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Meet the Makers: Lightchimes

Stanford researchers have invented an electrically conductive gel that is quick and easy to make, can be patterned onto surfaces with an inkjet printer and demonstrates unprecedented electrical performance. The material, created by Stanford chemical engineering Associate Professor Zhenan Bao, materials science and engineering Associate Professor Yi Cui and members of their labs, is a kind of conducting hydrogel -- a jelly that feels and behaves like biological tissues, but conducts electricity like a metal or semiconductor. That combination of characteristics holds enormous promise for biological sensors and futuristic energy storage devices, but has proven difficult to manufacture until now. The research recently appeared in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Printing Jell-O Printable, electrically conductive gel with unprecedented electrical performance synthesized Printable, electrically conductive gel with unprecedented electrical performance synthesized
Scientists gain understanding of self-cleaning gecko foot hair Imagine the money you'd save if you bought a roll of duct tape and could use it over and over again without having to toss it in the garbage after one use. Wall-climbing robots, bioadhesives or other sticky substances can benefit greatly from a recent discovery about the self-cleaning and reuse abilities of a gecko's foot hair by a University of Akron graduate student-researcher and his partners. Their work was published in the June 13 edition of Interface, the Journal of the Royal Society. The sticky yet clean attribute of this discovery is the gecko toe pad and its ability to repeatedly attach and detach to a surface. Scientists gain understanding of self-cleaning gecko foot hair
Futurology: The tricky art of knowing what will happen next Futurology: The tricky art of knowing what will happen next 23 December 2010Last updated at 02:38 By Finlo Rohrer BBC News Magazine Cheap air travel was among the predictions (illustration from Geoffrey Hoyle's book) A 1972 book which predicts what life would be like in 2010 has been reprinted after attracting a cult following, but how hard is it to tell the future? Geoffrey Hoyle is often asked why he predicted everybody would be wearing jumpsuits by 2010.
World Future Society | Tomorrow is built today. Yul Anderson is founder and president of Yul Anderson Consulting, he is also working with African leaders, historians, and the U.S. Census Department to develop economic indicators for African American and African Future economic and social development. Miami, Florida, USA. Gilbert Raiford is a university professor, mental health consultant, and expert on social issues affecting African Americans. Miami, Florida, USA. Lesley Gist is a high school teacher, historian, and author.

World Future Society | Tomorrow is built today.

Explore Ancient Egypt With 360-degree and other imagery, walk around the Sphinx, enter the Great Pyramid, visit tombs and temples, and more. Want to walk around the Sphinx? Clamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and seek out the pharaoh's burial chamber?

NOVA | Explore Ancient Egypt

NOVA | Explore Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt - Gods, Pyramids, Mummies, Pharaohs, Queens, Hieroglyphics, History, Life in Ancient Egypt, Maps

Ancient Egypt - Gods, Pyramids, Mummies, Pharaohs, Queens, Hieroglyphics, History, Life in Ancient Egypt, Maps

While it would take volumes to write a comprehensive guide to ancient Egypt, we have attempted to provide an introduction to many of the fascinating aspects of daily life in ancient Egypt. In the following pages you will find information about topics most commonly associated with the history of ancient Egypt. Some of this information may be well known facts to you and other tidbits may be a new discovery on your path to broadening your knowledge. The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs - Life of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs was filled with power, glory, murder, deceit and mystery. Slip into the world of ancient Egypt where a woman dressed as a man to rule Egypt as pharaoh, then mysteriously disappeared; another pharaoh would stop at almost nothing to institute a monotheistic religion and a boy king was cut down in the prime of life.

Tombs of Ancient Egypt

The Met’s Islamic Wing Opens, and the Debut of the Moroccan Courtyard
Edward Suzuki Associates have designed the Shimogamo House in Kyoto, Japan. Shimogamo House by Edward Suzuki Architects “To be able to see green from every room”—such was all that the client requested. In order to meet this demand as well as to enable the residents to feel a sense of spaciousness in the rather small 360 square meter corner lot tightly flanked on two sides by neighboring houses, the long applied concept of “Interface” was again used here. A brief explanation of Interface is in order. Over the years, the practice of “borrowing the landscape” has been prevalent in Japan as a way of life. Shimogamo House by Edward Suzuki Associates Shimogamo House by Edward Suzuki Associates

Luxurious Cave Hotel in Turkey

Luxurious Cave Hotel in Turkey Posted by admin on May 16, 2011 Luxurious Cave Hotel in mountain cliff, the Yunak Evleri, Turkey - Tours and Travel Special Luxurious Cave Hotel in mountain cliff, the Yunak Evleri, Turkey – Tours and Travel Special Related posts: Natural Cave Street in Turkey
All Or Nothing I’ve never been in a more minimal phase in my life than I am right now. My storage bins are full of pattern-filled, colorful items that haven’t been worn in years (pre-Bee days, perhaps?), replaced by a few basic textured pieces in blush, black, white and gray. Design For Mankind

Design For Mankind

Information is very powerful but for the most bit it is bland and unimaginative. Infographics channel information in a visually pleasing, instantly understandable manner, making it not only powerful, but extremely beautiful. Once used predominantly to make maps more approachable, scientific charts less daunting and as key learning tools for children, inforgraphics have now permeated all aspects of the modern world. The Anatomy Of An Infographic

The Anatomy Of An Infographic

Who can resist a colourful, thoughtful venn diagram anyway? In terms of blogging success, infographics are far more likely to be shared than your average blog post. This means more eyeballs on your important information, more people rallying for your cause, more backlinks and more visits to your blog.

10 Awesome Tools To Make Infographics

10 Astounding Infographics Comparing Money Matters Around the World

47 Flares Google+ 2 Twitter 31 Facebook 4 Reddit 1 StumbleUpon 1 Pin It Share 0 LinkedIn 8 inShare8 47 Flares × It goes without the saying that comparing wealth and spending in different countries is almost impossible: people work, earn and even spend differently – moreover, their ways of life and views can be too different to compare. However, we still try to compare because people move around the world and they want to know what they can expect in different corners of the globe. Here are the 10 greatest examples of information graphics comparing money, spending and earning around the world: 1.
Last month we brought you an article on Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga’s pixel-inspired fashion designs, but it seems that the mighty pixel hasn’t limited its sights to the catwalk...they’'re invading your home too. That’s right, MS Paint has come to your living room. These 8-bit inspired furniture designs are the brain-child of Barcelona born London-based designer Cristian Zuzunaga. Magazine > Digital Interiors: Pixel Furniture | 8-bit is exploding into a living room near you
Visual Complexity
Color Theory

Hot or Cool? Color-Changing Chameleon Tiles

There is virtually no limit to what you can decorate with color-changing tiles (from Inventables). Daytime cityscapes turn into urban night scenes as the temperature in a room shifts. Notable applications include showers, floors and others surfaces likely to be exposed to temperature variations over time. While some of these are simply colored and relatively inexpensive there are all kinds of untapped design potentials yet to be explored. Perhaps they would make a good interior design match for an exterior application of some light transmitting concrete.

IdeaPaint: Turn Your Entire Office Into a Whiteboard

Why didn't you think of this? John Goscha, at the ripe old age of 25 ditched a job offer at Goldman Sachs, and instead began marketing IdeaPaint, which is simply a paint that turns any paintable surface into a dry-erase board. The benefit--besides being able to brainstorm on almost every inch of your office--is that the paint is half the cost of whiteboard and better-performing--you can leave marks up indefinitely, and they won't stain the wall.
IdeaPaint Dry-Erase Board Paint
5 Ways Your Business Can Beat Its Competitive Bullies
New York Times Newsroom Guide to Useful Web Sites
New York City's Dragonfly A Locavore Wet Dream
Kitchen Cabinet by He Ruimin

Blueprint-Style Text in Adobe Illustrator - Layers Magazine | Layers Magazine
Rust Textures Pack – 21 Free Images
art deco fabrics
Free DIY yarn from fabric scraps - Shirret crochet.
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