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Building the geoboil setup in Houdini. Vertex Map Animator 3.1 - Plug-ins - Shop. Vertex Map Animator is a Cinema 4D plugin that helps user to create and animate special effects using the Vertex Map Shader. The plugin is composed by 2 tags plugin: Vertex Map Animator Vertex Map Life All these tags workflow is similar: they need a vertex map tag to animated. This vertex map will be used by vertex map shader within material channels. Vertex Map Animator: This plugin can interpolate two or more vertex map thanks to a simple animatable property, it will write the transition on the associated vertex map.

Vertex Map Life: This plugin simulates the grow or death of a organic life on to a polygon. Note: This is a simulation and cannot be baked so DO NOT jump forward and backward on the timeline, if you need to see the animation state at a certain frame use only Play and Stop animation button. In the video footage you will find examples of use. Release 2.0 Release 3.0 Add new feature Vertex Map Proximity Controller Add new tag Vertex Map Inverter System and Cinema4D requirements:

Home. GDC 2015: Creating the Open World Kite Real-Time Demo in Unreal Engine 4. How to Make an Albedo Texture from a Diffuse Texture. VFX Camera Database. Fire Flames (Free Stock Footage) HD 1080P. Hollywood Camera Work :: Shot Designer :: Mac/PC. Free / Pro Version Shot Designer is free to use on a single scene at a time. $19.99 Pro Upgrade adds File Management, Mac/PC Pro Version, Sync & Team Sharing via Dropbox, PDF/Excel Export, Scene Freeze, and more. Download Desktop / Direct Installers: Very Important Due to Apple's and Google's strict rules, we're not allowed to give you an iOS/Android activation if you buy the Mac/PC version from us.

Instead, you should buy the iOS/Android version, which includes a desktop activation that you receive within the app. Click here to buy the Mac/PC version if you're sure you won't need a mobile license ever. User Comments "A great App for Directors and DP's alike! John Badham, Director, Saturday Night Fever, WarGames "Excellent tool for planning my scenes fast!

" Clint Reagan, Previz Supervisor, Indiana Jones, Hunger Games, Prometheus, GI Joe "Most film apps fail to do the iPad justice. iPhoneRiser (via App Store) "I teach fiction film at my college in upstate NY. Sunithaya (via App Store) XyzWPP pass tutorial – Brian Freisinger. Setting up a xyzWPP pass in vray using the vrayRE_extra_tex By Brian Freisinger November 5, 2012 (Reminder: Click on images to enlarge) A common request I get from compositors, is for an XYZ WPP pass in addition to my standard passes.

The XYZ or World Point Position pass can be used in multiple ways, from doing some re-lighting in Nuke, to creating atmosphere (ground fog) and a variety of other uses. The XYZ WPP pass doesn’t appear in the Render Elements tab, so you’ll have to create it using the vrayRE_Extra_Tex The vrayRE_Extra_Tex is a very powerful and often underused render element. For this one I just created a vrayDirt shader in the hypershade and dragged and dropped it into the vray_ExtraTex “Texture” field. Creating the xyzWPP pass The XYZ WPP pass takes a little more work, but isn’t difficult. Next I’m going to create my vrayRE_Extra_Tex pass.

Make sure you open the vrayRE_Extra_Tex up in the attribute editor. So we’ve got our samplerInfo node and our xyxWPP pass created. That’s it. GhostTown Elite 0.5 – GhostTown 0.5 is still under development, but it has a lot of new and improved features over the lite version. Get it now, it’s a cool toy. ghostTown 0.5 costs 60 EUR for a license at startup. It is not finished and it should be considered a “in development”-version. ghostTown Elite 0.5 for 3ds max 2012-2013 x64 Please allow up to 12 hours for your account and licensing information to be created! You will receive 2 emails (to the address used in paypal), download link and license/activation info as soon as your purchase information is received. Please check your spamfolder for the emails! Go to 3dsmax main menu -> MAXScript -> Run Script…Pick the file you downloaded. Please post questions, bugs, suggestions etc in the ghostTown Elite forums!

ePMV – the embedded Python Molecular Viewer.