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AR Glasses by Optinvent

AR Glasses by Optinvent

PENNTIC Laster Technologies LASTER Technologies est une société à l'avant-garde des technologies d'affichage numérique en réalité augmentée. Les lunettes informatives LASTER offrent une vision naturelle, sur verres transparents, enrichie d'informations numériques : textes, images, vidéos, animations. Intégrant des algorithmes avancés de reconnaissance d'objets, de tracking et de recalage 3D, les produits de la société permettent de superposer des objets virtuels au monde réel, offrant une expérience de vision et de réalité augmentée inégalée. En savoir plus Applications industrielles En production et maintenance industrielle, nos produits permettent aux équipes de gagner du temps dans les tâches de production et de maintenance industrielle. L'adjonction d'images et d'informations dans le champ de travail de l'utilisateur permet de compléter sa perception du réel. En savoir plus Photos non contractuelles.

reaDIYmate - DIY kits to build web-connected things Epiphany Eyewear - Home Euro Store Home Wrap VGA Controller The Wrap VGA Controller enables all models of the Wrap video eyewear to connect to a VGA port on a desktop or laptop computer for watching video. Although the Wrap VGA Controller is not intended for use as a monitor replacement, it offers superior quality over S-video connections and expands the versatility of Wrap eyewear models. When used, it replaces the battery/control box provided with the Wrap video eyewear and draws power from the computer through its USB connection. · Can be used with a VGA - DVI adaptor (not included)· Works for 2D video· Works for side-by-side and anaglyph 3D video· Requires VGA port or DVI port (w/DVI adaptor) and a USB 2.0 port· Works with Windows 7, XP, or Vista The Wrap VGA Controller is compatible with the Wrap 920 & Wrap 1200 models, it is not compatible with the Wrap 280XL/310XL. Note: For video playback only. find out more

Air Box Lab - Air & Life Quality | Solutions - Maison Connectée - Technicolor Throughout the world, the connected home is changing how consumers experience entertainment and information. The growth of connected home technology and applications offers NSPs exciting, new business opportunities in their residential and commercial markets. In order to make the most of these opportunities and ease consumer adoption of new services, NSPs must overcome the technological challenges of: Heterogeneous home networksMultiple ecosystems based on different technologies, protocols and standardsMushrooming connected devicesThe explosion of cloud-networking services Transforming technologies into solutions At Technicolor, we have a talented team of experts dedicated to developing solutions made of software, products and services that make the user experience less fragmented. It’s no coincidence that we have been amongst the top 3 players in gateways and set–top boxes for over a decade and delivering 20 million devices each year. We are a trusted partner

Google Glass Advances with Superimposed Controls & More Google's Patent Background Wearable systems can integrate various elements, such as miniaturized computers, input devices, sensors, detectors, image displays, wireless communication devices as well as image and audio processors, into a device that can be worn by a user. Such devices provide a mobile and lightweight solution to communicating, computing and interacting with one's environment. With the advance of technologies associated with wearable systems and miniaturized optical elements, it has become possible to consider wearable compact optical displays that augment the wearer's experience of the real world. By placing an image display element close to the wearer's eye(s), an artificial image can be made to overlay the wearer's view of the real world. Such image display elements are incorporated into systems also referred to as "near-eye displays", "head-mounted displays" (HMDs) or "heads-up displays" (HUDs). In a first aspect, a method is provided.

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