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Van Intermediate Reading & Math Links

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This is a collection of Reading & Math links that students can access at school and at home.

Unite for Literacy Library - picture books with Narration in many languages. Storyline Online - Where Reading Is Fun! Starfall: Learn to Read with Phonics, Learn Mathematics. Reading/Sight Words. Educational Computer Games and Apps for Kids. Reading Comprehension activities with assessments. Reading Comprehension Most Popular Games on Place Value Pirates Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop Order Ops Half-court Rounding Torture the Teacher Collage America International Pizza Delivery Sushi Fractions Genius Boxing The Jellybean Tree Treasure Cliff Sand Dollar Exchange Becoming Lord Voldemath Great American Math Challenge Factor Family Reunion Lunch Lady Homophones on Halloween Horrendous Soup New Games on Ultimate Teachers Lounge Negative and Positive Speed Math Whimsical Windows (Functions) Lunch Line Word Ops Snoring Pirates Cat Around Europe Cat Around Africa Paper Football Coordinates Insecteresting Rainbow Juice Dinosaur Maker Email me Share us on facebook Share us on Twitter Share us on You Tube Teachers pay Teachers Newsletter Mr.

Reading Comprehension activities with assessments

Blog Advertise License Content About Who is Mr.N Privacy & policy Products Mr. Other The Lost Lunchbox RPG @2015 is a copyright of the Nussbaum Education Network,LLC. Free Reading Program. Reading Games. Eat the letters in the correct order to spell each word.

Reading Games

Match the words to the pictures. Drag and drop each word label onto the matching picture. Look at the picture very carefully and find the hidden letters. Click on all letters and complete the puzzle. Correctly spell the Halloween words below each picture. Match the words to the pictures. Race against other online players while practicing your typing skills in this fun online game. It's color by Alphabet! Type the words that appear on the chameleons and help the spider escape.

Read each clue. Read the story of Snow White while unscrambling pieces to make a picture. Get the power to tug by select the one of three letters that comes first in alphabetical order. Practice letter recognition by trying to find the missing letter that completes each vocabulary word. Make words to collect the candy. Learn your ABC's at Circus ABC! Learn the A, B, Cs as you discover the hidden Doli Alphabet.

Reading Activities for Kids on Free Online Kids Stories & Children Books. 30+ Stories for Children. Online Stories Ages 1-9. Read a Story Online with a Great Story Book & Learn to Read! Funbrain - Reading Books & Comics. Knowledge Adventure -Educational Reading Games & More. The Quiltmaker's Gift. Atlas Hangs On - a Free Story from Children's Storybooks Online. Pirate's Treasure - a Free Story from Children's Storybooks Online.

The Bitaba Bird - a Free Story from Children's Storybooks Online. The Blue Sky. The Boy Without A Name = El niño sin nombre. SummaryWhen a boy is born, his parents are visited by a wise man who tells them not to name their son.

The Boy Without A Name = El niño sin nombre

He will give him a name when he is older. This is the story of how the boy seeks and eventually finds his own name and is able to discard an old dream for a new and wonderful one. Read reviews from other kids Publication Date2007 LanguagesEnglish , Spanish ContributorHoopoe Books - ISHK - United States PublisherHoopoe Books - ISHK - United States Copyright held by - Hoopoe Books - ISHK. ISBN978-1-883536-93-0 AwardsChicago Public Library ‘RECOMMENDED TITLE’ Get This BookAmazonBarnes and NobleWorldCat (Get this book from a library)NotesThis story introduces children to the idea that it takes patience and resolve to achieve one's goals in life. The Flying Train. Weaving Earth and Sky. SummarySix traditional Maori tales: * The creation of voyages * Tāne and Hine Tītama * The stories of Māui * The adventures of Tāwhaki * The adventures of Rata * Kupe's voyage Publication Date2002 LanguagesEnglish ContributorNational Library of New Zealand - New Zealand PublisherRandom House - New Zealand Copyright held by - Random House New Zealand Ltd..

Weaving Earth and Sky

This work is made available with the permission of the owner of copyright. Wolstencroft The Bear - from Children's Storybooks Online. Zootles DigiMag Tigers (w/narration) Unite for Literacy Library - picture books with Narration in many languages. Zootles DigiMag Tigers (w/narration) Arcademic Math Games. Fun Educational Games for Kids - just choose Math activity. IXL Grade 2 Math Practice. IXL Grade 3 Math Practice. IXL Second & Third grade math skills practice by Texas Math Standards.

IXL Math Practice for Texas second-grade math standards. IXL Math Practice by Texas third-grade math standards. Quizzes coming next... ADDITION Self-Corrected Quizzes. SUBTRACTION Self-Corrected Quizzes. MULTIPLICATION Self-Corrected Quizzes. DIVISION Self-Corrected Quizzes -