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Fun. Fashionable. Fat.Pocket Rocket Fashion. Domino Dollhouse - Plus Size Clothing. A Curious Fancy. It may come as a surprise considering the curated nature of my wardrobe but I’m an incredibly safe shopper.

A Curious Fancy

Let me elaborate. When I lived in the UK, I would occasionally go out of my comfort zone to try out a high street store I’d never shopped in, and ofcourse, I’d hit the vintage and charity shops at any given opportunity but being back in India means that I rarely venture outside my comfort zone of ASOS, Modcloth and Etsy. Apart from pricey international shipping, there’s also the issue of all major payment gateways such as Paypal, Amazon and Google Checkout being blocked in this country. As a result, very few online stores are actually accessible to me anymore. When I was contacted by bonprix to check out their A/W range, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. [Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by bonprix but the opinions are all my own.] Jay Miranda: A blog about plus size fashion and all things beautiful – GABIFRESH. Nicolette mason. As a child, I desperately wanted to go to sleepaway camp.

nicolette mason

I was obsessed with the images of camp out of Salute Your Shorts and Camp Nowhere and was pretty much positive that the camps my classmates were going to each summer were a pretty close approximation of the ones that Andrew Keegan secretly ran. My parents, always using any opportunity to instill good work ethic and strong academics, instead preferred that the "summer camps" I went to take a much more stern approach in the vein of algebra, reading comprehension, and writing. Of course, I understand and appreciate why they favored the academic route, but it was hardly the most appealing and fun way for 10-year-old-me to spend her summers.A couple of weeks ago, when my friends at Kate Spade asked me to join them in the Hamptons for #CampKateSpade to celebrate the opening of their East Hampton's store, I was obviously thrilled.

15 Plus Size Bloggers Redefining Fashion Blogging. As a plus-size woman… WELL.

15 Plus Size Bloggers Redefining Fashion Blogging

There are a lot of ways I can finish that sentence. I am a plus-size woman. I know what it’s like to feel ignored by the fashion industry. I know what it’s like to compromise style and fit for what you can find in your size. I know what it’s like to feel ignored by the fashion industry. For all of those reasons, I’m thankful for the internet. There are a hundreds of plus-size fashion bloggers out there, but I wanted to highlight a handful who I love and whose names get recommended over and over again.

A Plus Size Fashion Blog. Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops. This curvy fashion & lifestyle blog is the cat’s pajamas. GIRL WITH CURVES. The Curvy Girl Guide. And I Get Dressed. Chubble Bubble. Hello Chubblettes!

Chubble Bubble

Thank you for sticking with my blog, even though I've been traveling so much that I haven't been able to update. The great thing about that, however, is that I've been building up lots of good content to share with you. First up on the back log of post topics is the 2 week trip my husband and I took in honor of 10 years together/2 years married. After we got married, we focused on trying to purchase a house rather than taking a honeymoon. So, our honeymoon did come, just 2 years overdue! SeattleWe'd never visited this city and was wonderfully surprised with its offerings. Favorite Spots: Cupcake Royale, All Saints, the Mercury, Molly Moon's, Unicorn Photos: Olympia:We stopped here on our way to Portland because I wanted to see the town and indulge in a little Riot Grrl nostalgia.

Favorite Spots: Burial Grounds, Archibald Sisters, Al Forno Ferruzza Favorite Spots: Fat Fancy, Savvy Plus, Portland Food Carts, Nostrana, VooDoo Donuts, The Lovecraft Bar. 9 Plus Size Cuties Share Tips For Androgynous Style — Qwear. Where do you get your clothes?

9 Plus Size Cuties Share Tips For Androgynous Style — Qwear

Gap: I'm on the upper edge of their sizes, but I like the men's shirts and women's blazers. Nordstrom Rack for men's accessories and for shoes. eShakti for femme, vintage-inspired pieces. H&M for men's v-neck sweaters. I also sew, so I make a lot of my own clothes, including all of my vests and lots of bow ties. Any advice for people looking to achieve a more androgynous look? What does androgyny mean to you?