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DC IELTS: Free online IELTS preparation with Dominic Cole

DC IELTS: Free online IELTS preparation with Dominic Cole BBC World Service | Learning English | Exam Skills English My Way English My Way is an online learning platform from Tinder Foundation, helping UK online centres who provide ESOL support to learners within their communities. There are two ways to use English My Way - either by dipping in and choosing the topics learners will most benefit from or by engaging in the structured 24 week blended learning course, designed to take learners with little or no English speaking skills to a stage where they can more easily integrate with their local communities. English My Way has been created by Tinder Foundation in partnership with BBC Learning English and the British Council, to create useful and engaging content, relevant to real-life situations in learners’ lives. Visit English My Way English My Way toolkit The English My Way programme is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government through the Community-based English language competition. “Taking an ESOL course to improve my English has made a big difference to me.

IELTS for The IELTS Network • The one and only forum dedicated entirely to the international IELTS community IELTSbuddy - Free exam preparation to improve your test score IELTS-Blog - IELTS exam preparation for free Voxy - Learn English Collocation:Meaning and List of Collocations A collocation is a combination of words that are commonly used together; the simplest way of describing collocations is to say that they ‘just sound right’ to native English speakers. Other combinations that may mean the same thing would seem ‘ unnatural’. Collocations include noun phrases like ‘ stiff wind’ and‘weapons of mass destruction’, phrasal verbs such as‘to get together’ and other stock phrases such as‘the rich and famous’ It is important to learn collocations, because they are important for the naturalisation of one’s speech. Here is a list of collocations to help you get started: Collocations starting with the verb ‘do’ Do me a favour Do the cooking Do the housework Do the shopping Do the washing up Do your best Do your hair Collocations with the verb ‘have’ Have a good time Have a bath Have a drink Have a haircut Have a holiday Have a problem Have a relationship Have lunch Have sympathy Collocations with the verb ‘break’ Break the law Collocations with the verb ‘take’ Take a break

THE FCE BLOG by Claudia Ceraso Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free American Accents - Test Your Listening Comprehension American Accents - Test Your Listening Comprehension Test your American English comprehension by listening to these videos of various American accents! I urge you - don't just listen, shadow! If you hear an accent had by your client, listen, stop the video and mimic it! It will help your listening comprehension when talking with your clients, as well! This first video showcases the following accents: Classic AmericanValley Girl (California, San Fernando Valley, actually; a sociolect)OklahomaTexasNorth CarolinaKentuckyNew YorkEbonics(This term is avoided by linguists. Here's another video of a North Carolina accent. Amy Walker on YouTube is really good at changing accents. For me, this collage of accents is not complete without the Boston accent. The Long Island accent. Last, but not least is my accent. Thank you for spending time on my site.

FCE When I teach FCE again… From September to December I taught an intensive Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) course, ready for the exam on December 10th. I had all 11 students for 15 hours a week, and 6 of them had an extra 10 hours. We didn’t use a coursebook, though I drew lots of activities from books like Complete First Certificate, FCE Result and First Certificate Expert. Throughout the course I adapted the way I was teaching, and I have lots of ideas for how I might change it if I taught it again. Flo-Joe Far and away the most useful thing I did with the students was introduce them to the flo-joe website, which is specifically designed for students preparing for Cambridge exams. phrasal verbs Here they wrote the verb, a definition and an example sentence which I elicited from the students.word formation The page was divided into four columns: noun/verb/adjective/adverb. We did this as a whole class activity and I wrote everything on the whiteboard for them to copy. Quizlet Writing

Phrasal Verbs Machine