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8 Unbelievable Homes You Have to See to Believe A home office that's less than eight feet wide but four stories high, an apartment with 24 rooms in just 344 square feet, a secret room hidden under the stairs, a real-life wardrobe with a secret passage way, elaborate homes built in storm drains underneath Las Vegas ... you definitely have to see these eccentric homes to believe them. Check out the 8 Unbelievable Homes we found, and tell us which one you find most amazing. Shown above: 1. Architects Silvia Metens and Pieter Peerlings built a four-story home/office building with a transparent front wall. 2. Steven Sauer, engineer for Boeing, managed to fit two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and dining room, as well as closets and space for his bicycle, in a 182-square-foot apartment. 3. Seattle home owner Michelle de la Vega turned her the 250-square-foot garage into an incredibly stylish abode. 4. Check out this under-the-staircase hidden room. 5. 6. 7. 8. Which unbelievable home do you want to live in?

~ Shabby Raggy Roses ~: TUTORIAL ~ Make your own Ballet Slippers & A Giveaway! Ballet Slippers Here's an easy way to make some really cute slippers! Hopefully my instructions will be easy to understand! There are other ways to make these, but this is probably the easiest way. Make any changes where you prefer. I'm a size 7.5 ( My foot measures 24.5cms) so the pattern is to fit me - please adjust to fit. First of all, download 'Slipper base' template & 'Slipper top' template. I'm using a cute print form Moda's Wonderland Bloom! You will need to cut: Base ~ 4 from wadding, 2 from interfacing, 2 inside peices and 2 bottom peices - You may want to find some non slip fabric for this, or something a little more durable. *Make sure you flip your template so you have a left & right foot peice! Slipper top ~ 2 from you feature fabric, 2 from wadding, 2 from the medium interfacing & 2 from your inside fabric to match the base. Once you have all your peices cut, assemble them as shown below - Once you have pinned them, stitch around each base holding all 5 layers together Jenelle

Hundreds of Paper Cones Create Colorful Cave Installation Paper and caves aren’t typically synonymous. But there’s something seriously intriguing about this paper cave installation in Milan’s “Verger” restaurant-slash-kitchen. Dreamt up by Wendy Plomp and Edhv– this is so seemingly simple and colorful while whisking you away to another world. There are varying shapes, sizes and colors all attached to the ceiling, walls and flooring of Verger to mimic the look of old limestone caves and the icicles that vary throughout the natural built wonders. At a glance, some of these images could be mistaken for anything from a Missoni print to a batch of freshly sharpened colored pencils.

Wood Plank Wall DIY We recently completed a project in our bedroom (a diy wood plank wall) that has me dragging every stranger and friend into our house to show it off! The inspiration came from the walls that are inside the OC Mart Mix. We know our limits…so we knew we’d need some help on this project. We enlisted our contractor to help us with the final installation, but the leg work started with us. First off, we headed to Lowes to purchase pine. Here’s where the contractor comes in…he and Brent cut the boards into various sizes and then he nailed them to the wall with a nail gun. We also decided to have him wire some sconces on each side. //photography by Kristin Eldridge in Long Beach 48 Comments | Interior and Architecture Reviews. Get inspired to make your place better Interior Design Ideas, Home Design Ideas, Interior Decorating & Architecture Inspiration monederos « Viste Adecuadamente Cierra los ojos y no leas este post si no quieres caer en la tentación de llenar tu habitación de bolsos, monederos, neceseres, mini bolsitos… y es que como viene siendo habitual en los diseños de Kate Garey, su nueva colección es preciosa, repleta de colores, súper alegre y divertida. No hay ningún modelo que pueda decir no lo quiero, me encantan desde el primero hasta el último. Hasta finales de este mes no estarán a la venta estos nuevos diseños pero os los enseñamos ya para que vayáis decidiendo cual queréis que se vaya para vuestra casa y empecéis hacer cuentas. Por cierto, también ha sacado un nuevo artículo: llaveros, con sus típicas ilustraciones, ideales para combinar con tu bolso favorito de Kate Garey por solo 5 libras (no llega a cinco euros y medio). ¡Sawabona! Para hacerte con estos diseños tan coloristas, infantiles y divertidos en puntos de venta físicos pásate por: Fushioko (Madrid), Prisma (Cuenca), en breve también en Boton Boton (Oviedo). ¡Yo me lo pido todo todito!

Lavanya Naidoo Lavanya Naidoo is a young graphic designer in Durban, South Africa. I came across her fine quilling on Flickr some time ago, and then her name and latest work caught my eye again recently when she posted new photos on Behance. click photos for a closer look Lavanya's quilled design is an entry she created for the 10and5 & vida-e-caffè Design-a-Sleeve Competition. Her precise depiction of the company's logo is a definite winner in my book. Last year Lavanya had the honor of being named one of just eleven winners in the Design Indaba Superstars Competition. From the official website: Inspired by the excitement in South Africa around 2010 [World Cup!] I'm sure it was a thrilling moment for Lavanya to hear she was named a winner... no doubt her excitement matched the word that's outlined in the mind of her quilled superstar team member. What do the letters stand for on your Design Indaba piece? Aweh is a South African expression. How did you first discover quilling?

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