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Canadian Armed Forces. The Task Force The size and make-up of the forces deployed on Operation NANOOK vary from year to year, according to the planned activities and exercises, but they always include 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group and 440 “Vampire” Transport Squadron.

Canadian Armed Forces

Over the years, the forces deployed on Operation NANOOK have been combined and integrated with international military partners; Canadian federal government departments and agencies; and provincial, territorial and municipal governments. Together, they exercise whole-of-government responses to security and environmental issues. Global Significance The Arctic has vast reserves of fossil fuels and an abundance of minerals, including gold and diamonds, so the region is attracting more and more Canadian and international attention. Past deployments. China's Air Force Going Underground.

By Gary Vey for viewzone China's Air Force Goes Underground!

China's Air Force Going Underground

Other than a direct hit from an asteroid, China's Air Force can withstand almost anything anyone can hurl at it. While America has been fighting expeditionary wars and consolidating its military bases, China has been forrowing its fleet of fighters and bombers in reinforced hangars, deep underground. Saudi Arabia to Get Nuclear Weapons from Pakistan. Dan Eden for viewzone.

Saudi Arabia to Get Nuclear Weapons from Pakistan

[Above: The Saudi Arabian ballistic missile site where nuclear warheads will be delivered from Pakistan.] The state of Israel, which has a healthy stockpile of its own nuclear weapons, is constantly instigating accusations that Iran's nuclear energy program is actually an effort to build nuclear weapons which they will use to destroy Israel. The Israelis often mis-quote a speech given by ex-president Ahmadinejad in which he foresaw the demise of the current Zionist regime, claiming it proves Iran's intent to destroy Israel as a country. Even today, Israeli president Netanyahu clamors for everything from more sanctions to outright invasion and war with Iran because of their suspected nuclear intentions. Yet an even greater danger faces both Israel and Iran. In the spring of 2013, a senior Nato decision maker told a BBC reporter that he had seen intelligence that nuclear weapons made in Pakistan on behalf of Saudi Arabia are now sitting ready for delivery.

Joel Skousen - Vladimir Putin & The Middle East. ISIS Showcases Massive Arsenal of American-Made Weapons in New Video. By Nick Bernabe ISIS, the world’s most infamous terror group, has shocked the interwebz again after posting a new propaganda video that showcases its massive arsenal of tanks and heavy artillery.

ISIS Showcases Massive Arsenal of American-Made Weapons in New Video

The video shows tank after tank, artillery piece after artillery piece, and Toyota truck after Toyota truck rolling triumphantly by, all in an effort to recruit radical Islamic youth to the caliphate’s cause. If some of those arms look oddly familiar, it’s because many — if not most of them — are American-made weapons. This leaves us with many questions regarding where ISIS obtained all of these Western-supplied weapons of war. The most obvious answer lies in ISIS’ early military victories in Northern Iraq, namely Mosul, where caliphate forces easily trounced the Iraqi army and captured enormous amounts of military assets.

And we can’t forget about the “moderate” Syrian opposition that the U.S. and its allies have been training and arming since 2013. Russian ‘Skynet’ to lead military robots on the battlefield. In a step towards creating independent artificial intelligence comparable to Skynet from the 'Terminator' franchise, a Russian company has successfully tested software capable of undertaking decisions and carrying them out without any human intervention.

Russian ‘Skynet’ to lead military robots on the battlefield

The Smart Weapons Russia is Using in Syria. More information has come to light on the Russian military deployment in Syria, making it possible to make more accurate assessments.

The Smart Weapons Russia is Using in Syria

The size of the force of fixed wing aircraft based at Latakia is confirmed as follows: Canada's next-generation military smart gun unveiled. Looking every bit like a weapon from a science fiction movie, the latest integrated assault rifle prototype being developed for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is packed with some very smart weapons technology.

Canada's next-generation military smart gun unveiled

Along with the ability to fire new lightweight telescoped ammunition, and a secondary effects module that adds either a three-round 40 mm grenade launcher or a 12-gauge shotgun, there is also a NATO-standard power and data bus to allow the attachment of smart accessories, such as electro-optical sights and position sensors that connect to command and control networks. Bases 13 John Urwin, The Sixteen, SuperSoldier part 1 Ver 003. PLA: Chinese Military Doesn't Compare to U.S. Military. This is interesting.

PLA: Chinese Military Doesn't Compare to U.S. Military

The PLA’s top officer, Gen. Chen Bingde, announced during his recent visit to Washington that China’s is no where close to matching the United States’ in terms of military capability. Yes, we’re fretting over China’s rise as an economic power, but according to the general, his nation has a long way to go before it catches the U.S. militarily.

From Fox News: “Through my visit over the past couple of days in the United States, I am surprised by the sophistication of the U.S. military, including its weapons and equipment and doctrines and so on,” People’s Liberation Army leader General Chen Bingde said. He even went so far as to try to answer the question that’s long been on U.S. defense officials minds: What do Chinese officials mean when they says they want to ‘defend what is theirs’ with their new military might? Watch This MiG-29 Do A Vertical Takeoff. Secret Military Aircraft Russian Top Secret Aircraft C-130 YMC-130H Lockheed Hercules accident crash. Spice 250 bombs - the israeli Secret Weapon exposed.

TOP SECRET RUSSIAN BOMBER PROJECT to bomb USA. European Commission Chief Wants to Create New EU Army. Joshua KrauseActivist Post The European Union is unique among the nations of history.

European Commission Chief Wants to Create New EU Army

Most governing bodies are built around a culture and language that is shared amongst the people they rule, which is then followed by a shared system of laws, courts, defense forces, currency etc. The Sunburn Missile: The Weapon That Could Defeat The US In The Gulf. {*style:<b> “The Sunburn – Iran’s Awesome Nuclear Anti-Ship Missile The Weapon That Could Defeat The US In The Gulf” </b>*} By Mark Gaffney “A word to the reader: The following paper is so shocking that, after preparing the initial draft, I didn’t want to believe it myself, and resolved to disprove it with more research.

The Sunburn Missile: The Weapon That Could Defeat The US In The Gulf

However, I only succeeded in turning up more evidence in support of my thesis. And I repeated this cycle of discovery and denial several more times before finally deciding to go with the article. Veterans Today Speculates Putin Alliance with ET Group. (Thanks to Therisa for these articles reminding us that they ARE watching our back and setting some deadlines…-A.M.) Posted on by Deus Nexus. OBAMA GAVE CHINA PERMISSION TO iNVADE THE UNITED STATES FROM THE PACIFIC OCEAN WHEN THE DOLLAR DIES. China will launch NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III, if Israel, US attacks Iran- Maj. Gen. Zhang Zhaozhong. SECRET WEAPON OF CHINESE ARMY. China - Hell March - the largest army in the world - FULL (Official)

China shows ADVANCED technology in military drill US military keeping a watchful eye on china. China Is On A Debt Binge And A Buying Spree Unlike Anything The World Has Ever Seen Before. Michael Snyder Activist Post When it comes to reckless money creation, it turns out that China is the king. Over the past five years, Chinese bank assets have grown from about 9 trillion dollars to more than 24 trillion dollars. Think Again: Why China's Military Is Not Yet a Threat - By Drew Thompson. "China's Military Is a Growing Threat. " Not yet. After two decades of massive military spending to modernize its armed forces, amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars, China increasingly has the ability to challenge the United States in its region, if not yet outside it.

But the ability to project force tells us very little about China's willingness to use it. Certainly, China has made moves over the last few years that have stoked the China-is-a-dangerous-threat crowd in Washington. In 2007, for instance, Beijing launched a missile that obliterated a communications satellite -- a dramatic and unexpected display of capability -- and then kept mum for 12 days before a Foreign Ministry spokesperson finally admitted it took place, stating: "This test was not directed at any country and does not constitute a threat to any country. " China developing world's most accurate cruise missiles: report|Politics.

The launch of a Changjian-10 land-attack cruise missile. (Internet photo) The End Of Advantage: Enemies May Catch Up With US Technology — Or Surpass It. WASHINGTON: “We in the United States are a bit arrogant in thinking [that] we own the technology high ground,” the civilian told the assembled generals. “Technology doesn’t necessarily belong to us and where it goes is not necessarily in our hands.”

For six decades, the United States could count on being the planet’s preeminent economic and technological power. Now, the US Army is looking into the “deep future” past 2030, when China’s Gross Domestic Product is expected to have exceeded that of the US. At a recent Army seminar on “strategic trends” — which Breaking Defense was allowed to attend on the condition we not identify participants by name — scores of military officers and civilian experts wrestled with a world in which the United States may have lost not only its economic primacy but much of its technological superiority as well.

TOP SECRET SOVIET BOMBER PROJECT. The new Russian weapon.3Р-14UKSK Club-N. Putin Drills Ground Troops at Ukraine’s Doorstep as U.S. Warns Against Intervention. Poor Man's SVD Dragunov or Overgrown AK-47? - The Romanian PSL 54C Romak 3. Russian ICBMs - Bulava, Topol-M, Yars. Russian Motivations for Attacking the United States. Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show As reported on KTAR FM radio, Phoenix, AZ., on January 17, 2014, the cyber attacks upon Target Inc., have Russian mafia fingerprints on the identity theft of over one hundred million Americans.

Russian "Topol-M "The most powerful nuclear weapons in the world! The worlds largest NON-Nuclear Explosion EVER. Modern Russian Weapons. The iranian army 2013. Unusual Weapons Found in Iraq. Pakistan Makes Entrance Into Global Drone Arms Race. UK gathering secret intelligence via covert NSA operation. China Is Building an Army of Robotics : Video Blow Your Mind. China Adds Stealth Combat Drone to Growing Arsenal.