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 Reading and listening french exams online. DELF, TCF DILF, DALF

 Reading and listening french exams online. DELF, TCF DILF, DALF

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French reading comprehension exercises Lecture - Compréhension écrite Here you can practise French with reading comprehension texts based on French culture. Recommended books This is a great way to learn French! This book contains 15 fun short stories in French that will help you improve your French reading, as well as pronunciation and listening skills, since you can download the audio of all stories for free! There are two versions: a slow version to improve pronunciation and a normal version at natural speed.

Build a Touchless 3D Tracking Interface with Everyday Materials Combine low-tech materials with some high-tech components and build a completely Touchless 3D Tracking Interface. Explore capacitive sensing by using several panels of cardboard lined with aluminum foil. These panels, when charged, create electric fields that correspond to X, Y, and Z axes to create a 3D cube. Authentic French with Commercials & Films Watch & read and a few cloze exercises for Francophone commercials and film trailers are available for videos hosted on Youtube. Transcripts and some cloze exercises are also available for film clips; however, most of the clips are not available online so the DVDs will be necessary. National and regional flags indicate the main accent(s) heard in each video, which may also include metropolitan French accents. Currently the various accents include those of France, Picardy, Tahiti, Canada, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana, Belgium, Switzerland and Senegal. Don't forget to check out the sister site, French Listening Resources, for more authentic (and spontaneous) French and online exercises with mp3s and videos recorded in France.

Learn French with French Children's Stories - The French Experiment Some well-known children's stories translated into French and spoken by a native French speaker. Great for kids... and adults too! Read along in French or English. Les Trois Petits Cochons The Ontario Curriculum Unit Planner (OCUP) The following resources were previously posted on the Ontario Curriculum Unit Planner (OCUP) website (e.g., grade-by-grade elementary expectations, Teacher Companion files, etc.). Assessment & Evaluation Symposium Keynote: Dr. Douglas Reeves (Excerpt) On January 8, 2008, Dr. Introduction - French listening exercises This modern languages resource has 10 recordings of French speech, describing the everyday lives of French teenagers. The recordings are accompanied by transcripts in French so learners can check their understanding. Listening exercise one - Thomas and Pierre Thomas and his friend Pierre go into town to get something to eat and do some shopping. Afterwards, they listen to music at Pierre's house.

tolearnfrench Please use requests in French to get more results. Recommended pages from our site - Selected by our team. Reading comprehension-French - Learn French [Test]Il était une fois une petite fille de village, la plus jolie qu'on eût su voir : sa mère en était folle, et sa mère-grand plus folle encore.

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How To Practice Listening in French - Talk in French Reading time: 4 minutes Learning a new language and becoming fluent in it is quite difficult to do, but with an open mind, an eagerness to learn, and the right approach, it can be done in a year or even in six short months. There are those who say that it takes around 800 hours of dutiful learning for one to learn a new language. This means if you study for two and a half hours a day and do it painstakingly each day, you should be able to learn the language in less than a year. But how exactly will you approach language learning? French Reading French Reading If you're trying to practice your French Reading then the page below should help. You will be able to sharpen your comprehension and understanding of the sample text below, which is part of the Article 26 and 27 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.