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Graduate Theological Union: Digital Content. Graduate Theological Union Digital Library Remembering Theological Education in the Sixties, GTU Oral History Collection - 1988, Sheerman Elbridge Johnson, Publications, and Videos.

Graduate Theological Union: Digital Content

Institutional Archives Announcing, GTU Catalogs from 1962-63 to 1974-75, Claude Welch. Newspapers, Journals and Pamphlets A survey of evangelical churches (1916), Berkeley: A center of theological education (1952), Berkeley-Albany Religious Census (1962), Right On! Institutional Archives. Graduate Theological Union - Newspapers, Journals and Pamphlets. Religious Leaders of California. Sacred Dance. Info. Use of the Archives Collections in the GTU Archives are open to researchers whether faculty, student, or interested individual unless any restrictions are placed by the donor or the GTU Administration to protect privacy or confidentiality.


Finding aids to most of the collections are listed on Online Archive of California (OAC). Printed copies of the finding aids are available at the reference desk. Notes from the Archives. Finding Aids. GTU Online Exhibits. Elsie Thomas Culver: Overseas Relief After World War II. Elsie Thomas Culver, a publicist for church relief services in New York City, packed her camera, hopped on a troop ship to England and then traveled through Europe on a fact finding mission in late 1945.

Elsie Thomas Culver: Overseas Relief After World War II

She writes: I went avowedly to meet and talk with the common people, to hear their stories, and to let them know, so far as one person could, that the Christian people of America do care what has been happening to them, and want to share their burdens as far as possible by gifts of money and material goods. King James Bible Exhibit. Graduate Theological Union: Art Exhibits in the Library. Douglas G. Adams Collection: Introduction. Douglas G.

Douglas G. Adams Collection: Introduction

Adams (1945 April 12 - 2007 July 24) was professor of Christianity and the Arts at Pacific School of Religion for 31 years and member of the core Graduate Theological Union faculty. Painting, music, drama, dance, humor help us to express more fully the Word of judgment and of grace. They lead us to hope in hopeless situations. Robert McAfee Brown. Featured Collections. Edith Stein, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross Collection Edith Stein (1891-1942), St. Margaret Palmer Taylor Sacred Dance.

Margaret Palmer (1908-2004) was a pioneer in sacred dance in America.

Margaret Palmer Taylor Sacred Dance

Born in Oakland, California, she was a daughter of a Congregational minister. The family moved to Honolulu in 1917, where she learned creative dance in school. Thomas Starr King Collection. Thomas Starr King, to the Sunday School Scholars and Teachers of Hollis Street Society, Boston, Massachusetts, May 25, 1860: You cannot imagine, children, how splendid the flowers are here.

Thomas Starr King Collection

Three weeks ago, before the leaves had come out on the trees in Boston, the whole country was brilliant with the brightest colors of wild flowers. Albert Gleaves Cohen Collection. Albert Gleaves Cohen served as campus minister with United Ministries in Higher Education (UMHE) at California State University Fullerton (1965-69) and California State University in Los Angeles (1969-97).

Albert Gleaves Cohen Collection

The Cohen Campus Ministry, Social Justice and Environment collection contains his activities on campus and off for civil rights, minority causes, social justice, population, student issues, and intelligent stewardship of the environment. Cohen (1928- ) grew up in Philadelphia. He graduated as an engineer from the United States Naval Academy in 1949 . Robert McAfee Brown Collection. Robert McAfee Brown taught theology and religious studies at Macalister College (St.

Robert McAfee Brown Collection

Paul), Union Theological Seminary (NY), Stanford University, and Pacific School of Religion (PSR). He emerged in the sixties as one of America's most prominent theologians and activists for social justice. The Radical Religion Collection. In 1973, the Berkeley Free Church which had operated in the South Campus area of Berkeley since 1967, closed its doors, taking time to contemplate its future work.

The Radical Religion Collection

The former staff and board decided to conclude its ministry of survival services to street people and continue its publication arm in a new direction. This resulted in the creation of Radical Religion: A Quarterly Journal of Critical Opinion (1973-81). Those who published the journal formed a collective, the Community for Religious Research and Education. Over the years of its existence, many members of the collective were students and faculty at the Graduate Theological Union and the journal’s workspace was in the GTU community. Sanctuary Movement. From The Public Sanctuary Movement: An Historical Basis of Hope: Oral Histories, Eileen M.

Sanctuary Movement

Purcell On March 24, 1982, five congregations in Berkeley, California, and one congregation in Tucson, Arizona, publicly declared their commitment to "protect, defend and advocate for" Salvadorean and Guatemalan men, women and children fleeing their war ravaged countries of Central America. Conditions in El Salvador and Guatemala pushed people to leave their lands, their families, their professions and their plans behind, often with little more than the clothes on their backs. As thousands of refugees fled the wars in El Salvador and Guatemala, U.S. church groups were called to respond.

The "Sanctuary Movement," as it came to be known, was born, and in just a few years grew from six congregations to more than five hundred congregations across the United States. Anne McGrew Bennett. Day of "Civil Obedience" 1970 I, Anne M. Bennett, resident of New York City, aged 66, arrested and charged with "disorderly conduct. " There were some 181 other adults so charged and 15 minors released without charge. How do such things come to happen? The Elsie Thomas Culver Collection. During World War II, Elsie Thomas Culver (1898-1988), a graduate of the Pacific School of Religion and ordained a Congregational minister (1943), worked for the Church Committee on Overseas Relief and Reconstruction (which later became Church World Service under the National Council of Churches).

As a publicist, she was in charge of creating material for fund raising campaigns. When the war ended in May 1945, Elsie, at the age of 47, packed up her camera and traveled throughout Europe that September through December. Through Holland, France, Germany, and Czechoslovakia, she visited hospitals, schools, relief centers, anywhere where reconstruction work was going on, taking hundreds of photographs. The Center for Women and Religion Collection. Center for Women and Religion at the GTU was the earliest established center for women in theological education. It was founded in 1970 as the Office of Women's Affairs by Bay Area women in religion, including some GTU women, who recognized "that seminary women at the GTU schools needed a channel, an advocate, an office through which to express their needs and concerns.

" It operated originally out of Unitas, the campus ministry program at UC, Berkeley. Soon, OWA became affiliated with the GTU. Frankl Collection and Logotherapy ? Graduate Theological Union. The Viktor E. Frankl Collection The GTU archives has one of the most important collections of Viktor Frankl and Logotherapy materials in the United States.

Dr. Viktor E. New Religious Movements — Graduate Theological Union.