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TEDxParis 2011 - Pierre Rabhi - Y a-t-il une vie avant la mort ?

TEDxParis 2011 - Pierre Rabhi - Y a-t-il une vie avant la mort ?

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Permaculture Aid, what is it? Back in the early 90’s I was tasked to work in rural Aboriginal communities in Australia helping those communities improve their infrastructure, livelihoods, and health through permaculture. These communities were in a shocking state and the people in them were prone to alcoholism and violence as there was little chance of employment and most existed on hand-outs from the government. If you look through the Permaculture Designers Manual there is nothing in there on how to deal with dysfunctional Aboriginal communities. The first town I worked in had the highest crime rate per capita in Australia. This was a rough and dangerous place if you were unaware. Travellers were warned when they passed through Wilcannia not to stop or if they had to stop, not to get out of their car.

Conferences TED Live membership allows you to watch TED and TEDGlobal from home, school or office -- and connects you to a year-round community. $600 for one conference $1,000 for two conferences $2,500 for colleges, universities and small businesses Register now TED Conference memberships (Vancouver, Canada) TEDActive membership (Whistler, Canada) TEDGlobal Conference memberships (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Pandora Thomas on responding to the Prison Industrial Complex with permaculture and resilience Pandora Thomas is a teacher, writer, speaker and designer. She currently lives in Berkeley, California and is a board member of Transition US, a founder of the Black Permaculture Network, a co-founder of Earthseed Consulting, and co-creator of the Pathways to Resilience programme. We've been trying to get an interview with her many months, so we're delighted to share this with you as our last blog of 2014. We started by asking her to tell us more about Pathways to Resilience.

New! First online climate change education course for teachers The course aims to bring climate change education outside the science classroom into all subject areas liable to be affected by climate change. These include as ethics, social studies, economics and political science, among many others. Using a holistic approach, pedagogical approaches and techniques in their own school environment, teachers can develop the capacities to facilitate climate change mitigation, adaptation and disaster risk reduction learning. Teacher education institutions can also use the course to update CCESD content in their pre-service and in-service training programmes through pedagogical frameworks, exercises, regional resources and guidelines. Users can access to the learning materials through Flash-based software. The Flipbook format provides an on-screen textbook experience along with the functionality of web links to quickly access other pages, or complementary information (e.g.

Navdanya’s Biodiversity Conservation Farm The Navdanya Biodiversity Conservation Farm, spread across 47 acres, is situated between the Yamuna and the Ganga, the Himalayas and the Shivalik range. The farm is a sanctuary of biodiversity where we are saving more than 1500 varieties of seeds, which attracts life of all forms such as bees, birds, insects and microorganisms. The beginning of the Navdanya farm dates back to 1995, a time when the soil was left barren and degraded due to prior eucalyptus and sugarcane plantations. Since then the soil has been regenerated as we have 690 (and increasing) varieties of rice, 200 varieties of wheat, 60 types of millets, lentils, vegetables, oilseeds, spices and more.

Apply for fellowship in Latin America The Atlas Corps Fellowship is a 12-month professional fellowship. Fellows serve at Host Organizations working on issues that complement their expertise. Fellows learn leadership skills while sharing best practices and supplement daily knowledge with theoretical topics presented in the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab. Atlas Service Corps seeks nonprofit leaders from around the world to apply for a Fellowship in Latin America (current opportunities in Colombia with other potential countries to be announced). About Us - Sadhana Forest Sadhana Forest started its ecological revival and sustainable living work on December 19th 2003. The vision of its founders, Yorit and Aviram Rozin, is to transform 70 acres of severely eroded, arid land on the outskirts of Auroville. In a spirit of human unity, their aim is to introduce a growing number of people to sustainable living, food security through ecological transformation, wasteland reclamation, and veganism.

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