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aea365 Netvibes My name is Susan Kistler. I’m AEA’s Executive Director, and I contribute each Saturday’s post to aea365. Today, I thought that I would continue the ‘shortcuts’ theme and tell you about Netvibes. Rad Resource – Netvibes Netvibes creates a personal internet dashboard. You set up one (or multiple) pages with links to key items that you use online. I’ve set mine up so that I have one dashboard for each of a number of projects. s 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Identifies the Computing Innovations That Organizations Should Monitor STAMFORD, Conn., August 18, 2015 View All Press Releases 2015 Hype Cycle Special Report Illustrates the Market Excitement, Maturity and Benefit of More Than 2,000 Technologies The journey to digital business continues as the key theme of Gartner, Inc.'s "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2015." New to the Hype Cycle this year is the emergence of technologies that support what Gartner defines as digital humanism — the notion that people are the central focus in the manifestation of digital businesses and digital workplaces.

Outlook 2011: China Says No More Cars, Down Goes Auto Industry While the world is still unwrapping the Christmas gift from China in the form of an interest rate hike, this other piece of news with ample implications for the auto industry seems to have gone largely under the radar -- The City of Beijing will limit the number of new license plates issued in 2011 to 240,000 to help control traffic congestion. Xinhua reported that car buyers in Beijing will have to draw lots before obtaining a vehicle license plate. Beijing – An Auto Gold Mine In 2009, the Chinese government introduced tax incentives for cars with engine sizes of 1.6 liters or smaller. The move propelled China to the world’s biggest auto market that year, surpassing the United States.

50+ Social Bookmarking Sites : Importance of User Generated Tags, Votes and Links - Search Engine Journal Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October of 2016. Is social bookmarking still relevant in 2016? Read this updated post by Anna Crowe to learn more. The positive effects of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, blogs, and other websites are outstanding. WP Themes, On page SEO, Backlinks This is Oracle Internet Marketing company‘s selection of easy-to-use, online, instant results tools with instant results via our Online free SEO tools library. Scroll through our large collection of do-it-yourself Internet Marketing resources which are completely FREE! iProSEO Online is a web-based SEO software application that provides you with a comprehensive set of tools for website optimization and promotion. It meets the demand for SEO with all possible consumers – from webmasters and standalone SEOs to large SEO and marketing agencies. Here’s a reference list with links to all of the important iProSEO tools and features.

aea365 Inbound Website LInks I’m Susan Kistler, the Executive Director for the American Evaluation Association. I contribute each Saturday’s post to aea365. As part of our monitoring efforts for AEA’s website, we regularly review backlinks –links into a site from another site. Backlinks give you an idea of the level of exposure of a site, the types of ‘friends’ it keeps, and commentary related to the site’s content. For evaluators, checking backlinks can help you to: evaluate a program’s site, programs, and messaging; research a particular client or interviewee; or understand better the references to your own firm’s (or a competitor’s!) website.

Cheatsheet - Python & R codes for common Machine Learning Algorithms In his famous book – Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill narrates story of Darby, who after digging for a gold vein for a few years walks away from it when he was three feet away from it! Now, I don’t know whether the story is true or false. But, I surely know of a few Data Darby around me. These people understand the purpose of machine learning, its execution and use just a set 2 – 3 algorithms on whatever problem they are working on.

Practical Social Media Tips for 2011 : MarketingProfs Articles With the end of the year comes the compulsion to synthesize what we've learned about the ebb and flow of social media in 2010. Toward that end, John Antonios, writing at the Social Media & Personal Branding blog, has made a list of 100 social media tips to ponder for 2011. Some of the tips "might sound generic and applicable beyond the scope of social media," Antonios acknowledges, "but that's exactly the point. Social media is an extension of real-life engagement." Here are a handful of his tips that illustrate that point: Don't plagiarize your identity; find what's unique about you and share it honestly.

Netvibes is a free web site that lets you personalize your web experience. Take everything that matters to you while online — newspapers, blogs, weather, email, search, videos, photos, social networks, podcasts, widgets, games and funny applications — then bring them together in one single page, your personalized Dashboard. Make this Dashboard automatically update every time you open it. by sergeykucherov Feb 27

Netvibes is the feed reader that I use the most often when I'm creating a collection of feeds for my middle school students simply because it is more visually interesting than the text and list heavy readers that are commonly used by adults. by wferriter Apr 2

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