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Education Grants

Education Grants
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Dogs help schools lick bullies Sweet-natured dogs lolling about classrooms are helping take a bite out of bullying — and other bad behaviors — in Kansas City schools. No More Bullies teaches, with dogs' help, responsibility, compassion, self-control and integrity. Since its small launch five years ago, teachers and counselors have become so convinced of the positive impact on kids' behavior that it's booked into the 80-classroom max it can handle, and there's a long waiting list of requests for next year. The curriculum, developed by ex-teacher Jo Dean Hearn, humane education director at animal rescue group Wayside Waifs, is presented an hour a day for five days by trained volunteers — accompanied by irresistible canines. PHOTOS: A No More Bullies dog visits the classroom "The animals are the glue that helps the children stay focused and understand the message," says Hearn. A growing number of programs use animals to get kids' attention while teaching respect and conflict resolution.

Dogs Play Key Role in Life at Some Private Schools Poly Prep Country Day SchoolAwaiting orders: Fenway, the headmaster’s dog, at Poly Prep Country Day School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Dr. Evil had his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth; President Obama has Bo; even Jabba the Hut had an interstellar critter named Salacious Crumb. And at the seats of power in some of New York City’s private schools, there’s sometimes something fluffy curled around the chair legs. “Animals have an interesting ability to humanize the people that they are around,” said Robert Lauder, the head of Friends Seminary in the East Village. Bart Baldwin, the headmaster of the St. Not every dog is suited for school mascot status, though, said Liz Palika, a dog trainer and behaviorist and co-author of “Dogs at Work: A Practical Guide to Creating Dog-Friendly Workplaces.” Trolley, a 125-pound bull mastiff owned by David B. Save for service dogs, you won’t find a personal pet in any New York City public school. Maggie, Ms. At Poly Prep, Mr.

Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds Classroom pets teach the importance of responsibility - The Daily Sentinel: Features Mr. Fuzz Ball has an easy life. He lives in a cage inside Maria Kirkland’s second grade class room at Caldwell Elementary. During the night Mr. Fuzz Ball sleeps, waiting for day when his best friends, all 15 students in the class, return to greet him, bringing warm smiles and friendly hellos as they start another day. At lunch he eagerly awaits left over carrots or lettuce brought to him by the students. kAmsFC:? kAm“%96 DEF56? kAm|C] uFKK q2==[ 2 8F:? kAm$4@EE C646:G65 |C] uFKK q2== 2D 2 3:CE952J AC6D6? kAm“w6’D G6CJ 86? kAmw2G:? kAm(66<=J DEF56? kAm“x ? kAm%96J 7665 9:> E@@ \ H96E96C :E’D =67E @G6C G686E23=6D 7C@> =F? kAm“w6 5@6D?’ kAmr=2DDC@@> A6ED 92G6 364@>6 2 8C@H:? kAm“}@E @? kAmsFC:? kAm“x 2=H2JD E6== >J DEF56? kAm%9:D E649? kAmr=2DDC@@> A6ED 42? kAm pD<:? kAm|C] uFKK q2== 92D D9@H? kAm“w6’D 2=D@ D9@H?

Deschooling Society Contents Introduction xix 1 Why We Must Disestablish School 1 2 Phenomenology of School 25 3 Ritualization of Progress 34 4 Institutional Spectrum 52 5 Irrational Consistencies 65 6 Learning Webs 72 7 Rebirth of Epimethean Man 105 Introduction I owe my interest in public education to Everett Reimer. Since 1967 Reimer and I have met regularly at the Center for Intercultural Documentation (CIDOC) in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Universal education through schooling is not feasible. xx DESCHOOLING SOCIETY and caring. On Wednesday mornings, during the spring and summer of 1970, I submitted the various parts of this book to the participants in our CIDOC programs in Cuernavaca. Reimer and I have decided to publish separate views of our joint research. Cuernavaca, Mexico November, 1970

These sites are a great help to me as a Grade 3 pets Printer-Friendly Page Pets in the Classroom Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater [Andrea is one of the creators of] Pets are a wonderful source of happiness and inspiration. Educators have used animals in the classroom for decades. An animal in the classroom creates improved learning experiences for your students as all areas of the curriculum are enhanced. If you are thinking of adding a pet to your classroom, please don't feel discouraged. Still interested? Here are the most popular classroom pets: turtles frogs hamsters gerbils guinea pigs rabbits spiders rats parrots crabs guppies goldfish lizards snakes More Information: Pet Care Trust This program is designed to help teachers that would like small animals as teaching aids or mascots etc. in the classroom, or to assist teachers who presently have animals, in obtaining supplies needed to care for the pet. © Andrea Mulder-Slater, KinderArt® © KinderArt ® |

Achievement First Endeavor Middle School With a little paint and some bold typography, a school designed to change the life of its students has undergone a transformation of its own. For the Achievement First Endeavor Middle School, a charter school for grades 5 through 8 in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, Paula Scher has created a program of environmental graphics that help the school interiors become a vibrant space for learning. The project was completed in collaboration with Rogers Marvel Architects, who designed the school as a refurbishment and expansion of an existing building. Achievement First is a network of public charter schools in Brooklyn and Connecticut. The graphics can be seen through windows in the school facade. Character building is the foundation of Endeavor’s teaching philosophy, and the environmental graphics at the school have been inspired by a series of motivational slogans used by its teachers. Graphics in one of the school hallways. All of this was accomplished with little expense. The school gymnasium.