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SEO Tools: The Complete List (2016 Update) I personally tested and reviewed over 184 free and paid tools. And you can filter through the list to find the best SEO software for you. AuthoritySpy Link BuildingPaidNo AuthoritySpy is designed to help you find the top influencers in your space. Learn about robots.txt files - Webmaster Tools Help A robots.txt file is a file at the root of your site that indicates those parts of your site you don’t want accessed by search engine crawlers. The file uses the Robots Exclusion Standard, which is a protocol with a small set of commands that can be used to indicate access to your site by section and by specific kinds of web crawlers (such as mobile crawlers vs desktop crawlers). What is robots.txt used for? Non-image files For non-image files (that is, web pages) robots.txt should only be used to control crawling traffic, typically because you don't want your server to be overwhelmed by Google's crawler or to waste crawl budget crawling unimportant or similar pages on your site. You should not use robots.txt as a means to hide your web pages from Google Search results.

The five keys to a great infographic Great infographics don't happen by accident; rather a carefully crafted infographic displays various attributes that contribute to its overall success. I've come up with a simple way to summarize these attributes into what I call CHART: the five keys to a great infographic. The first key is Contrast; Contrast in a design creates tension and displays a clear distinction or difference offering no ambiguity. In graphic design, Contrast can be used to draw a viewer's attention to a specific area. For example, a splash of color amidst the grayscale image, but it's equally important when displaying data. Take for example, a common question that you might find in a survey where respondents are as to provide an answer on a Likert scale. How to create a landing page A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor's information through a lead form. A good landing page will target a particular audience, such as traffic from an email campaign promoting a particular ebook, or visitors who click on a pay-per-click ad promoting your webinar. So it’s important to build a unique landing page for each of the offers you create. You can build landing pages that allow visitors to download your content offers (ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, etc.), or to sign up for offers like free trials or demos of your product.

The 15 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2011 One of the reasons that I’m so madly in love with WordPress is the thousands of plugins available. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish on your blog, there is probably a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do it. This list will provide you with 15 of the best WordPress plugins available today. Only the 15 best WordPress plugins have made it while anything less than amazing has been kicked to the street. Each of these WordPress plugins are used at Site Sketch 101 and I personally recommend each of them to you. 3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an SEO Audit Most of the time when we hear the word “audit,” our minds immediately picture run-ins with the IRS, unsavory tax attorneys and boxes of old business receipts. But, don't panic! Because not all audits are the same. Related: These 9 SEO Tips Are All You'll Ever Need to Rank in Google In fact, an SEO audit is a good thing.

Webutation - Website Reputation Community against fraud and badware We are constantly working to make surfing on the Internet safer. Therefore we've developed browser extensions that show you the webutation score for each website you are surfing on in realtime and blocks fraudulent e-commerce shops or adult sites if you like. Download the browser extension for Chrome Installation: Click on the Chrome icon and follow the instructions. Usage: Once you've installed the extension, you'll find the webutation icon in your browser toolbar.

Evaluating Information - Citing and Writing Help - SJSU Research Guides at San José State University Library When you search for information, you're going to find lots of it . . . but is it good information? You will have to determine that for yourself, and the CRAAP Test can help. The CRAAP Test is a list of questions to help you evaluate the information you find. Different criteria will be more or less important depending on your situation or need. Key: An asterisk (*) indicates that criterion is for Web sources only Currency: The timeliness of the information. Case Studies, Manufacturing In Mexico, Manufacturing Plants In Mexico Monster Cable After working with quality manufacturers in Asia, Monster Cable recognizes that opening a Mexico manufacturing facility with NAPS significantly improves their bottom line – Monster Cable Products was founded in 1979 by Noel Lee, then a laser-fusion engineer at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. Lee was an audiophile and professional drummer who set out to improve audio quality by developing high performance speaker cables. Lee developed a better construction for cables that would expand the clarity, dynamics and power of audio signals.

St John the Baptist Primary School Opened in 1990, St. John's provides education for around 300 children between the ages of 4 and 11. The school is arranged into eleven class groups, each containing approximately thirty children of mixed age and ability. Our eleven classes are arranged as follows: Infants: Juniors:Class 1 Reception Class 6 Year 3 & 4Class 2 Reception Class 7 Year 3 & 4 Class 3 Years 1 & 2 Class 8 Year 3 & 4Class 4 Years 1 & 2 Class 9 Year 5 & 6Class 5 Years 1 & 2 Class 10 Year 5 & 6 Class 11 Year 5 & 6 The building features a 'mall' through its centre with the classrooms on one side and the extra facilities on the other.

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