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Non-Permanent Soundproofing

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Door Thresholds and Saddles. These acoustical door thresholds, commonly called saddles, feature a neoprene bulb fitted with a protruding rubber finger to help correct any misalignment in the door as it is closed.

Door Thresholds and Saddles

These sound rated thresholds should be combined with our automatic door bottoms for best results. The thresholds come in both an aluminum and bronze finish. These thresholds are listed for use with wood or metal doors and are available in two different styles depending on the height of the threshold that is required. Please call our technical sales department with any questions on thresholds or other door seal parts at 1-800-782-5742. All door hardware can be factory cut to size at no additional charge. For more information on this product, contact our sales department.


Soundproofing Company flanking noise and indirect sound leaks. Let’s suppose you share a common wall with a neighbor that keeps you up at night, or perhaps you have an upstairs neighbor that has big heavy feet. Let’s further imagine that you put 12″ of lead on that wall or ceiling. That should solve the problem, eh? It might surprise you to know that you’ll likely continue to hear that noisy neighbor. How can this be? Quite simply, the sound just went around the 12″ of imaginary lead. Sound will move from one room to another through direct and indirect paths. It is important to understand that while sound can travel through air pockets like ductwork, stud and ceiling joist cavities, it can also be conducted along studs, joists, pipes, concrete and glass.

If I treat only one surface aren’t I wasting my efforts? A common myth is that if you don’t treat every surface, all of your soundproofing efforts will have been in vain. Soundproofing Materials. Noise control products and solutions. Soundproofing Resources - Noise Abatement. The websites below offer very good information and can help you with noise reduction and noise abatement.

Soundproofing Resources - Noise Abatement

All of them seem to be run by ethical, professional people. We have checked them out and find them to be excellent sources for what they do and sell. Soundproof Windows Without having to replace your existing windows, this is an excellent site for noise abatement. These people understand the issues relative to soundproofing windows. Guide to the soundproofing of existing homes against exterior noise: Wyle Laboratories. An apartment. Lets Take A walking tour of a soundproofing job of an apartment.

an apartment

Go with us now and suspend your everyday view as you enter our virtual world.. It’s an old, but sturdy apartment building near downtown. You take the elevator. You walk down the hall; loud music plays ahead of you coming from an apartment a bit further on down the hallway. Garlic odor is in the air. Looking about a bit timidly, you raise your hand and knock on the door marked “APT 22B”. He smiles openly. “That’s why I’m here!” “Come over here and have a look. He laughs. “Yes, Yes”, you say impatiently, “What about soundproofing?” “Well, without knowing much about it, first I took Celotex drop-in ceiling tiles and covered this existing wall with them, but that didn’t help much. Punching a button on his stereo, he says: “This is what it used to sound like”: LOUD.

Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier, Super Soundproofing Co. Use our “SUPER” Soundproofing Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)- The widest selection anywhere!

Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier, Super Soundproofing Co

NEW! Flexible Fireproof Noise Barrier (FFNB) material for airborne Sound Control. Now in WHITE! MLV- The ultimate noise barrier for Flooring or Walls- almost as good as lead! (Yes we have AcoustiLead!) Sound transfer through floors and ceilings is a continuing noise control problem, especially in older buildings. Acoustic Treatment - B. T'Fusor Sound Diffusor - Acoustic sound diffusion products from Auralex Acoustics. Auralex SheetBlok Sound Barrier: Shop Accessories & Other Musical Instruments. The Auralex SheetBlok Sound Barrier is a dense, limp-mass vinyl material that's about 6dB more effective than a sheet of solid lead at stopping sound transmission.

Auralex SheetBlok Sound Barrier: Shop Accessories & Other Musical Instruments

SheetBlok acts as a thin, dense sound barrier layer in walls, ceilings, or floors. It's most effective when used as one component of a multi-layered construction scheme. Auralex SheetBlok helps in soundproofing floors and walls and, while it's not normally considered a finishing product per se, it can in some cases be your last layer if you make sure to carefully install it and use trim strips over its seams. Auralex SheetBlok can also be used to wrap HVAC ducting, as a vent noise blocker, as a pipe noise insulator, or under carpet/carpet pad. It holds up against harsh environments and cuts easily with a utility knife or scissors. Features Isolate your studio from all the noisy vagaries of the cruel world outside. Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive: Shop Accessories & Other Musical Instruments. Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive is the fastest, easiest way to mount Auralex foam products.

Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive: Shop Accessories & Other Musical Instruments

Unlike Tubetak adhesive, by applying it lightly, foam may be removed later. Or apply it heavily for a more permanent bond. Foamtak contains more solids per can than the competition making it a better buy. A unique spray pattern ensures long-term bonding versus other sprays which virtually ALWAYS dry out and fail. Guaranteed not to oxidize Auralex foams. Features Fastest, easiest way to mount AuralexLight application allows later removal of foamHeavy application creates a more permanent bondMore solids per can makes it a better buyUnique spray pattern ensures long-term bondingGuaranteed not to oxidize Auralex foams.