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Ipadio - Reach the Hard to Reach

How to Get Students to Participate in Online Discussions This is the first post in a triplet series on how to create effective discussions in an online learning environment. This post discusses how course instructors can shape and create robust and rich discussions, in post two I”ll share facilitation strategies to develop and sustain course dialogue, and I’ll conclude the series with methods for assessing student contributions and participation in online forums. Please note, this series addresses discussions in the context of online courses for credit – as forums in Massive Open Online Courses [MOOCs} are a different animal altogether [I will share my thoughts on MOOC discussion forums next month at the close of the MOOC course I am taking]. Getting students to ‘talk’ Getting students to participate in [brick and mortar] classroom discourse can be a painful process – the blank stares or worse students absorbed with their laptops or iPhones, which is disconcerting to say the least. What makes Online Discussions effective…. Wade, D. Like this:

Comment supprimer une voix sur une chanson « Korben Korben Si vous faites des podcasts, des enregistrements audios, des remix...etc., voici un soft qui vous impressionnera ! Ça s'appelle ISSE (interactive source separation editor), c'est open source et ça permet de décomposer un enregistrement pour en retirer certaines choses. Il est par exemple possible de supprimer totalement une voix sur une chanson, ou de corriger un enregistrement où on entendrait un téléphone sonner, voire supprimer un bruit de fond. C'est très très impressionnant surtout que tout se fait visuellement. Je vous laisse regarder : Ça m'a donné une envie folle de faire des remix ! ISSE est dispo sous Windows, Linux et OSX. Merci à Hpiedcoq pour le partage ! Rejoignez les 58086 korbenautes et réveillez le bidouilleur qui est en vous Suivez KorbenUn jour ça vous sauvera la vie..

Phonevite - Share Your Voice - Community-Based Voice Broadcasting - Phone Tree Service Transcrire rapidement un fichier audio Transcrire rapidement un fichier audio Si vous avez un fichier audio à retranscrire sous la forme d'un texte, il n'est pas toujours évident de jongler entre le player, l'éditeur de texte et ça peut devenir vite pénible. Heureusement, des gens avec un sens profond du devoir ont mis au point un service web baptisé oTranscribe qui permet de faire de la retranscription très simplement. oTranscribe se présente sous la forme d'un traitement de texte dans lequel vous uploadez votre MP3... ensuite, grâce à des raccourcis clavier (par exemple, ESC pour pause), il devient possible de taper par exemple un discours en même temps que vous l'écoutez. Avance, retour, pause... A tester ! Source Vous avez aimé cet article ?

How-to Facilitate Robust Online Discussions Class discussion can be an effective learning tool – the challenge? How-to facilitate and manage discussions virtually. This is post two in a three-part series on how to create effective discussions in an online learning environment. Post one, introduced five components of effective discussions and addressed the first two – 1) course design and 2) establishing guidelines for students. In this post I”ll show how course instructors can develop and sustain dialogue by 3) creating ‘good’ and ‘right’ questions, and 4) guiding and moderating the discussions to support meaningful discourse. In the final post I’ll discuss methods for assessing student contributions in online forums. Discussions with no goal… Imagine for a minute, what a soccer game would look like if played without goal posts. “The challenge is that educators have the responsibility to provide structure and guidance that will encourage and support students assuming increased control of their learning” (Garrison, 2006). Resources

Acapella Extractor | Make acapellas from any song for FREE ! The Methods and Means to Grading Student Participation in Online Discussions This is the final post in a three-part series on how to create effective discussions in an online environment in courses for credit. In this post I’ll share how to grade and assess students contributions in online discussion forums—the final yet essential step that supports learning in several ways. I am eager to share my insight into the assessment component of online discussions, as we found within our institution’s online program that assessment through the use of a rubric that was the critical element to success. The rubric allowed course instructors to give quality feedback to students, clarified for students’ expectations and to the surprise of several professors the rubric improved the quality and quantity of discussion postings. Components of effective Online Discussions – Review Motivating students to participate in forum discussions is not an easy task—it requires strategic effort by the instructor during the course, and by the course designers in the course design phase.

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