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Folly 2014 April 7, 2014 Notable Entry, Folly 2014, The Architectural League NY Teamwork with Kyuseon Hong ( Like this:


Starling Starling_0.2 mesh tools. These components enable mesh parametrization, so it behaves like a surface - you can evaluate points at any place etc. In 0.2 release, Starling enabled quasi-polyhedral mesh tools. reformelb: tower morphology applied to avoid the problems associated with highly internalised buildings, a grasshopper algorithm has been developed to define a series of variables that as a combined system determine the permeability and porosity of each building. the levels of permeability can then be balanced with required lettable floor areas to determine ratios between private, semi private and public space. altering these ratios then thus not only affect the phenomenological aspects of each space (eg. emotive affections based on lux levels or optimal ventilation) but also the economics of each building. site plan with rentable vs public spatial ratios type1 grasshopper algorithm onto tower

LACT PART 2: Quantifying Complexity Part one of this article discussed facade design and environmental analysis. In the second half, we focus on system rationalization and conceptual cost estimating. A more detailed description of real-time scheduling, tagging, and rationalization using Grasshopper for Rhino is also covered. As mentioned in part one, the design-build competition format presented us with a unique challenge. BEND MANUAL The workshop manual is available to read online and download below. It contains all seminar descriptions and daily exercises together with a brief for intermediate and final projects. BEND Manual Download Link Recordings of lectures/presentations can be found on ExLab Vimeo site. Upload completed illustrator files to here: Illustrator Template File

Introduction: Parametric design What is parametric design ? There is no precise definition and there are other related terms and synonyms: generative, computational, digital, computer aided, associative. Basically it's far more sophisticated than using computer instead of drawing board. Often when You draw/model your concept, You follow certain operations which are monotone and repetitive, they are algorithms and what's for sure computers are best at algorithms, so why should You do it manually ? For example, think of an elevation with windows, each window must have an area equal to 1/8 of room's floor area. Mosquito FaceBook plugin Working again!: The plugins have been reprogrammed so to work with the new Facebook OAuth API. NEW Record Media plugin: Allows you to record social media information from the media components over time without duplicates. Might be complex for some to use at first. Check to example files included and it should be self explanatory, else send me a msg and i will try to help

2011-06-26 We looked at the paper entitled 'Linking Hanging Chain Models to Fabrication' by Axel Kilian as a source of information and inspiration to carry out our next experiment. The next experiment mainly had to focus on utilizing digital form finding methods to add to our methods for producing the next prototype. Axel Kilian, Ph.D. Candidate in Computation, Department of Architecture, School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. Fabrication output is an integral part of the iterative process and not a post design process. A New Way of Visualizing Solar Radiation Last fall a custom data visualization developed by our research team was featured on the information is beautiful website as part of their information is beautiful awards. In this post we discuss why we developed the graphic and how it is used. Incident Solar Radiation is one of the most common types of analysis performed by architects at the conceptual design stage. Results indicate where solar heat gain might be an issue. These are areas where glazing should be minimized and exterior sunshades should be considered. Unfortunately, Ecotect does not have a way of communicating all of the results of this analysis in a single concise graphic format.

TUTORIALES GRASSHOPPER3D Organic form and nature... Theory behind design and algorithms The Possibility of (an) Architecture Collected Essays by Mark Goulthorpe, dECOi Architects By Mark GoulthorpeArchitectural Principles in the Age of Cybernetics By Christopher HightRethinking Technology A Reader in Architectural Theory Edited by William W Braham, Jonathan A Hale Practical studies in algorythmic form

Free Python books Hi there guys. I am back again with yet another useful post. This one is going to be about free Python books. Most new Python programmers don’t realise that there are great Python books out there for free and due to their lack of knowledge they pay for expensive ones. Most of these books have the same high quality material which you would expect from a paid book. So without wasting any time let me list them here.