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Community Managers : créez du contenu visuel attractif sans Photoshop ! - Squid-impact

Community Managers : créez du contenu visuel attractif sans Photoshop ! - Squid-impact

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A Quick and Dirty Guide to 10 Social Media Platforms for the Newbie So you say you want to use social media, but you don’t know where to start. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to the major platforms, including a few new-ish ones: everything you need to know about how they work, how you should use them, and why you might avoid them. Keep this bookmarked should you ever need to make your social media case to the C-Suite or convince a social media virgin to adopt. The thing to keep in mind about platforms is that one isn’t inherently better than others for everyone.

Five Crowdfunding Tips for Every Campaign Written by Michael Ibberson on . Posted in Campaign Advice, Promotion Trolling the web for crowdfunding tips could yield myriad results, many of which are overdone, inapplicable, or even down-right wrong. The following five crowdfunding tips are a compilation of the best — these are the fundamental crowdfunding tips to keep in mind. To avoid redundancy, we’ve kept things brief and to-the-point, so let’s get started: Narrate SEO Keyword Graph Visualization Use this free Java application to explore the connections between related websites. Try it now! Enter keywords or a URL, and click 'Graph it!' See Getting Started below for more details. How to Master Social Marketing Quickly and Effectively The Internet is making meaningful and paradigm-shifting inroads into the way we live our lives. Did you know that in the last three years, one in six marriages were the culmination of relationships started online? “Four out of every five corporations in America are now leveraging social media to help expand their client base and build relationships with customers,” writes Sujan Patel, author of 100 Days of Growth. As a small business owner, what do you need to know to make social media work for your business?

Blurred Lines: songwriters suffer as Tom, Dick and Harry demand their percentages As the dust settles on the Blurred Lines fiasco, it seems the person who’s come out of this the worst is Robin Thicke. Pharrell Williams can probably earn back his part of the settlement in a matter of months, but Thicke probably will never see that sort of income again. What’s more, we learned that Williams wrote pretty much the whole thing – yet Thicke got 20% of the songwriting split on the song. “This is what happens every day in our industry,” Williams said in his deposition for the case. “You know, people are made to look like they have much more authorship in the situation than they actually do.”

Global Gala - animated ecard by Jacquie Lawson We've detected that the Flash plug-in is either out-of-date, disabled or not installed in your browser. Our e-cards are all created using Flash, and Flash is required in order to view this card on desktop computers. (For mobile devices it's a different story: you can find details here.) How to Manage Instagram in 20 Minutes a Day Between managing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, and your email newsletter, time is tight at work. You don’t have very much space in that schedule for Instagram. And maybe your boss isn’t even convinced yet that the world’s most popular image network can deliver business results. Downloads AltaCast Standalone 1.0 AltaCast Winamp 1.0 AltaCast 1.0 for Foobar 0.9.x AltaCast 1.0 for Foobar 1.x If you want to stream in mp3 or aac, you have to get your own encoders as they cannot be distributed by me. You can get the latest lame mp3 here and

Periscope Data Periscope is built by a small team of hackers working out of a warehouse in San Francisco. We love our customers, greasy Indian food, great whiskey, and that moment when a blip in the data makes you say, "wait a minute…" Joe Young The Pipeline Pilot Emailing Into Evernote Just Got Better Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 16 Mar 2010 Comment One of the many ways to get stuff into your Evernote account is by sending notes to your personal Evernote email address. Today, we launched a big improvement to this functionality that lets you specify the destination Notebook and assign Tags to your emailed notes. Decades in Music; Part 4 – The 70s: A Tale of Many Genres…! by @musicvstheworld Imagine you are the year 1970. You have two seemingly impossible tasks on your hands: 1) Put the general unrest of the 1960s firmly in the past and 2) Give people a new lease of life; show them a way forward. Where can you possibly start? You need one thing that unites people; that can mould and move and spread far and wide. After a considerable amount of thought (about a nanosecond), you realise there is only one answer: music.

Network Diagram – Next Generation Diagramming Software Back to the top Dynamic Network Diagrams Dynamic network diagram technology was designed to overcome the challenges of previous diagramming software. 12 Blog Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Reach Whether you’re starting a blog from scratch or managing a long-standing blog with a solid base of readers, you and I are faced with the same fundamental problem. How do we as content marketers increase our reach and get more qualified audience members reading our blog content? Before blogs existed, news outlets had the same kinds of distribution challenges. Their solution in the real world was to find the stores and news stands where potential readers visited and made sure to sell copies of their newspaper or magazine there.

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