chat with Lisa about her love of fashion and unique style. Deb: You say that style is a language. Lisa: I think my style communicates that I am confident, adventuresome, interesting, and a little quirky. Deb: You’ve spent time in New York and now live in London, two of the most stylish cities in the world. Lisa: It is hard to make generalizations, but New York style is much more polished and put-together than London style.

Pretty in Pink - Style Bloggers Over 40. There’s nothing like a pop of pink to perk you up your style and boost your confidence.

Pretty in Pink - Style Bloggers Over 40

This week, meet 12 style bloggers on Instagram with great ideas on how to wear this charming and very feminine color. @scotstyleeditor Julie is the style editor of Scotland’s favorite newspaper, The Daily Record, and a Fashion Event Producer. Doesn’t she look like a Greek Goddess in this dreamy one-shoulder fuchsia gown? @kasiunka71. Powerful, Feminine Dresses Are Her Signature Look. Feel Like A Woman, Wear a Dress is a quote from designer Diane von Furstenberg that Anne Berit Olsvik has incorporated into her signature style.

Powerful, Feminine Dresses Are Her Signature Look

Anne, who hails from Norway, is a top Success coach who helps women leaders step into their power and command attention. I’ve known Anne for several years. Every time we get together in Los Angeles or New York for a networking event, she looks like a knockout. No one wears a dress like Anne. She has a great figure and is a pro at choosing the perfect colors and styles to suit her sexy shape. I recently had the chance to chat with Anne to learn more about what makes her a Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer. Deb: Anne – How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as elegant and feminine with touches of color. Deb: Tell us a bit about your favorite dresses and how you like to wear them. Look # 1 – Business Event in Los Angeles: I wore this dress to a business event in Los Angeles.

Look #2 – My Go-To Business Outfit. How to Wear Dark Florals. Florals are an obvious choice come spring, and this spring designers continue to lead us down a very interesting garden path. Halfway between perfectly pretty and goth lies a type of bloom that’s dark, moody and mysterious. Some see dark floral prints as strong, rebellious, and edgy. Others think they’re romantic and pretty, like a garden at midnight. How do you wear dark florals to show them at their best? Here are a few ideas. shop this look with these links: Turn off your ad blocker to view content 1. These brooding botanicals command attention so let them lead by wearing them with solid colored neutrals. 2. If you’re more of a creative dresser, then you might be more attracted to the idea of mixing two inky florals. White & purple dark floral, black & pink dark floral , black and blue dark floral.

Street Style - Youthful Color block dresses. One of the best ways to look more youthful is to add some color to your wardrobe.

Street Style - Youthful Color block dresses

Style Bloggers Bloom in Summer Florals. There’s nothing more summery than a pretty floral dress.

Style Bloggers Bloom in Summer Florals

Take a look these over 40 fashionistas I found on Instagram who bloom in their botanicals! @rachel.hiddenmanifest Rachel is a Metro DC resident who calls herself a “chic fashion chaser”, and says she has a serious sweet tooth. No wonder her beautiful blue floral dress is pure eye candy! @catoinamsterdam Carin, a 40+ blogger from Amsterdam, is all smiles in this perky poppy dress that is bold, modern and fun. @ladycarisma Andrea, a 50+ mother of two from Slovakia, is a 100% raw vegan in love with fashion, nature, and life. @moreturquoise Jamie is a fashion and travel blogger from New Mexico who has a passion for fab footwear. @happinessatmidlife If you can’t get enough of florals and want to see more ways to wear them, be sure to follow Alice’s Instagram feed. @journeyofastylist @desperatelyseekingsuzy. What To Wear To A Country Music Concert? Hi Deborah, My husband surprised me with tickets to a country music concert.

What To Wear To A Country Music Concert?

I’m excited, but I have no idea what to wear. Jeans come to mind, but that’s about it. What do you suggest? Dana Hi Dana, You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had this question. Fashion for women over 40, 50 - Clothes, Dresses and Style Ideas.