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An IELTS teacher's exam guide

An IELTS teacher's exam guide

Wystan Hugh Auden - Funeral Blues This poem can be found under at least four titles. There is some confusion and much discussion on Usenet about the original title of this poem. The following information is mainly taken from newsgroup postings. The title "Funeral Blues" was used in a publication 3 years after Auden's death, presumably with the knowledge and permission of Auden's literary executors, amongst whom was Edward Mendelson, unchallenged in his role as Auden's chief editor, biographer and critic. Professor Mendelson himself used that title for the poem when editing "Collected Poems" (1976). 'Auden reprinted the poem under various titles, as was his habit. 'What is the poem in FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL? 'In the late summer of that year... Below are scans of pages from the first edition of "Another Time". [click on the pics to see the full size image]

BBC World Service | Learning English | Exam Skills IELTS for IELTS Exam Preparation - IELTS Home Teaching Conditionals for ESL Conditionals can be a confusing aspect of the English language to grasp for both ESL and native speaking students. However, like many other aspects of second language acquisition, the concept can be considerably more difficult for ESL students. Different languages approach conditionals in different manners, so ESL lessons that address conditionals will be interpreted differently by students depending on their native language. Defining Conditionals Conditionals are sentence structures that explain a particular situation or circumstance and its consequences. There are four main conditionals that are commonly used in the English language: first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and zero conditional. First Conditional: Daily Considerations The first conditional deals with issues that have a real possibility of occurring. The first conditional uses the if/then structure and the words will, shall, can or may to convey the future action being considered.

IELTS-Blog - IELTS exam preparation for free Collocation:Meaning and List of Collocations A collocation is a combination of words that are commonly used together; the simplest way of describing collocations is to say that they ‘just sound right’ to native English speakers. Other combinations that may mean the same thing would seem ‘ unnatural’. Collocations include noun phrases like ‘ stiff wind’ and‘weapons of mass destruction’, phrasal verbs such as‘to get together’ and other stock phrases such as‘the rich and famous’ It is important to learn collocations, because they are important for the naturalisation of one’s speech. Besides, they broaden one’s scope for expression. Here is a list of collocations to help you get started: Collocations starting with the verb ‘do’ Do me a favour Do the cooking Do the housework Do the shopping Do the washing up Do your best Do your hair Collocations with the verb ‘have’ Have a good time Have a bath Have a drink Have a haircut Have a holiday Have a problem Have a relationship Have lunch Have sympathy Collocations with the verb ‘break’ Take a break

The IELTS Network • The one and only forum dedicated entirely to the international IELTS community English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary THE FCE BLOG by Claudia Ceraso American Accents - Test Your Listening Comprehension American Accents - Test Your Listening Comprehension Test your American English comprehension by listening to these videos of various American accents! I urge you - don't just listen, shadow! If you hear an accent had by your client, listen, stop the video and mimic it! Here's another video of a North Carolina accent. Amy Walker on YouTube is really good at changing accents. For me, this collage of accents is not complete without the Boston accent. The Long Island accent. Last, but not least is my accent. Thank you for spending time on my site.

IELTSbuddy - Free exam preparation to improve your test score CAE Use of English Practice test - Cambridge Advanced Exam - Difficulty level: C1 / advanced This activity helps with part 2 of the Use of English paper. You should complete this activity in 15 minutes. US publication Rolling Stone magazine is launch in China. should hit shelves early next year, will focus on China's emerging youth culture as well foreign arts and entertainment. first published in San Francisco in 1967 to chronicle cultural changes in the US. maturing rapidly and that a Chinese edition be viable," said Jimmy Jung, of One World Publishing. licensed Hong Kong-based One World to publish the Chinese-language edition. a mix of local content primarily by Beijing-based staff and translations of articles from the US . that we're faithful to the spirit of the brand," said Jung. Hong Kong and Taiwan had more developed pop cultures, mainland China more important. ," said Jung, whose company also Chinese editions of British car magazine, Top Gear and gadget magazine T3.

FCE When I teach FCE again… From September to December I taught an intensive Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) course, ready for the exam on December 10th. I had all 11 students for 15 hours a week, and 6 of them had an extra 10 hours. Throughout the course I adapted the way I was teaching, and I have lots of ideas for how I might change it if I taught it again. Flo-Joe Far and away the most useful thing I did with the students was introduce them to the flo-joe website, which is specifically designed for students preparing for Cambridge exams. phrasal verbs Here they wrote the verb, a definition and an example sentence which I elicited from the students.word formation The page was divided into four columns: noun/verb/adjective/adverb. We did this as a whole class activity and I wrote everything on the whiteboard for them to copy. Here is an excellent example of the notes taken by one of the students. Maria’s notebook (pdf document – click to open) As one of my students said: Quizlet Writing