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Cornell University. NYPL Digital Collections. Digitizing American Feminisms – Projects from Oberlin College. The Collection. Historic Mexican & Mexican American Press: A Digital Collection of the UA Libraries. Massachusetts Historical Society: Civil War. The Massachusetts Historical Society is recognizing the 150th anniversary of the Civil War with online presentations of manuscripts selected from its collections, lectures by noted Civil War scholars, and exhibitions in our second floor gallery space.

Massachusetts Historical Society: Civil War

Web Features Looking at the Civil War: Massachusetts Finds Her Voice This monthly feature showcases Civil War-era materials from the Massachusetts Historical Society's rich collections. Please visit each month and examine a selection from the Society's collection of unique manuscript and visual materials that conveys how the people of Massachusetts experienced the war in that month 150 years ago. Massachusetts in the Civil War, 1861-1862 View a selection of documents, photographs, broadsides, and maps featured in the exhibition, The Purchase by Blood: Massachusetts in the Civil War (see details below). Timeline A timeline of significant Civil War events with occasional links to related web content. Events Upcoming Events Past Events Exhibitions. Nova Scotia Archives. Home. The Collection. Historic Mexican & Mexican American Press: A Digital Collection of the UA Libraries.

Fold3 - Historical military records. Documenting Ferguson. Welcome · Digital Public Library of America. Birmingham Iron Age Newspaper. Jacksonville Republican. Newspapers by State - Historical Newspapers Online - Guides at Penn Libraries. WSLS-TV (Roanoke, VA) News Film Collection, 1951 to 1971 - University of Virginia Library. In 2007, WSLS-TV of Roanoke, Va., gave news film and scripts from their mid-20th century broadcasts to the University of Virginia Library for preservation and use.

WSLS-TV (Roanoke, VA) News Film Collection, 1951 to 1971 - University of Virginia Library

The resulting collection spans 1951 to 1971 and comprises approximately 13,000 clips of 16mm film shown during news programs. It also contains roughly 18,000 pages of the accompanying scripts read on air by anchorpersons. Founders Online: Home. Civil War Soldiers Letters and Diaries Archive. Pullman Digital Collection (Newberry Library) : Home. Collection Description Founded in 1867, the Chicago-based Pullman's Palace Car Company (later Pullman Company) manufactured, owned, and operated mainly sleeping cars, and also dining and lounge cars on the nation's railroads.

Pullman Digital Collection (Newberry Library) : Home

By 1899 when Pullman absorbed its last competitor, the Wagner Palace Car Company, it operated as a virtual monopoly. Pullman records at the Newberry Library (ca. 2,500 cubic ft.) document the firm's manufacturing and operating activities until the mid-1920's. North American Indian Photographs (Newberry Library) : Home. Collection Description This selection of photographs of Midwestern Indian tribes—Menominee, Ojibwa, Winnebago, Santee, Yankton, and Yantonai—is derived from a much larger collection of over 6,000 images of North American Indians in the Newberry Library's world-renowned Edward E.

North American Indian Photographs (Newberry Library) : Home

Ayer Collection. In collecting contemporary 19th and early 20th century photographs, Ayer sought to document Indian experience during his own lifetime. The images he assembled, mainly posed studio portraits together with some outdoor and candid scenes, provide an invaluable visual record of away of life that was rapidly changing. They also document the rapid spread of photographic technology and provide evidence of local photographers and photographic studios throughout the Midwest. This digital project attempts to preserve the documentary evidence inherent in each photograph. The Newberry Library : Free Books : Free Texts. Foreign Language Press Survey. What Middletown Read - Home. "What Middletown Read" is a database and search engine built upon the circulation records of the Muncie (Indiana) Public Library from November 5, 1891 through December 3, 1902.

What Middletown Read - Home

It documents every book that every library patron borrowed during that period, with the exception of one gap from May 28, 1892 to November 5, 1894. For more details, follow the links below. This project is the result of a collaborative effort between the Muncie Public Library , the Center for Middletown Studies at Ball State University, and Ball State University Libraries. Home - Washington University Digital Gateway. Welcome to the Digital Library of Georgia. Digital Collections & Programs. Historic Newspapers Enhanced access to America's historic newspapers through the Chronicling America project.

Digital Collections & Programs

Historic Sound Recordings The National Jukebox features over 10,000 78rpm disc sides issued by the Victor Talking Machine Co. between 1900 and 1925. Performing Arts Collections, articles and special presentations on music, theater and dance materials from the Performing Arts Encyclopedia. Prints and Photographs Catalog of about half of the Library's pictorial holdings with over 1 million digital images.

Veterans History Project Experience first-person stories of wartime service through personal artifacts, audio and video interviews. Royal Society Publishing.