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Business. Cult Classics. Medicinal plants & herbs. Animals. Movies. 9 Seasons of The X-Files Mythology Explained in One Infographic. Kieran Dickson Friday, 1 April - 5:7PM Star Wars Rebels has successfully become must-watch TV for fans of the galaxy far far away, and after this week's huge season 2 finale, we suspect the show's fan-base might just have grown even larger.

9 Seasons of The X-Files Mythology Explained in One Infographic

Given the questions raised by Twilight of the Apprentice, it's no surprise that we're all desperate to learn more of whats in store for Star Wars Rebels in the show's third season. This week, on the Rebels aftershow 'Rebels Recon', Dave Filoni dropped a major hint that something huge is going to happen when the show returns later this year.

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Io9.gizmodo. The 14 Most Eerily Convincing Signs Of Conspiracies & Aliens. 10 Unbelievably Insane UFO Conspiracy Theories. Weird Stuff Thanks to never-ending reports of encounters and sightings, UFOs are easily one of the most recognized and well-known icons of modern pop culture.

10 Unbelievably Insane UFO Conspiracy Theories

In fact, the fascination has even spawned whole religions with UFOs and aliens as the centerpiece. Of course, we also mustn’t forget the different UFO conspiracy theories being continuously peddled by people who either really want to know the truth or are just plain wacko. Music. Casino Stuff. 5 episodes that highlight the biting backstage humor of The Larry Sanders Show · 5 To Watch. In 5 To Watch, five writers from The A.V.

5 episodes that highlight the biting backstage humor of The Larry Sanders Show · 5 To Watch

Club look at the latest streaming TV arrivals, each making the case for a favored episode. The reasons for their picks might differ, but they can all agree that each episode is a must-watch. In this installment: The Larry Sanders Show, which will be available for streaming on HBO Go on Friday, September 23. HBO’s sublime Larry Sanders Show managed to look both forward and backward at television history. SUPINO PIZZERIA. History of Slot Machines. 1891 and against the backdrop of the town of Brooklyn, in the recently-booming east coast New York City, Sittman and Pitt had just developed the gaming machine that in the years to come would be considered THE precursor to the modern slot machine.

History of Slot Machines

Based on poker, possibly to cash-in on the popularity of the game, the machine contained five drums carrying a total of fifty cards and like it’s namesake in the table-sitting world, it proved to be a popular hit with gambling players everywhere but especially in it’s home city of New York. At this time you would be hard-pressed to find a bar in the city that didn't have at least one of these machines standing at the side of the bar waiting for potential players to insert a nickel and press the lever in the hope of a good poker hand. These machines had a drawback. What can not be re-arranged so simply however, is the differing accounts of a German immigrant named Charles Augustus Fey, and his invention over on the west coast. The Veggie Cuban Sandwich. We were out to dinner a couple of nights ago with some serious foodie friends – one of them being an accomplish food writer of many years, and the conversation made its way around to movies we had recently seen.

The Veggie Cuban Sandwich

One film in particular had us all gabbing, Chef. Have you seen this gem of a movie starring, written, directed and produced by Jon Favreau? You should. Used Pro Co Turbo Rat Distortion Effect Pedal. Breaking down Mass Effect: Andromeda’s 4K gameplay trailer. Animated. Rayhanhossain.


Pins from on Pinterest. Water. Home & Garden. Magickal. Sharing Sites. Geek out. Crazy Conspiracies. Beer. BBC Trending. Image copyright Getty Images US Vice-President Mike Pence reportedly will not dine one-on-one with any woman who is not his wife, Karen.

BBC Trending

A fierce debate is raging online about what this means about his attitude towards women. The internet is abuzz over a single detail from a recently published profile of Second Lady Karen Pence. Literature. Einsteinian physics.

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