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Wearable Technology & Smart Clothes

Wearable Technology & Smart Clothes

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Drawing Fashion illustration exhibition 03 November 2010 Ella Alexander THE world's most iconic illustrations from the past century will be showcased in a unique exhibition at the Design Museum. Drawing Fashion features the work of well known figures including Lepape, Gruau and Antonio, as well as contemporary artists, namely Aurore de la Morinerie and Francois Berthoud. These original works reflect the artistic style of each decade, through Art Nouveau to Art Deco to Pop Art. Curated by fashion curator Colin McDowell, the exhibition showcases each illustrator at the height of their careers. "Each drawing exemplifies the period it came from which is why illustration is so special," McDowell told us at last night's preview party.

New Dynamics of Ageing The design for ageing well project will focus on bringing emerging wearable technologies to active members of older age groups who do not suffer from restrictive medical conditions. The proposal will address “Ageing well across the lifecourses: autonomy and independence” with a multi-disciplinary team incorporating researchers from technical textiles, wearable electronics and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and social and care sectors, with active participation from the users. Project Summary Investigator(s)

The Latest in Wearable Tech: Electronic Music-Inspired Clothing New York City-based design consultancy and R&D; lab CRATED worked with circuitry and hardware innovations startup Botfactory to create a piece of garment that reacts to ambient music. Dubbed as Sync, the audio responsive “VJ shirt” features a plus sign-shaped LED on its front that pulses with varying intensity depending on the background music. The audio responsive shirt was prototyped in only 24 hours, thanks to Squink, the personal electronic circuit factory developed by Botfactory. Easily Dunn So I got this shirt in the 6th grade. And I keep on keeping it because I like the stripes or something…and maybe the colors. But I can’t wear it because a) it’s too short and b) it’s too thick to layer with anything. And in the middle of last week’s closet-purging, in a blinding stroke of genius, I decided to make it a cardigan. But the fastest, kind of laziest way possible. use a ruler and cut a line down the center of the front of the shirt. ok. you’re almost done.

DIY BALENCIAGA INSPIRED CROP TOP 30th July 2013 You may have guessed that the Balenciaga SS13 collection was by far the most inspiring for me this season when it comes to potential DIY projects (remember this?). It’s so funny, as soon as I saw this crop top on the runway more than 6 months ago I knew it was going to be a project I would try, but it took me so long to work out how I would do it and to make the time. Sometimes life gets in the way of DIY (inexcusable I know!) but when I finally had a crack at it I found it to be quick and requiring only minimal materials.

HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT Welcome to the KOBAKANT DIY Wearable Technology Documentation Example Projects ATtiny Snap Diamond BB.Suit 0.2 is a 3D-Knitted "Onesie" That Purifies the Air Around It The same three-dimensionally knitted “onesie” that doubles as a wireless hotspot, Global Positioning System tracker, and MP3 library can add another capability to its litany of features: air purifier. Currently on show at Beijing Design Week, the BB.Suit 2.0 uses Squair3′s high-voltage “Cold Plasma” technology to split oxygen and water molecules into pollution-scrubbing free radicals. “Since our clothing is constantly in contact with the air surrounding us it creates an opportunity to clean the polluted air,” writes Want, a Dutch online magazine that worked with designers Borre Akkersdijk and Eva de Laat, Eindhoven University of Technology’s Martijn ten Bhomer, Daan Spangenberg Graphics, and StudioFriso to bring the one-piece garment to fruition. While the BB.Suit isn’t quite ready for commercialization yet, its creators say it demonstrates the potential of clothing for purposes beyond adornment. VIDEO | “Catalytic Clothing” Cleans the Air You Breathe

DIY 52 Things I Love About You Posted July 1, 2011 | 64 Comments Happy Friday, lovelies! We spotted a really fun, really easy DIY 52 Things I Love About You project for your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse-to-be, husband, wife, or a friend. Read on to see this fun project + get inspired to make your own! This ’52 Things I Love About You’ craft (and images) are via Craftster (spotted here) and the supplies are easy to find:

DIY ALEXANDER WANG INSPIRED BRALETTE 1st November 2013 As some of you will have noticed I’m going through a bit of a bralette / crop top phase (DIY ones here and here), worn under blazers with high waisted skirts or palazzo trousers. As soon as I saw this amazing Alexander Wang style on Nicole Richie I knew it was something I would have to try to make myself. Trouble was, I had no idea where to start. I ended up taking an afternoon out and playing around until I got it (kinda) right. Laboratory for Engineered Human Protection at Philadelphia University The Laboratory for Engineered Human Protection at Philadelphia University was founded in August 2004 and is funded under a Department of Defense University Research Initiative grant. The grant has been renewed each year and the Laboratory is currently funded through August 2008. Additional funding has been appropriated in the DoD FY 2008 spending bill. Work is carried out under a contract with the Natick Soldier Center, Natick MA and modified annually to specific and jointly determined objectives each year.

Wearable Tech Could Soon Replace SIM Cards & Logins Earlier this week, Comcast has turned on around 50,000 Arris Touchstone Telephony Wireless Gateway Modems in the Houston area as part of their plans to create a massive public WiFi network for their customers. This new feature will allow Comcast customers to log in on the hotspots for free through a smartphone or other mobile devices and a computer. When they log in on one of the hotspots they will be automatically logged in to others when their device detects them.

A Beautiful Mess: OUTFITS Hey guys, guess what? It's time for another round of Fashion Mixology! If you haven't read our mixology posts before, the concept is this: We take 8 pieces of clothing and make 8 different looks with those pieces.