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Image copyright Getty Images US Vice-President Mike Pence reportedly will not dine one-on-one with any woman who is not his wife, Karen. A fierce debate is raging online about what this means about his attitude towards women. The internet is abuzz over a single detail from a recently published profile of Second Lady Karen Pence. According to the article in the Washington Post, the vice-president told a reporter in 2002 that he "never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won't attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side". "If there's alcohol being served and people are being loose, I want to have the best-looking brunette in the room standing next to me," Pence said to a reporter at The Hill at the time. "It's about building a zone around your marriage ...

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Where To After The Digital Education Revolution? By Mal Lee. What should schools, their principals and education authorities do when they recognise the ‘Rudd monies’ are spent? What do they do if their laptop lease expires this year? What lessons should be learnt from the ‘Digital Education Revolution’ (DER) experience? The answer, I suggest, lies in recognising – if it is not already understood – that Australian schooling must finally move on from its Industrial Age mindset and traditional school technology resourcing model and its insular and paper-based mode of schooling and adopt an outlook, an approach to resourcing and a form of schooling apposite for an increasingly digital and networked world.

The Daily Dot TODAY - Latest News, Video & Guests from the TODAY show on NBC Trending on Twitter Thought Catalog Report: Teachers Better at Using Tech than Digital Native Students Research Report: Teachers Better at Using Tech than Digital Native Students By Dian Schaffhauser10/22/14 It's time to give up the notion that "digital natives" are more tech savvy than their teachers.

UPROXX An investigation of middle school science teachers and students use of technology inside and outside of classrooms: considering whether digital natives are more technology savvy than their teachers Bell, R. L., Maeng, J. L., & Binns, I. C. (2013). Learning in context. The George Institute for Global Health Five billion people have no reliable access to essential health care. Heart attack and stroke are the world’s leading cause of death and in the next decade 100 million people will die from chronic diseases before they reach 60, while another 20 million people will die from road injuries. The mission of The George Institute for Global Health is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. With projects in more than 50 countries, we have raised over 450 million dollars for global health research since 1999 and we have been ranked among the top 10 research institutions in the world for scientific impact by the SCImago Institution Rankings World Report in 2011 - 2013. Our work is:

A history of the future in 100 objects - Late Night Live What will be the 100 most important objects of the next 100 years? That’s the question neuroscientist and games developer Adrian Hon attempts to answer in his new book. From smart pills to a government-provided minimum income, Adam Zwi takes a look at the objects and ideas that could dominate the next century. In 2010, the British Museum and BBC Radio 4 collaborated to produce a book and radio series titled A History of the World in 100 Objects. They used 100 pieces from the museum's vast collection as a starting point to explain various parts of human history—from a 1.8 million-year-old rock hand-axe, to a Visa credit card that complies with the principles of Islamic banking.

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