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Facebook Twitter Walkaround. Spies Hecker and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ The very best photos and news from the world of Formula 1. Yoryi (puntocom) - Modelismo y Maquetas - FERRARI 640 F1-89 1:20 - TAMIYA 20024 - Mesa de trabajo. KarlojaSargento Mensajes: 83Desde: 21/Feb/2011 13/Mar/2014, 00:51 · Editado por karloja Muy buenas a todos, pues éste será mi primer proyecto dentro del foro un ferrari f189.

Yoryi (puntocom) - Modelismo y Maquetas - FERRARI 640 F1-89 1:20 - TAMIYA 20024 - Mesa de trabajo

Ya tengo las piezas limpias y con las marcas de moldes casi quitadas, así que espero poner avances lo antes posibles. Tengo intención de detallarlo lo máximo posible, y aunque tengo algunas fotos del modelo en sí, os agradecería si tuviéseies material del mismo, el que me facilitáseis alguna más, sobre todo de motor y cableado Saludos 17/Mar/2014, 14:32 Muy buenas a todos Mi idea es detallarlo todo lo posible, y lo cierto es que me está costando bastante encontrar fotos del mismo. 17/Mar/2014, 15:53 · Editado por karloja Muchísimas gracias, me vienen genial.

1982 Ferrari 126 C2 - Images, Specifications and Information. Page 1 of 2 Next >> Following the disastrous 1980 season, which saw the team score just 11 points in their title defence, Ferrari desperately needed to get their act together.

1982 Ferrari 126 C2 - Images, Specifications and Information

All hopes were pinned on the brand new, twin-turbo V6, which was due to replace the flat 12 engine used since 1970. The new engine was first seen during the practice of the 1980 Italian Grand Prix but not raced due to mechanical issues. With the V6 better sorted, Ferrari gradually returned to form in 1981, when two wins were scored. In addition to the continued reliability issues, the 126 CK used in 1981 also suffered from the emphasis on the engine at the expense of chassis and aerodynamics development.

The new-for-1982 Ferrari 126 C2 broke new ground by utilising a monocoque constructed from aluminium honeycomb sheets for the firs time. To keep as many components out of the airflow through the ground-effect tunnels on either side of cockpit, the 126 C2 featured in-board springs and dampers. Ferrari 125 C2. Photos F1 - Presentation Red Bull RB6 - 10/02 - Page 1/4 - Formule 1 - Présentation de la Red Bull RB6 - Photos. Red Bull RB6 - Photo gallery - Ferrari - Forum du Cavallino. F1 Fanatic · The independent F1 blog and motor sport community.

Automotive Forums .com Car Chat - View Single Post - Motorsports Reference Archive. Historique de la Wolf WR-1. Cliquez sur le logo ci-dessus ou sur le lien au bas de la page pour accéder à la page de sélection des photos.

Historique de la Wolf WR-1

Cliquez sur les icônes ci-dessus pour voir les résultats finals de ces trois courses. La Walter Wolf WR-1 constitue un miracle dans l'histoire du sport automobile canadien. F1 by Frank Paxton. Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Alerts Dashboard. Recherche Flickr: MP4/7. Welcome to Schlegelmilch Photography. The Machines of Senna. Poster renault f1's albums on Flickr. Accueil > Formula 1 - 1990-1999 - GPX Photo Gallery. F1 Fanatic - The independent F1 blog and motor sport community. McLaren MP 4/8 English. Please before download these photos, read the following Legal notice When I contacted Ron Dennis inquiring information about the 4/8, I received a letter from McLaren's solicitor who was threatening me with court action for possible infringement of brand copyright and reproducing a copyrighted product.

McLaren MP 4/8 English

However once I explained exactly what I did with my models, simply detailing an already licensed product Ron Dennis invited me down to the factory at Woking. Imagine my exquisite delight and at the same time humility standing in the Trophy Room surrounded by all that silverware and the actual cars driven by my idols, Senna, Prost and Lauda, it was a moving experience and then to be left to my own devices with the car that god (Senna) won his last race in (Adelaide '93), as the next season he was going to Williams, come to think about it, it was the last race that McLaren won for about 4 years as well. Recherche Flickr: MP4 5B. Features - Ron Dennis on Senna - Part one: the early years. As McLaren team principal, Ron Dennis worked with Ayrton Senna for six of the most fruitful seasons in the Brazilian's illustrious F1 racing career.

Features - Ron Dennis on Senna - Part one: the early years

Under Dennis' watchful eye, Senna won 35 races, claimed 46 pole positions and achieved all three of his world championship crowns. Twenty years on from Senna's untimely death, Dennis - now the McLaren Group CEO - reveals some of his favourite stories of working with one of Formula One racing's most beloved drivers… On Senna turning down McLaren's support in 1982"I can't remember what he was asking for, whether he was asking for an option, or for an F1 test drive, but I said to him if you give me an option, I'll pay for your Formula Three season. But he made it very apparent, although not rudely, that he was not interested. "He had the ability and he wanted to be independent. On Senna instigating joining McLaren…"All great drivers realise the importance of the team, and don't just wait but facilitate securing the drive. F60. Gurneyflap F1 & Rallye.

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