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15 Presentation Apps for the iPad

15 Presentation Apps for the iPad
As teachers one of the most important aspects of our day is the way that we present information. It does not really matter what our pedagogical philosophy is, at one point or another during the day we all need to present. If we are going to use the iPad in our classroom shouldn't we be modelling to our students the appropriate apps or presentation tools. We have earmarked 15 Presentation Apps for the iPad that coupled with a VGA adaptor will allow you to present with ease and elegance. No.1 Keynote: Keynote for iPad is almost as powerful as the Mac desktop application. No. 2 OmnigraphSketcher: OmniGraphSketcher for iPad allows you to quickly create high-quality charts and graphs without the need for complicated data plotting software. No.3 2Screens: 2Screens is a fully featured application for document manager, web browser, file viewer and whiteboard with VGA-output to outside projector or LCD monitor. No.4 Office2: No.5 Numbers: No.6 PowerPresenter: No.7 Documents2Go: No.8 Quick Office: Related:  Apps for Classrooms

My Story - Book Maker for Kids iPad Apps that work with Smartboards The iPad looks amazing when projected onto a large screen. The students in a 1 to 1 iPad classroom gets to see the apps at work. Have a look at the list below to see if any of these might be useful in your classroom. Doceri: FREE Turn your iPad and classroom computer into an Interactive Whiteboard with Doceri. SplashTop: $5.49 AU This is the ONLY remote desktop app that streams video and audio from your PC or Mac, allowing you to interact with your PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, IE, Firefox, Safari, World of Warcraft, and other PC / MAC applications. Edistorm: FREE Edistorm is an online brainstorming tool that uses the metaphor of sticky notes to allow you to brainstorm. Exploriments Series:

Show Me Grading Assessments Using rubrics and providing student's feedback via the iPad has not been an area that has received a great deal of attention. This is, however, starting to change. I have recently spoken to a number of teachers who have developed apps that will allows teachers to use the iPad as a viable way of assessing student work. Some of these apps actually do more than just mark work. Check out the list and see if any would work for you and your students. Easy Assessment: $1.99 Easy Assessment is the app teachers have been waiting for. Formative Feedback: $1.99 AU This is another great app design by an Australian teacher - Paul Hamilton. Stick Pick: $2.99 AU Stick Pick is the first app of its kind to uniquely link question stems to the cognitive or linguistic needs of each individual learner. Essay Grader: $6.49 AU Provide your students with exceptional feedback, and reduce your grading time with Essay Grader for iPad.

Apps for the Inquiry Process Our school just unrolled the first phase of our 1:1 iPad program tonight. In preparation of this big event, I spent some time this summer looking into how I could support and guide students through the research process using apps. It was tougher than I expected to build a list like this.... Apps come and go.Opinions vary.And upgrades can leave a favorite app on the bottom of the heap.But it was also a lot of fun to read through suggestions, try new apps, and build a chart that includes all phases of the research process. At my school, we follow Kath Murdoch's Inquiry Cycle so I have grouped the apps according to the steps of that model. My simple hope in sharing this is that I get you thinking about which apps you use with students during the research process.

Bitsboard – A Super iPad App for Spelling and Reading Practice Bitsboard is a great iPad app for young students that Joanne Villis recommended to me. Bitsboard is a free iPad app that provides word games, memory games, spelling games, and reading practice activities, and dozens of other activities in one place. On the Bitsboard app students can learn new vocabulary words, how to tell time, and how to count money. When students first open Bitsboard on their iPads they will have six topics shown on their homescreens. The part of Bitsboard that I like the best is the catalog of topics from which students can pick. Tags: efl, ELL, ESL, foreign languages, free apps, free ipad apps, ipad apps, language arts, reading, spelling

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