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Y a-t-il une vie avant la mort? Pierre Rabhi at TEDxParis 2011

Y a-t-il une vie avant la mort? Pierre Rabhi at TEDxParis 2011

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Why can't I connect to my Synology NAS over the Internet via QuickConnect? - FAQ Answer : Please go to Control Panel > QuickConnect and ensure Enable QuickConnect is checked. Then confirm the applications and services you would like to use in Advanced (for DSM 5.0) are enabled. If the services have been properly enabled yet QuickConnect is still not working, you can try the following methods to troubleshoot this problem:

The unexpected math behind Van Gogh's "Starry Night" - Natalya St. Clair A few lesson plans exist for teaching visual arts and self-similarity (objects that have the same pattern) that could be used after showing this lesson. Shodor has some free lesson plans for students in grades 4 through 8. High school students can learn recursion algorithms to create the Koch curve using Scratch for free. Educational technologist Dylan Ryder has also written about creating fractals. A beautiful app worth checking out is Starry Night Interactive App by media artist Petros Vrellis. Download it to your tablet and create your own version of Starry Night.

Powder People: Could It Possibly Be Healthy to Eat Nothing But the Food-Substitute Soylent? Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine (Powder); Getty Images (Body); Photo-illustration by Darrow As a tech-obsessed child growing up in the nineties, Rob Rhinehart was always puzzled by food. Here he was, eagerly embracing the wonders of the information era, and he had to gnaw on seared chunks of meat and raw vegetables. Permaculture Aid, what is it? Back in the early 90’s I was tasked to work in rural Aboriginal communities in Australia helping those communities improve their infrastructure, livelihoods, and health through permaculture. These communities were in a shocking state and the people in them were prone to alcoholism and violence as there was little chance of employment and most existed on hand-outs from the government. If you look through the Permaculture Designers Manual there is nothing in there on how to deal with dysfunctional Aboriginal communities. The first town I worked in had the highest crime rate per capita in Australia. This was a rough and dangerous place if you were unaware. Travellers were warned when they passed through Wilcannia not to stop or if they had to stop, not to get out of their car.

10 Signs You’re Doing Well In Life (Even If You Don't Feel Like You Are) By Sean Suddes | Expanded Consciousness If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. -William Blake Project Manage Your Life If these methods can help teams get on the same page, streamline tasks, and reach collective goals more quickly, can they also help people be more productive in their personal lives? I recently spoke with Frank Saucier, executive and Agile coach at FreeStanding Agility, about how he applies these methods in his home life. (Disclosure: He’s taught and coached many teams at HBR on how to use these same practices.) An edited excerpt of our conversation follows: Want to be happy? SLOW DOWN In 1972, Matthieu Ricard had a promising career in biochemistry, trying to figure out the secrets of E. coli bacteria. A chance encounter with Buddhism led to an about turn, and Ricard has spent the past 40+ years living in the Himalayas, studying mindfulness and happiness. In this free-wheeling discussion at TED Global in October 2014, Ricard talked with journalist and writer Pico Iyer about some of the things they’ve learned over the years, not least the importance of being conscious about mental health and how to spend time meaningfully. An edited version of the conversation, moderated by TED Radio Hour host Guy Raz, follows.

Juice Heads: How the Newest Liquid-Nutrition Cultists Are Mastering Their Intestines I’m sipping a Mean Greens juice—kale, cucumber, chard—at Irving Place’s One Lucky Duck with Allison, a 34-year-old executive for a cosmetics company. Meticulously dressed in a silk skirt and a bright-red blazer with the sleeves rolled up, Allison is on her third day of a “juice cleanse,” meaning she hasn’t consumed anything—other than, of course, juice—for almost 72 hours. She’s suffering, but also oddly buoyant. Pandora Thomas on responding to the Prison Industrial Complex with permaculture and resilience Pandora Thomas is a teacher, writer, speaker and designer. She currently lives in Berkeley, California and is a board member of Transition US, a founder of the Black Permaculture Network, a co-founder of Earthseed Consulting, and co-creator of the Pathways to Resilience programme. We've been trying to get an interview with her many months, so we're delighted to share this with you as our last blog of 2014. We started by asking her to tell us more about Pathways to Resilience.

Hands, Heart, Head : How This Simple Educational Model Can Change the World 25th May 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World “In the modern age of production and consumption, in the age of money and power, the meaning of education has become distorted. The Latin root of the word education – educare – means to ‘bring out’, whereas the present implication of the word education is to ‘put in’.” ~ Satish Kumar America — and the world at large — is in crisis.

5 must have free Gmail add-ons You most likely use Gmail for your personal mails. Most of us also use Gmail for business. I am a big productivity freak. Not that I use all my hours working but whatever time I spend working, I want it to be efficient.

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