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Search Special collections of printed music. Possum Up a Gum Stump – North Atlantic Tune List. Key: G Form: Reel ABC: B,A, \ | “G”G,2G,A, B,A,G,B, | “C”CB,CD EFGE | “G”D2DE DCB,G, | “D”A,3B, A,2B,A, | | “G”G,2G,A, B,A,G,B, | “C”CB,CD EFGE | “D7″DEFG AcBA | “G”G2GF G2 : | |: (3DEF \ | “G”G2BG AGB2 | “C”G2cG BGc2 | “G”G2BG AGB2 | “D7″F4 [dD]3F | | “G”G2D2 B,2G,2 | “C”CB,CD EFGE | “D7″DEFG AcBA | “G”G2GF G2 : | MP3: (Played slowly for learning by David Kaynor) Audio Player Download this MP3 (If it plays, right-click on the page and “Save as”.

Possum Up a Gum Stump – North Atlantic Tune List

Sheet Music: Click image to enlarge. Link (Midi or Youtube): Possum Source (if known): Traditional? Other Tunes in Set: Region: USA. Search - American Vernacular Music Manuscripts. <div class="ErrorBox"> For full functionality, javascript and cookies must be enabled for this site.

Search - American Vernacular Music Manuscripts

</div> Handwritten music manuscripts by common Americans contain primary and direct evidence of their musical preferences during a particular time and in a particular place. To see, play from, or study one of these old manuscripts brings us as close to that person’s musical life as history allows. Laborious inscriptions of a tune, hymn, or song – made by musicians of the music they played, loved, or wanted to learn – are precious and unique windows into music-making, acknowledging that this music mattered to them and, thus, matters to us! "American Vernacular Music Manuscripts, ca. 1730-1910: Digital Collections from the American Antiquarian Society and the Center for Popular Music" has been made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the Human Endeavor.

Some of these resources may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Alan Lomax Kentucky Recordings. New-York Historical Society, American Manuscripts. Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes. Larry Warren's Slippery-Hill. Frkm144000. Capering & Kickery. Clyde Davenport - Kentucky Digital Library.

Author Marynell Young Title Vintage Fiddlers Oral History Project Date Repository Morehead State University Special Collections and Archives Morehead, Kentucky 40351 USA Conditions Governing Access note Collection is open for research.

Clyde Davenport - Kentucky Digital Library

Preferred Citation Note [Identification of item], Vintage Fiddlers Oral History Project, Special Collections and Archives, Morehead State University, Morehead. Extent 0.25 linear ft. Biography/History. Old Town School of Folk Music. Paul Gifford's Fiddling Dulcimer Collection. Washington Old Time Fiddlers: Tune of the Month. Tune of the Month From Stuart Williams, WOTFA Music Editor On this page, we'll link you to an old time fiddle tune that you may want to add to your repertoire.

Washington Old Time Fiddlers: Tune of the Month

When you click on the link below, you'll get information about each tune's history and you can download a tune transcription and an mp3 recording of the tune. Members of WOTFA get a new tune with each issue of the Evergreen Fiddler newsletter. Tater Joes Old-Time Musical Mercantile. Tater Joes Old-Time Musical Mercantile. 2010.83.5 Manuscript. Virtual Exhibit Page 4. Thomas Nixon's Tune Book Thomas Nixon Jr. (1762-1842) was thirteen years old when he accompanied his father to the fighting at Concord and Lexington.

Virtual Exhibit Page 4

He served as fifer in his uncle's brigade during battles in and around New York and left the army in 1780, returning to Framingham where he built a house that still stands on Edmands Road. At some point during his military career, probably in 1778, he acquired a tune book that had been compiled by a fellow fifer, Joseph Long. Sixty-two pages of tunes and a musical tutor made up the book when it came into Nixon's hands; he added another 42 pages of music.

Fife and drum music was used to communicate commands to soldiers through "duty calls" like regular and quick marches, reveille, and retreat. Anne Livermore Rookey studied the tune book thoroughly for her Masters thesis at Brandeis University in 1997. DANCE TUNES AND MUSIC. Ryan's Mammoth Collection by John Roberts. Michigan Fiddle Style: A Written Excercise Towards an Understanding of Stylistics and Regionalism in Michigan Fiddling. In September of 2011, hopefully Michigan will announce it's 26th Michigan Old-Time Fiddle Champion, who will presumably play in a style not so far removed from Jep Bisbee's and the style of southern Michigan fiddlers.

Michigan Fiddle Style: A Written Excercise Towards an Understanding of Stylistics and Regionalism in Michigan Fiddling

But Michigan has a diverse history of fiddling, and many unrecognized and unremembered masters who likely would not meet the judge's expectations. But even knowing that, the contest at the Huron Township Applefest does Michiganders a great service in encouraging people to play and allowing them to hear the music of fiddles in a unique tradition, perhaps even a tradition dominant in southern Michigan and New Boston. Was it ever native or homogenous? That is unlikely. But to sit in the cold bleachers in September and listen to the fiddlers on the stage, it is apparent, still, that there are as many styles and personalities as there are fiddlers, even when some hard-to-define tradition ties them together, like a Bisbee and a Pattee. Appendix A: Michigan Fiddler Map. Notes. Old Town School of Folk Music. Dr. Fiddle's Old Time Tune Transcriptions - Browse All Collections.

Fife & Drum Online. Washington Old Time Fiddlers: Tune of the Month. Nashville Old Time String Band Association. Dr. Fiddle's Old Time Tune Transcriptions - Browse All Collections. Index of /fiddledo. Carp_Camp_20th_Anniversary.pdf (application/pdf Object) Field Recorders' Collective. Traditional Music Project Home. Our mission is to raise the awareness of Traditional Music and it's natural, social and community building effects through participation in the learning and playing of music.

Traditional Music Project Home

We are a dedicated group of teaching musicians in the greater Boston area housed at the Real School of Music in Burlington, MA. Our modern state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located just off of exit 32B on the 95/128. We offer a wide variety of instruction for acoustic instruments used in the playing of traditional American roots-based music. Among our offerings: •Private one-to-one lessons with professional teaching musicians: Bluegrass Banjo Clawhammer Banjo Tenor Banjo Fiddle Bouzouki Acoustic Guitar Ukulele Mandolin Dulcimer •Introductory group classes designed to get you started.

•Instrument specific workshops that delve deeply into one or more aspects of your chosen instrument and style. •Regular jams that give you an opportunity to play with others that share the same musical interests. Default. DANCE TUNES AND MUSIC. Mr Edward Berbaum on Score Exchange. Email me Address:Mr Edward BerbaumJehile Kirkhuff Old-Time Fiddle Music Fund1144 Agate AveSpring HillFlorida34609United States See for tunes by the Master and 1954 World champion Old-Time Fiddler News: added about 30 scores in November thru April 2011 including Golden Ringlet Waltz, a real beauty, the Lightning Hornpipe (One of the Best) MANY MORE !

Mr Edward Berbaum on Score Exchange

Now have 157 Scores News flash starting 1-4-10 My web site now has the audio from the actual Fiddler as well as the Sibelius version audio along with many of the scores. email me with any questions Also I have just added six + tunes in the style of Master Texas Old-Time Fiddler Smokey Butler - Huckleberry Hornpipe and Bill Cheathem.

Also here are about 120 Fiddle Tunes as played by JEHILE KIRKHUFF Please go to to listen to and/or buy a nice collectors version of a CD called Jehile Stands Alone or visit iTunes and search for Jehile. Song Origins & Info. Keyword Search Frameset. Music for the Nation.