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Pet ID Tag - Martha Stewart Pets

Pet ID Tag - Martha Stewart Pets

{ Pretty Calendar Project } With the economy in a funk it's really nice to be able to give handmade gifts this Christmas. Calendars are a cliche Christmas gift, since New Year's is right around the corner and all, but why not do it a little differently? Today I made a calendar out of blocks! It looks super cute on a shelf, and would help pretty up any office. It also cost just a couple dollars to make, what an awesome Christmas gift it would be! Here's how I did it! Supplies:7 wooden blocks, each side is 1.5 inchesdecorative papersMod Podge (I use matte finish, as I've found the gloss finishes can have a slightly sticky finish)sponge brushExacto kniferubber number stampsrubber letter stampsdark brown ink pad (I highly recommend Staz On, because sometimes Mod Podge can make ink smudge and run)other decorative stamps (optional)sandpaper (optional) First, you want to sort out the blocks to be labeled for months, days, and numbers. Once you have your blocks labeled with pencil, pick one to start with.

Strapping Young Lab As promised I have finished up one doggie-inspired project and I am offering it here for you to try. It is really simple, pretty quick and I've got a few photos to walk you through it. Then after you're finished you can walk your dog with it. Materials:*one six foot length of cotton canvas strapping-whatever width you desire, but at least one inch*3 cut strips of fabrics, equal in length and width to your strapping*one of those metal thingermaginggins that latches to the collar, readily available at your hardware store*heavy duty sewing machine needles Step one: Stitch one strip of the fabric to the strapping-very close to the edges on each side. You'll want to cover this stitching with the edging later. Step two: On the remaining 2 strips of fabric, fold the edges in and press so that the edges meet in the middle. Step three: Fold in lengthwise once more down the center and press so that raw edges are tucked away. I hope all is clear and good luck giving your pup a new leash on life!!

The Kurtz Corner: Makeup Magnet Board If you're like most women in America you have a lot a TON of makeup! We all store it in different places. Makeup bags, drawers, cabinets.... We've all experienced spills and our makeup/bushes getting dirty with loose makeup If you're like me I hate getting makeup all over my hands and digging around in my makeup bags. I wish I could take credit for this because it is just so dang neat!! but this is seriously one of the coolest, most useful craft I've ever made! The Makeup Magnet Board What you'll need: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Start by removing the backing and the glass from your picture frame. After you have measured and cut your metal sheets wrap it with the fabric of your choice. Secure it with plenty of hot glue around all of the edges Make sure your fabric is secure and now place it inside of your frame and replace the backing Your frame is now done! Use your additional fabric to wrap your cup. The finished product!!

Make fabric prints with tape I'm still on that tape kick. I have a deep love for anything self-adhesive; peeling and sticking are two of my all-time favorite activities. So I tried an experiment with painter's tape to make a pattern on fabric. You'll need: fabric, a measuring tape or yardstick, scissors, masking or painter's tape, fabric paint (I like Jacquard Textile Color), a foam brush, a protective surface of some kind, and any sewing supplies you'll need to turn the painted fabric into something. I decided to make simple envelope pillow cover. To prepare your fabric, cut out a piece a few inches larger than the total amount you'll need for your project. With painter's tape, make a pattern on your fabric. Place the taped-up fabric on a plastic tablecloth or other protective surface. Let the fabric dry, then pull off the tape pieces. Then sew the fabric into something nice.

Garden Markers I love growing herbs! Every year I pick a few of my favorites, set aside a few hours and plant an herb garden in a sunny corner of the backyard. I mix in lots of heirloom tomatoes, some squash, and my favorite thing of all…lemon cucumbers. Last year I ordered the windowsill herb garden from White Flower Farm and now I’m ready to plant it again with fresh herbs. I even have a marker that says “Bunny Patch!” If you’d like to make some too, we’re going to show you how! Assorted old silverware (try thrift shops or EBay)Anvil or steel block (you can find it here)Letter stamping set 1/8″ (you can find it here)Hammer or sledge hammerBlack Sharpie Permanent Marker, any size Old silverware… Steel block and letters… Sledge hammer… And now onto making the markers… Place the silverware (we’re using spoons) onto anvil or steel block. Strike with hammer until flat. Choose your letters and center word on flattened spoon. Color in the letters with a sharpie marker. That’s it! Hugs, Anne

9 Pillowcases and 1 easy Tutorial The deadline for Craft Hope Project 9: Pillowcases is just a couple weeks away. So I figured it was time to get sewing. Especially since some of the moms in Lucy’s preschool were grouping together to send a big package of Pillowcases to ConKerr Cancer. Even easier! I cleaned out my fabric stash and bought a few new colorful prints (stuff I might not normally use but they seemed very kid friendly. So, with these colorful fabrics….I made pillowcases! When I was done, I bagged them up and handed them off to another preschool mom who will contact our local ConKerr Cancer rep for shipping info. Would you like to make some too? I referenced the ConKerr Cancer pattern but like many of you, I’m very visual. So I created a very simple tutorial for making Pillowcases.You’ll find all the info HERE (and in the TUTORIALS tab at the top): So get together with your craft group, church friends, as a family, or by yourself and try it out! Thank you Craft Hope.

i've got pins and needles . . . . Pages This Blog Wednesday, 28 April 2010 i've got pins and needles . . . . i've been thinking about making this for AGES today i had literally minutes to make somethingso i gathered up my ingredientsand jumped in with both feet! ingredients:an orphaned russian dolla scrap of fabricsome plain pinssome fancy pinsa styrofoam egg open up your doll cover the egg with the scrap of fabricyou want to pull the fabric tight - i used stretch velourpin fabric to bottom of the eggcut of excess fabric pop the covered egg into the doll bodyi didn't use glue as it was a perfect fit load with a few pretty pinsand you're done! this was so simple buti love her! Posted by x vInTaGe VioLeT x at 22:43 Labels: 5 minute craft, matryoshka, matryoshka dolls, pin cushion dolls, pin-cushion, pincushion, pincusions, russian doll, russian dolls, tutorial, vintage russian doll 27 comments: Izabela said... that is the coolest way to use the matryoshka doll i ever seen :)thanks xxx 28 April 2010 23:20 sewfunky said... pennydog said...

Allyson Hill: Eco Travel Lid New Tutorial! (in the left-hand column) Forget plastic wrap and foil. In the tutorial I have explained how to make a bowl cover, but this could be easily adapted for other containers as well (9x13, platter, etc). Birthday Boy Pop Box Set Today is the hubby’s birthday. He turned 29. He would probably die if he knew I was posting about him, but I don’t care – I just want to gush about how stinkin’ awesome he is. I wanted to think of something fun to make him from me and the kids and decided to make him a Birthday Pop Box Set. I made it so that it can be for DAD, BOYFRIEND/SPOUSE or SON – all the boys in your life!! Here is what you’ll need if you would like to make one too: -IBC Cream Soda Pop Bottle Set -Paint/Spray Paint -Washi Tape/Scrapbook Paper -Scissors -Jute/Twine -Hot Glue Gun -Treats/Snacks -Pop Bottle Tags 1. {the kiddos LOOOOVED helping me fill the bottles with daddy’s favorite treats – trail mix, jelly beans, whoppers, sour patch kids, sunflower seeds, and honey roasted peanuts!} 2. 3. 4. 5. {To save & print click HERE.} 6. I hot glued the small pics to the caps and then also hot glued a dot on the back of the bottle circles. 7. 8. Happy Birthday, Daddy! Happy Birthday, Hot Stuff! and Happy Birthday, Son! CUTE.

Little Lucy Lu: Ladder Laundry Rack I am SO excited about my latest "project" ... it's kinda a long one. ....But it'll be worth it. :-) Are you ready??? OK, so to preface this I need to remind you that I am a TALL gal. 5 feet 11 inces, to be exact. And my legs take up a great deal of those 71 inches. But it is also relatively hard to find ... and more importantly - KEEP! I can't tell you how many times I have "ruined" my just-barely-long-enough jeans by putting them in the dryer And therein lies my problem. Let me put this in pictures ... This is what my laundry room looks like most days: Jeans, pants, and various other dryer unfriendly articles of clothing hung on the coat hooks and any other hooks I can find (like the one inside my ironing board cabinet door). I NEED a drying rack. Enter: this old wooden ladder. Which I painted turquoise blue (the same turquoise blue I used on the trunk on the front porch!)... And then I sanded and scuffed and stained it up a little bit ... and screwed some hooks in four spots. And THEN ... P.S.

Vintage Suitcase Storage Every time I visit a flea market or antique mall, I'm always drawn to the vintage suitcases. They're not exactly practical for travel these days, but they are perfect for decor and storage. Don't you love how this one is being used? {Images via Elements of Style} vintage suitcase chair My latest sytyc project for ‘upcycle’ week. A little less sewing than usual and a little more decor-y. I love vintage luggage! When I think of upcycling, I think of turning something into something completely different. I love that it still looks like a suitcase, it has an old world appeal. tutorial: You need: vintage suitcase 4 legs 4 screw on leg attachments 1 piece of thin plywood cut to fit inside your suitcase foam or pillows to fit in your suitcase fabric Suitcase sizes vary so you’ll have to figure out how much pillow or foam you want to make your cushions how you want them. step 1: spray paint legs step 2: cover the pillows/foam with your fabric and tuft them. I used a pattern of 3 tufts, 2 tufts, 3 tufts, in a brick pattern. Then pull the fabric around the back of the pillow and baste it on with a needle and thread. When you’ve sewn it on, squirt a little hot glue in the back of each of the tufts to keep the thread tight. Once your holders are all set, screw in your (dried) legs.

One Lucky Day: Inspired at Costco, who knew? Have you seen the latest issue of Where Women Create? I picked it up Monday night at Costco of all places (love that it's 30% off the cover price there). I knew I couldn't pass it up when I saw the FABULOUS studio of mixed media artist Gail Rieke. But it was when I opened the magazine and saw the entire wall that I was truly amazed and inspired. So, I emailed Deb and said, "have I got an idea for Wednesday's blog post...suitcases!" After that conversation, Deb went on a hunt to find ideas using suitcases in decor (this is really only half of what she found) to share with you today. Between Paula and I we have probably close to 45 vintage suitcases, so apparently we like the way they look and all the fun things we can do with them. Suitcase painted with chalkboard paint- via A Beach Cottage Paint the table and suitcase the same color - A table that uses luggage as a pedestal, genius. I have always love this idea found in a long ago issue of Country Home magazine. via Anthropologie