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Folly 2014 April 7, 2014 Notable Entry, Folly 2014, The Architectural League NY Teamwork with Kyuseon Hong ( Like this:

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Starling Starling_0.2 mesh tools. These components enable mesh parametrization, so it behaves like a surface - you can evaluate points at any place etc. In 0.2 release, Starling enabled quasi-polyhedral mesh tools. P1 exercise: Building Radial ribs from Revolved Surface The following tutorial is credited to Francisco Quitral on his development of this method on 1. Start with a revolved surface. (Draw a curve and use Surface – Revolve command) parametric design This study program introduces you to parametric design and digital manufacturing in the fields of: design product, architecture, landscape, digital fabrication, etc. through the creation of physical and digital parametric models using as main tools Grasshopper for Rhino and our CNC milling machine. GRASHOPPER is a software used at famous architecture offices as Zaha Hadid, or engineering teams as the one of Sagrada Familia (Barcelona), one of the most technological advanced buildings in the world. We will have the best available tutors and instructors, for every UNIT. With university teaching experience. Who is it for?

Zaha Hadid to design a new gallery at the London Science Museum - Zaha Hadid’s design for the Maths Gallery at the London Science Museum has just won the commission sweeping off her competitors Carmody Groarke & Adam Richards! About her design for world’s foremost gallery of mathematics, Hadid said “The design explores the many influences of mathematics in our everyday lives; transforming seemingly abstract mathematical concepts into an exciting interactive experience for visitors of all ages”. Courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects & London SCience Museum

grasshopper (As reported earlier in this previous post) Daniel Piker is developing ways to accurately simulate physical behavior in his Grasshopper component "Kangaroo". In the latest release there are tools for simulating bending geometry. This is nothing but a revolution for this investigation! Mosquito FaceBook plugin Working again!: The plugins have been reprogrammed so to work with the new Facebook OAuth API. NEW Record Media plugin: Allows you to record social media information from the media components over time without duplicates. Might be complex for some to use at first. Check to example files included and it should be self explanatory, else send me a msg and i will try to help

RHINO: GRASSHOPPER DEFINITIONS - RHINO / GH This definition was developed for my final thesis project to generate a louver system based on functional requirements within the building. The performance was then tested in Ecotect. A large part of my thesis design involved invertible arena seating with many moving parts. I used Grasshopper as a means to develop the seating testing clearances, site lines, and many other variables. This definition looks at taking any curved surface, and generating weaving geometry across it. The parametric skyscraper uses Grasshopper to generate the entire structure.

magazine no. 25 For many people the idea of biomimicry is an aesthetic, something “skin deep” or decorative. Biomorphic architecture in this sense has been around for millennia. What makes the relatively new field of biomimetic architecture different? Design has a strong formal component, so when architects look at nature the formal aspect has often been the driving force, with function questioned less. This is where the opportunities are for biomimetic design – really tapping into the functional and performative aspects of architecture. But we’re still at a very early stage in this field.

Tutorials This series of tutorials shows you how to create a mapping with data gathered on an IPhone or other device. Maps are created using both Google Earth and ArcMap. In the tutorials we cover importing data collected in three ways: with the TerraPad App, from geotagged Photos, and with GPS recording software (such as My Tracks). Leaf Venation Hi everyone, I have been trying to replicate an algorithm in 2D, used by nervous system to produce their hyphae lamps (see image below) using grasshopper without any additional scripting. I think this is possible especially with the use of hoopsnake now for performing iterative or recursive functions. My progress so far has got to a point where I can get the vein to grow initially and place some additional nodal points however I am now at a point. It may be possible to continue with the same process however using a parametric script is becoming redundant due to the length and repetitive nature. I'd like to try hoopsnake to solve this but the input will change each time as the number of vein nodes grows.

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