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Parametric design & generative architecture. Information Society.


Morphogenesism. HEX curtain. FABRIKAAT exhibition at Ventura Lambrate. Dezeen promotion: an exhibition of products for the garden designed by students from Rotterdam's Piet Zwart Institute will take place at the Ventura Lambrate design district in Milan later this month.

FABRIKAAT exhibition at Ventura Lambrate

Top: Brick Biotope by Micaela Nardella and Oana TudoseAbove: Blindfolded by Anette Backe and Dominika Dyminska Students from the Master of Interior Architecture & Retail Design programme were asked to explore traditional craft processes in their designs. Working in teams, they learned specific techniques such as cutting, knitting, weaving and moulding, before applying these to products that reconsider the role of the garden. March 2008. PINKCLOUD.DK. Dịch. Theverymany. Ezio Blasetti.


Autogenic Structures. Structure in Nature is a Strategy for Design (9780262660457): Peter Pearce. BIODeLab BIODesign Research Laboratory. ModeLab. PARAsite. +[2D into 3D - Microstation VBA- Microstation Generative Componets [GC] – Parametric Modeling] « MariaLardi. Rotations (Descriptive geometry vs.3d translations) Geometric machines (Surface modelling)

+[2D into 3D - Microstation VBA- Microstation Generative Componets [GC] – Parametric Modeling] « MariaLardi

3D Scanning and Re-Presentation Final Projects « Patrick Hebron – ITP Blogs. In the past few weeks, I have taken a whirlwind tour through the worlds of 3D scanning & position/orientation sensing.

3D Scanning and Re-Presentation Final Projects « Patrick Hebron – ITP Blogs

The product of this study is still a work in progress. McNeel. Archive for McNeel Lecture / Workshop | TexFab / San Antonio.


Amazing Architecture. Parametric research. AA Rome VS | Form as (Dynamic) Unknown_research May 2013 The 10-day workshop has been focused on the design of computational kinetic structural systems, which interact with the behavior inherent in the city, environment and population.

parametric research

The aim of the workshop has been to investigate parametric kinetic strategies that transform according to the ever-changing data system. __Altro… AA Rome VS | Form as Unknown (X)_research October 2012. Patrick schumacher. The death of one of the most hate-filled anti-gay men in America should stand to usher in a new season of equality and fairness, and hopefully, a gentler time for all.

patrick schumacher

Possibly the most hated — and hate-filled — man in America died last night.Is there irony to be found in knowing that Fred Phelps died literally hours before the first day of spring? There’s certainly a metaphor, as the decades-long, no — centuries-long — cold winter for LGBT people is clearly at an end. The death of one of the most hate-filled anti-gay men in America should stand to usher in a new season of equality and fairness, and hopefully, a gentler time for all.But before we say goodbye, it’s important to remember who Fred Phelps was.The founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, which liked to market itself as “God Hates Fags.”A minister.

Patrik Schumacher - People - Zaha Hadid Architects. Profile: Patrik has been with our practice since 1988.

Patrik Schumacher - People - Zaha Hadid Architects

He is a company director and our Senior Designer, involved alongside Zaha Hadid herself in all projects we undertake. He maintains an active role in the development throughout the design phases. Education: Patrik studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and at the Southbank University in London. Event Listing - School of Architecture Lecture Series: Patrik Schumacher. Zaha hadid + Patrick schumacher "total fluidity" exhibit. <div class="info"><span class="msg-icon"></span><p> To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScript-enabled browser and <a href=" the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player</a>.

zaha hadid + Patrick schumacher "total fluidity" exhibit

</p></div> keyboard shortcuts: ← previous photo → next photo L view in light box F favorite < scroll film strip left > scroll film strip right ? Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion / Zaha Hadid + Patrick Schumacher. Programa: Área de exhibición enfocada en la sustentabilidad acuática, integrando puentes peatonales como puerta de entrada para la Expo Zaragoza 2008.

Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion / Zaha Hadid + Patrick Schumacher

Patrik Schumacher. Grasshopper - generative modeling for Rhino. Apo Mechanes 2010 Studio. Ahylo lab in collaboration with supermanoeuvre and kokkugia present the Apo Mechanes 2010 studio (seminar and workshop) which is going to be held in Athens this summer, from the 19th of July till the 6th of August in the Halls of Michael Cacoyannis Foundation’s Cultural Centre.

Apo Mechanes 2010 Studio

Apo Mechanes is an intensive 3-week computational design studio held each summer in Athens, Greece. The studio is devoted to furthering techniques and concepts of algorithmic processes as means for design and fabrication. Apo Mechanes brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields of study to discuss, exchange and collaborate on projects that investigate modes of algorithmic and machinic processes in architectural design. The title ApoMechanes is derived from “από μηχανής”, literally “from the machine”, and refers to the machinic nature of the studio in both an abstract/diagrammatic and a literal fabrication sense.

Adrian lahoud. Algorithmicdesign- ezio blasetti. From control to design parametric algorithmic architecture. SuckerPUNCH. Los angeles CALIFORNIA Commonly understood today as a set of beliefs or practices in conflict with prevailing dogma, the word “heresy” derives from the Greek “heiresis,” meaning “choice.” In classical antiquity, the term also signified a period during which a young philosopher would examine various schools of thought in order to determine his future way of life. symposium: “Modern Architecture in L.A.: A Confederacy of Heretics” with Ewan BRANDA, Hernan DIAZ ALONSO, Todd GANNON, Wes JONES, Jeffrey KIPNIS, Thom MAYNE, Eric MOSS, Andrew ZAGO, & more. Friday, 06/14, 3.00-9.00 p.m, Saturday, 06/15, 10.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m. SCI-Arc Campus 960 East 3rd Street Los Angeles, California 90013. Biomimetic Architecture.

Trabeculae by architects Dave Pigram, Iain Maxwell, Brad Rothenberg, and Ezio Blasetti is a new take at the general atrium solution to office buildings. the point of a central atrium (like in that of the Bradbury Building) is to allow light deep into a building, the Trebeculae team argues that if that’s the main point, why not have the atrium chase the sun? Demonstrations Project. Erwin Hauer.

Algorithmic design. Safavid Surfaces and Parametricism. The development of specialized treatments of concrete and glass, customization through digital fabrication, and parametric design tools have brought about a contemporary resurgence of surface articulation, reopening the general issue of surface composition as a “legitimate” aspect of design, after almost a century of (near) omission by modernism. A wide variety of firms, among them Zaha Hadid (Patrik Schumacher), Herzog and de Meuron, Weil Arets, Aranda\Lasch and Foreign Office Architects, have been reintroducing this aspect of design -- most notably the last, which in addition to built work, Farshid Mousavi’s The Function of Ornament includes surface articulation as part of its theoretical explorations.

The surface articulations to be discussed are: 1) the ceiling of the dome, and 2) the corner, where the square of the floor plan is reconciled with the circle of the base of the dome. The Ceiling Overall ceiling pattern breakdown Ceiling "pod" comparson The Corner Corner pattern base module. Design Paramétrico - UP. 2009/07. During academic year 2008-2009, Professor Antonio Sanmartín and T.A. Marc Camallonga invited me to do an advice in their last year Architectural Projects class, in the undergraduate program at ESARQ – UIC. Although they don’t consider themselves up to date in matters of digital technologies in architecture, they have a very interesting approach to encourage students to design algorithmically and, by doing so, evolving beyond XXth century.

They begin by studying parameters to create variables from site and context, and also from a very different income: literature. They chose a novel and distributed it, one chapter per student, to generate a diagram from it (in the very Eisenman style!). UrbanGENE. Parametric Sites and Blogs. Parametric design. Direct VS Parametric. Experimentacion y software. Architecture.

Geometry. INSPIRATIONAL AND COOL. Design inspiration. PARAMETRIC. Rhino/Grasshopper. Parametric. Generative Algorithm.