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Look to inspire

Look to inspire

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All Things Lovely I am little obsessed with Instagram at the moment, especially since I'm doing the Photo A Day challenge. Friends sometimes ask what apps I use for all my photos so I thought I'd share my favourites. This isn't a sponsored post, just my favourite and most used apps.

Make a cork trivet Put those old wine corks to good use and make this nifty trivet for your hot saucepans. This cork trivet is super easy to make. In fact, you can complete it in under an hour. Upcycled sweater boots (w/mini tutorial!) What do you get when you mix a cheap pair of flats, an old sweater, and lots of hot glue? Sweater boots!! Yay! Etceteras: rustic twig frame Here’s a fun and easy way to frame a favorite picture. Gather small twigs and bunch them together to create a natural frame. To make this frame I collected twigs and grouped them into four stacks. I tied the twig bunches together a the ends with thread and then used a wide organza ribbon to wrap the corners.

ReadyMade Cool Copper Projects Warm metallic hues are easy to love but often pricey. When you create the look... Easy Doily Bowl Craft a decorative bowl from a doily picked up from a flea market, antique... Camper Birdhouse Susie Harris: Inspiration...pass it on! *** Because someone asked..yes! I have one in my Etsy if you would like...smiles~*** Oh have I got a good one for you today {I hope}. Maker Project Lab This Halloween, I decided to dress up as a mad scientist. Kind of obvious, I know, but a great excuse to wire up this Adafruit Neopixel Goggle Kit I had sitting around. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never had an easy experience with Neopixels. Somehow I always manage to burn one out, or get an unexpected glitch. My hope was that this kit would provide me with a guaranteed success, and I’m happy to say that it delivered.

Ball Jar Lights I’ve been wanting to do this for a year. It’s one of those things I’ve just been putting off. I love ball canning jars, especially the blue ones. The first thing you have to do to make the Ball jar lights, is take out the glass seal. So I took the hammer and busted up the seal to get it out. Make sure to do this on a hard surface. Moustache madness on Etsy When I found etsy store Modern Madness I knew I wouldn't be able to resist treating myself to some moustached goodness and it only took me a minute to decide to buy the tea and coffee cups (pictured in the first photo). I highly recommend you check out the shop, you can pick and choose from a bunch of different moustache styles (comeplete with noble names- Albert, Victor, Heath etc) colours and mugs, glasses, soup bowls etc. Some of you might remember this post I did on mustache mugs. Very excited to be finally about to have some for myself!

Free Downloadable Templates, Forms and Samples » Templates see it clearly Learn more angry chicken I am very excited to be selling 2 new products in my etsy shop! A Cleansing Oil and Facial Toner. Both 100% organic. They smell amazing and are luxurious to use. , Great electronics kits Log In U.S. - English + Int. $US Dollar ($) Welcome, Log In Email:Password:Forgotten PasswordCreate Account

Thanks :) I'm still trying to get used to pearltree, but so far I love it :) And all the gawker sites are amazing <3 by amandanevins Feb 12

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