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5 Essential Tips To Help Integrate iPads Into Your School

5 Essential Tips To Help Integrate iPads Into Your School
8 million iPads have been sold to educational establishments. This is a remarkable figure and illustrates how many ‘decision makers’ have chosen the iPad as a tool for learning. As we integrate the iPad into schools it is worth reflecting how the initial setup and training can have a real impact on the success or failure of a 1:1 programme. The recommendations below are borne out of a desire to help teachers without overwhelming them and to model good practice to students. Early engagement can be facilitated by linking email accounts to the iPad and suggesting users sign up to apps like Zite and Flipboard. In my opinion it is crucial to model good practice particularly when the distraction element of the device is apparent. It has become clear that because of iPad introduction educators are having to consider pedagogy. It is very easy to wow an audience with what an iPad can do in the classroom but that leads to a ‘show’ with no follow up. Perhaps the most important. Like this: Related:  iPad in Education

10 Steps To A Successful School iPad Program 10 Steps To A Successful School iPad Program by Sam Gliksman, Author of iPad in Education for Dummies iPads have quickly become a the hottest commodity in educational technology. Apple reports that schools are purchasing iPads over MacBooks by a ratio of 2:1. However, the rush to purchase the latest technologies often precedes the careful planning and preparation that’s crucial to their success as educational tools. There’s simply no magic pill – whether it’s the laptop, smartboard, iPad or the next device that comes along in a year or two. Here’s a list of ten requirements for a successful iPad implementation in schools. 1. Don’t consider purchasing iPads without an appropriate technical infrastructure to manage and deploy them. Do you have adequate incoming Internet bandwidth? 2. Our educational institutions roll along year after year and yet it’s the question that’s rarely discussed. Any successful initiative requires that your entire organization be on the same page. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Kanex launches $99 meDrive, a private cloud for your iOS device Kanex unveils meDrive: a file server for iOS devices that expands storage and provides a secure local cloud LAS VEGAS, NV – January 8, 2013 – Kanex®, a leader of innovative Apple® and iOS connectivity solutions for homes and businesses worldwide, today announced meDrive™, a file server that turns USB storage into a network drive and can be accessed from an iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® or Mac + PC Kanex meDrive is a file server for iOS devices that allows you to expand storage and create your own local cloud using external USB storage for easy access or sharing. meDrive is connected to a local network, so it's always on; which makes files, media and other documents always accessible. iOS file management is available through the Kanex meDrive app, which is available at no cost at the Apple App Store. There are no extra service fees and users can have the peace of mind of private local storage. Users can also hot -swap in other USB storage drives to expand their storage needs.

The Ultimate Guide To Apple’s Presence In Education Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-08-31 All eyes are on education right now. Whether it’s in the political theater or the venture capitalists, everyone has set their sights on the future leaders of tomorrow. Some companies, like Apple , have long realized the potential of this demographic and have specifically targeted them with iPads, iPod Touches, and other devices . In an effort to share exactly how Apple is targeting students, MDG Advertising whipped up a thought-provoking infographic. Smart devices are having a real impact on both literacy and learning levels. Awesome Apple logo via DeviantArt Comments are closed.

iPad College Course Required for Freshman The iPad continues to make inroads in schools. Numerous schools are providing iPads as part of the schooling experience and several are now requiring iPads. Arkansas State University is requiring incoming freshman to have an iPad and to take a course called “Making Connections” – a course designed to help first-year students transition into higher education by teaching them study skills, personal organization and how to conduct research, as well as familiarizing them with campus resources. Last year there were over 1700 students in this course. Arkansas State Chancellor Tim Hudson said that requiring students to use the popular tablet computer will lead to “improved education performance.” The effort, which is the first time a public university in Arkansas has required all freshmen to use iPads, is getting ASU faculty more involved in developing multimedia curricula especially for the iPad, via iBooks and iTunes U. Source Uncategorized

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 9 iPad Tutorials Teachers should not Miss This is the last post on iPad for this year. I have recently published several guides on the use of iPad in education starting with the best educational iPad apps for teachers and concluding with these tutorials and a soon to be released eBook that will be comprehensive enough to include everything we have covered about iPad so far. If you are an Android user and wondering why I don't talk about Android as much as I do about iPad , I recommend that you subscribe to my second blog Teacher's Mobile Technology to stay updated about educational Android tips and apps. Below is a set of great tutorials on the use of iPad.

What can you do with an iPad in the classroom? It’s a tool, it’s a tool, it’s a tool. The iPad is not going to replace teachers or ‘fix’ education. There is a cost implication that must be taken into account and only an educator will know if it is right for their students. Indeed the cost-benefit analysis for an establishment must take into account a host of factors when considering iPad use in the classroom. However, if there are iPads in the classroom, there are a number of applications that can enhance learning and assist the educator in developing student skills. Assessment for Learning The most valuable weapon in an educators arsenal is feedback. Applications such as eclicker, Socrative and Nearpod have the ability to provide instant feedback for every child in the classroom. Collaboration Setting a collaborative task is a tried and tested technique to allow students to question each other in the pursuit of an answer. Practical Use These are a few of the applications that have been made a little easier by the use of an iPad

Are iPads Showing Up In Schools? I am often asked for references to schools in specific areas that are implementing iPads. My default resource for finding those locations and deployments is typically to do a search in Google and look for references or articles about those deployments. Eric Lai, a writer for a technology publication called ZDNet, has created an interactive list of over 130 schools, school districts, colleges and universities deploying tablets to students for the first time this fall. View School iPad & Tablet Deployments, Fall 2012 in a larger map The following infographic developed by creative media agency MDG Advertising, shows more than 1.5 million are currently in use by students, and schools bought some 47,000 in the first month-and-a-half after its release. All this information comes from sources including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and others to produce the following infographic. Uncategorized

5 Must-Know Tips For Deploying iPads In Your Classroom If you’re looking to deploy iPads in education, you may think that it’s just a matter of expense and storage. Those things are big, but they’re not the biggest problems you’ll face. In fact, this is one of those situations where money is the least of your troubles. I was chatting with an Edudemic reader this week who wanted to know a few tips and tricks about deploying iPads in his classroom this coming school year. How many devices can use one Apple ID? This is a question that pops up all the time. But long story short, it varies. Basically, you should plan on using free apps for the most part as these are easy to install on any device you have, no matter how many Apple IDs you have / need. How do I store all these various devices? There’s more to storing all these devices than just locking them away in a cabinet you already have. In order to properly store, you’ll also want to have the iPads, Macbooks, iPod Touches, Android devices, etc. all charging at the same time.

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iPad Invading Classrooms The pace of change is accelerating everywhere and one of the primary drivers of that change is what I call the “digitization of everything.” Every industry is being impacted – and most in some pretty significant and often severe ways. Schools aren’t keeping pace with this level of change – nor are they preparing young people for a world that is radically different from today (which is radically different from just a few short years ago). Add to that the trends in mobility and you’ve got a perfect storm. Here are a few of the key trends showing how these forces are impacting schools IT spending is up: The Center for Digital Education estimated education spending on IT reached $19.7 billion in 2010-11 and it’s expected to rise again in 2011-12. The iPad is playing a big role in this transformation – and with the introduction of the iPad Mini we should expect to see even greater adoption. “Kids are the experts on the technology,” Soloway says. Mobile That Works St. Uncategorized

An iPad School – Top 10 Tips Learning and Teaching with iPads 5 Things Not To Do During an iPad Rollout 1-to-1 Programs | Feature 5 Things Not To Do During an iPad Rollout K-12 teachers and administrators pinpoint five different areas that schools should be aware of when rolling out iPad initiatives. By Bridget McCrea07/25/12 There's no shortage of iPad rollouts in the K-12 space right now. Here are five things that you shouldn't do during an iPad rollout. 1. Haggard said she uses a similar organizational approach with daily assignments, knowing that her young students will be most productive when given specific tasks to complete on their tablets. 2. Wiecking, HPA's energy lab director, said getting students away from games like Angry Birds and engaged in educational projects on their iPads isn't always easy. "It's about students being engaged and on task," said Wiecking. 3. "This is not a network-friendly device," said Nagler. Nagler said the problem has grown as more devices were distributed and as more teachers recognized the limitation. 4.