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Facebook Twitter - GIF. 25 GIF Artists You Should Know. Monthly GIF Art - 15 Folds. Light Processes. Claudia Maté. Together by Universal Everything. Anthony Antonellis. Some sally mckay projects. Img. Tom Moody - Animation 2002-2007. Tom moody Animations, 2002-2007 Selections from my old animation log.

Tom Moody - Animation 2002-2007

These are 100% by me, no remixes, etc. The order isn't chronological -- just looking for a nice arrangement on the page. return to artwork. KIDMOGRAPH. Internet Archaeology. INSTITVTE FOR THE ANIMATED GIF. Glitch + gifs == glitchgifs. GIF ART. Systaime-french-trash-touch: Posted 1 week ago 11 (Source: a-na5, via studio-mpc) Posted 2 months ago 11390.


BILL DOMONKOS — GIFS. ABSTRACT PIXELS. ABSTRACT PIXELS - #0103animated gif, 2013 ABSTRACT PIXELS - #0102animated gif, 2013 ABSTRACT PIXELS - #0101animated gif, 2013.


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