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Pet ID Tag

Pet ID Tag

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How to Make Clothing Buttons from Shrink Plastic… This tutorial is an old one of mine that’s too good not to share again. Since posting the first time, I’ve had lots of questions about these buttons which will hopefully be answered in this revised post. Equipment How to Potty Train Your Puppy Using a Bell: 5 steps Edit Article Edited by Flickety, Travis Derouin, Ch00ey, Maluniu and 17 others Teaching your puppy to use a bell to tell you when he needs to eliminate saves lots of time, energy and stress compared to other forms of housebreaking. It also provides experience training your dog in the early stages of development. Ad Steps

A Key Chain and a Dog Tag I finally found my inkjet compatible shrinky dinks paper! I made the key chain I had wanted to make back in December, and I also made a cute dog tag for Murray. I’ve edited the photos of Murray’s tag to remove or blur our address and phone number, but the info is on there. Sew DoggyStyle: DIY Pet Coat Pattern - Sewing it Together! This is part 2 of our coat tutorial. To get your pattern pieces, visit our first tutorial on making the pattern here. Since we are recycling junkies, we decided to make this coat from an old wool shirt. And since the old wool shirt had pockets and a collar, we decided to incorporate those items (because how could we not?).

Tiny Polaroid Magnets Hi there! It’s felt like forever since I’ve last blogged, and has felt like an eternity since I’ve done anything crafty and nifty. Since my morning sickness has gone into full speed (yes, we’re expecting our third this fall!) I haven’t felt like myself. But nothing like inspiration to wake one out of a reverie — or nightmare, in my constantly sick state. I came across these DIY Pantone chip magnets on How About Orange and wanted to do something similar. How to Make a Cat Bed from an Old Sweater: 6 steps Edit Article Edited by Denelle Bratcher, Nicole Willson, Sondra C, Ben Rubenstein and 31 others In less than 30 minutes, and for less than $5, an old wool sweater from the thrift store or the back of your closet can become a cozy cat bed (or dog bed, if the dog is small enough or the sweater's especially big). You'll just need a needle and thread!

Shrinky Dinks 1 Sheet Black Shrinky Dinks shrinkable plastic (Item D200-6A) 1 Sheet White Shrinky Dinks shrinkable plastic (Item D800-6A) Giga Punch with Scalloped Edge - Round (Item Gigapunch) Jumbo Punch with Scalloped Edge - Round (Item Jumbopunch) Jumbo Punch with Scalloped Edge - Oval (Item Jumbopunch) Staz-On Solvent Ink Pad - Black (Item D880) Staz-On Solvent Ink Pad - Opaque Cotton White (Item D879) Scroll Pattern Large Rubber Stamp - (We used Swirls and Curls by Stampabilities) 1/8" Hole Punch (Item D840) 2 - 6mm Jump Rings 2 Earring Posts with adhesive pads and Earring Backs (Item 830P) 2 -6mm Round Acrylic Rhinestones - Clear Beacon Quick Grip All Purpose Permanent Adhesive Step 1: RUBBER STAMP - Stamp any design or pattern on Shrinky Dinks plastic sheets. Refer to Photo. (Allow to dry approx. 30 minutes)

TRAINING CESAR'S WAY - Canine Advice, Tips and Tutorials Company InformationPrivacy Policy Terms of Use Affiliate Program Advertising Information ADVENTURES IN FASHION: {DIY} Pierre Hardy Inspired Eye Heels When I first saw these Pierre Hardy heels a few weeks back, I nearly lost my mind... I mean seriously, just look at them! But with a price tag upwards of $1000, I decided to try my hand at DIY instead (pffft, can you blame me?). All it took were a few clips and — my personal favourite — some Shrinky Dinks, and I was in business! Not quite as nice as the original, but hey, gotta love a bargain, right? Start by drawing an eye onto a scrap piece of paper as a guide, making sure it's about three times the size you want it to ultimately be.

Sock Monkey Gosh… I am supposed to sew some thing for the Earth Month this April, but I can’t wait to sew these sock monkeys. My hands simply took over my head and see what I did after a few days and nights of sewing…. a house full of sock monkeys!!!! Do you love them? Shrink Plastic Geometric Pendants Tutorial! - Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! I recently became obsessed with the idea of layered, geometric necklaces. I wanted to make some for myself, but I don’t have the supplies and equipment to make metal or wooden jewelry. And then it hit me – Shrinky Dinks!

Creativity Unmasked: DIY No-Sew Denim Dog Toy If you have a tired pair of denim jeans and not-so-tired dog, then this simple no-sew DIY dog toy is the perfect fit...even if the jeans aren't! All you need are some recycle-ready jeans, a pair of scissors, and a few minutes to make this quick toy. Our spoiled (but very loved!) Shrinky Dink Jewelry Tutorial Link and Bubble Watch Steampunk Necklaces A Cool Tutorial I Found Make Photo Necklaces, Earrings, Magnets and More Using Shrinkable Plastic Looks like a fun tutorial. Let me know if you end up trying it.